Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I heard owl calls this morning (hear it too!)

It was 4:45 a.m. and I heard soft but steady note of the call: 'hoo-hoo hoo-hoo' of the Great Horned Owl in the darkness right outside my window.   Either it was one calling twice or a pair right on the power pole outside my window as within a couple seconds the 'hoo-hoo hoo-hoo' came again.

You can hear the sound I heard (recorded in BC) by clicking here . (from list scroll down and pick double call for Great Horned Owl - our calls were all quite close, like in your closet, and the soft throaty sound)

I woke Linda and the call/reply or double call came again. She couldn't see them but it was totally dark. It has been a long, long time since I heard an owl call.

There are not only owls in the park two blocks from us, but also an Owl Cam on two Great Horned Owls raising three owlets. The link for the live cam is here (still at bottom of page).
Pictures of the Great Horned Owls moving hooting yesterday (white are the young, black are the parents) shown here.

For trivia: a group of owls is called 'a Parliament.'

Any wildlife encounters yourself?


Anonymous said...

Cheryl here

How very cool to hear Great Horned Owls hooting! The Barred Owl seems to have established my neighborhood as its territory. I haven't seen it but hear it often.

For wildlife sightings there are the deer I see daily from my office window.

Linda McClung said...

It was so cool to hear the owl hooting. It would have been even cooler to see it. Hopefully it will come visit again. I wonder if it is the same owl from the web cam?

One of the things I love about living in Victoria is that even though it is a city, we can still see and/or hear lots of wildlife. Having been raised in the country, it's nice to still be in touch with nature. So while we don't have coyotes like back home, we are fortunate to see owls, eagles, herons, racoons, deer and other critters here.

Kate J said...

No horned owls in Wales... but I saw a barn owl the other night, when I was driving home about 10.30pm, just caught a glimpse of white wings, unmistakeable!
When I've visited Victoria and the area, I've been amazed at the wildlife, especially the deer, which seem to wander everywhere. Going with my cousin's daughter up to Camosun College last year, we encountered several deer wandering on a busy road, brought all the traffic to a halt.
Another thing I loved in Victoria, which we certainly don't get here, are the hummingbirds. My uncle used to live in a condo at McKenzie Ave, and I fed the hummingbirds on his balcony... amazing birds!

Kate J said...

And while we talking about birds, I have to report I got 8, yes 8 goldfinches at my bird-feeder yesterday. Never had more than 2 before. Really beautiful and colourful little birds.
Hope you're enjoying some spring weather, blossoms and all. It';s really only just getting started here, very late because of the cold.
Love & peace!

JaneB said...

Magic! What a special moment.

Thank you for your email, I WILL reply, just buried by marking at the moment...

william Peace said...

I have a den of red fox living on the edge of the woods next to my house. I rarely see them. When I do get glimpse it is usually at 3AM. I suspect they have significantly reduced the population of rabbits I once observed.