Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sakura time for anime hair (and nails)

Linda and I have been working hard the last two weeks getting ready for Sakura-con. Huzzah….slump! With appointments every few days, it tends toward exhausting.

But spring is here...some days. The other days it is windy, freezing or like yesterday, hailing. But today it looked like this: Sakura celebration.

Good news, I raised the money needed for food and housing! And after a few failures in communication (Me: “How about we do this?”; They: “That will take four hours and cost $250+, and I’m not going to do that anyway because you don’t really want that.” Me: “Well yes I do, and can you explain how a $75 hair cut turns into four hours.” – repeat for a full Saturday, Tuesday), Linda found a great place.

Kate did my hair. She has the same ‘extra electrical node’ as I do in our hearts, and can feel it skip the beat. She says it feels like someone is grabbing her collar bone while for me it fels like time stopping for an instant, before giving you the whammy (your heart skips extra beat before it overbeats – I had this diagnosed during fencing). I asked for red, red hair, and purple tips. She delivered the anime red (and one day, if it isn’t windy, I will let my hair down and show you with style). All I need are some giant purple or green eyes to match. Or to have Ehlers-Danlos, a disease which give you a) extra large eyes and b) a small pixie-like face - it really does: perfect for elf, anime or other costumes. It also gives you hyper mobility of joints, spine and skin: massive dislocations of bones out of joints including hip bones, spine bones, and fingers. Sometimes the price of beauty IS too much (to wish for that).

With another trip I was to get nails done in deep purple. Except I couldn't find the purple I wanted so I got what I thought was a brown which was almost black. It is instead a deep-deep burgundy with purple flecks in the sunshine, but does look like black indoors.

Anime hair – check
Place to Sleep – check
Packing – er..not yet
Day plan – er…not yet
Recovered enough to take the Ferry – er…soon I hope (we leave late Wednesday).


Anonymous said...

love the blossom tree :-) looks lovely with the sun shining through, its freezing here, no sign of spring! also the purple nails are great, I brought some glitter polish which you paint over normal colour, good effect and quite unusual :-) xx


Linda McClung said...

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday, the best one so far. We're back to the gray again today.

Your hair turned out amazing! Your nails, too! It's definitely Sakuracon time.

You did a great job raising money for the trip. It really helps.

Kate J said...

Hope you have a really awesome time at Sakura-Con. It's always looked to be a lot of fun! Not my 'cup of tea'... but very obviously yours! And your hair looks really great too.
Love & peace...

Baba Yaga said...

Ah, lovely spring photos.

Congrats on getting hair-do and all the rest of the sorting out: now, rest, rest, rest! and have fun.

Oh, wait, it's Wed. already. How did that happen? Well, I hope you are rested and recovered, and ready to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl here ...

You look great and I look forward to seeing you in person! The cherry tree is lovely.

We are going to have fun at Sakura Con!!!!!

JaneB said...

Have a wonderful time!

Neil said...

Thursday, March 28: I'm sorry that I've been absent lately. You're never far from my thoughts, though. I was at a workshop recently where we were asked to discuss various influences and people who've made a difference; and I was able to mention you and your amnazingness three times in 10 minutes to three different people.

I hope you're on your way to Seattle and SakuraCon. You look lovely with your red hair and dark nails; a lady I worked with during the fall usually has stunning red nails that made me think of you.

All the best for your trip!

Lovea nd zen hugs,