Monday, February 18, 2013

Bright moon: cold, dark night.

It was good to get out of the apartment. The sky was blue but by 8:00 pm, the air was cold, and as we went on the trail along the beach cliffs it got colder. Far below, on the beach, a bonfire was going amidst the stacked driftwood timber.

In a secluded fold with a hedgerow on one side and cliff on the other, the trail led towards the moon.

The red glows are not predators but the many beacons warning the landing float planes, “Please don’t crash into my condo!” The shot was with a tripod on 10.5 seconds exposure. I had hoped for a clear sky to take a 30 second shot in order to capture stars too faint for the eye. Alas, the clouds crept in.


Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,
Hi, it's SharonMV. Your moon photo is lovely even without the stars. I'm glad you are getting out into nature. The previous post about the "accessible" trail had great photos too. I'm sorry that you're enduring so many days of pain & suffering. Sometimes the days all melt together for me, I feel disconnected from the world. I'm still getting over the effort of moving. We are settled in, almost everything in its place. I have a whole wall of shelves,nooks & small cubicles. I have all my craft materials there - displayed very artistically of course. It makes me happy to see the beautiful yarns, beads, shells, embroidery threads, etc. Even though I haven't done any work since the move, I enjoy seeing everything & getting ideas for future projects. I was suffering from a bad sinus & bronchial infection for about 3 weeks, but getting better now.

I hope you will be going to SakuraCon this year. I send my most heartfelt wish that you make it there and have a good enough day to enjoy yourself.

Love, Sharon

JaneB said...

Beautiful moon! It has that sort of frost haze to it... I'm so glad you got out, even if it was just for a little

Anonymous said...

Dearest Beth: Neil here, commenting anonymousl, 'cause I can't remember my mail passowrd and I'm too lazy to change it AGAIN...

As an amateur atronomer, I hate the sky glow here in Regina (which can be see from over 145 km away), but I quite understand the red glow of the harbour lights. And is that the taillights of a car to the left of the bonfire?

Still envious of where you live, sweetie. :)

Well, except for your medicare system, which really isn't much better here in Saskatchewan.

Love and zen hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh, neat: a bit of neat timing: I just checked the Astronomy Picture of the Day, and found a photo of the moon and an aircraft, and I thought you might appreciate it too. It's at

More love and hugs,