Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos of Beacon Hill in Darkness (and progesterone)

Due to losing a night and a day, I got to go out to the park. Sadly, we haven’t seen the sun in weeks in Victoria, and the light fades around 4:30-5:00.

I was trying out a tripod from a few years ago and my scuffed camera, in hopes of figuring out how to get those cool star pictures, or ‘total dark’ pictures (which I took notes on how to do during the Museum’s Photographer of the Year Exhibit). After many failures I took a picture of Beacon Hill Pond in total darkness, with only reflected cloud light.

And then later, trying different settings, I got this with a two second exposure: the path through the flowers at Beacon Hill park.

TOTALLY UNREALATED. Sometimes I get comments on older posts. A long one came in about a post on LGBTI and misunderstandings done early 2012, and it seemed to think that estrogen for trans individuals came from females donating stem cells and donated eggs. In case anyone is unclear, Progesterone, the most common and effective estrogen cream is from the urine of pregnant horses. It is used primarily for woman after menopause as well as other conditions which cause low estrogen. I suppose it isn’t great for the horse but this is a comment I can’t publish (as I don’t publish overt hate speech, instead of opinions: for example: ‘I think and conclude that they (LGBT) are all perverted’). But in case the writer or others are reading; get estrogen or testosterone from your doctor (estrogen is a pill/cream; testosterone is an injection – makes the person a bit on edge for the first few days).

I am exercising, and it is leaving me a bit weary, in pain and passing out a lot (over 40 times on Wednesday).

That’s the sign it must be good for me.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl here

I am glad you were able to go out. The pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one of Beacon Hill pond.

I am also glad you are able to exercise. I just wish the "good for you " didn't come at such a cost.

Matthew Smith said...

The oestrogen that comes from pregnant mares' urine is Premarin. Progesterone is a different female hormone altogether, normally used (in a synthetic form) in contraceptive pills.

D. Emerson Evans said...

One trick I use for long exposure tripod shots is to set your camera for a brief delay (2 seconds or so)so that the shutter doesn't open until after you let go of the camera--preventing any small movements while the shutter is open. This of course doesn't apply if you're using a cable release.

JaneB said...

Lovely shot of the pond! We've got more snow here in the UK...

GirlWithTheCane said...

Lovely pictures, Beth.

Victoria is one of my favourite cities in Canada. I'm so glad that you're feeling well enough to get out and enjoy it.

- Sarah

Neil said...

Gorgeous photos, dear Beth. Te pathway such an inviting shot; but you have green grass, while we in Darkest Saskatchewan are enjoyng(?) more snow than we've had in years.

As for estrogen, I am not qualified to comment on that.

Exercise is good, pain is bad. I wish you more of the former and less of the latter.

Love and zen hugs,