Friday, January 04, 2013

Hello Kitty Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald’s sex change and Maid Café McDonalds

Taiwan McDonald’s knows how to extract the moe out of Kawaii! (moe=sexy/appealing, Kawaii=Cute!) They have combined a one two three combo of limited edition Hello Kitty happy meals and plushies, a revamped, re-gendered mascot of ‘Ronnie’ anime style and starting in the New year (that’s now!), maid café McDonalds!

Japan’s cultural obsession with the other island empire of tradition, Britain, created a crazy in maids and butlers which through anime/manga like Emma and He is my Master, they have exported to the world.
The Taiwan McDonalds have merely jumped on board with this advert for the ‘coming attraction’ of maids to service you (I think the sexy overtone IS intended).

Somehow the practicalities of lace wrist and head bands mixing with fry grease have created the ‘sweet maid’ style that they rolled out at the start of the year.
You can look at the McDonald's facebook page if you want to see the line out the door during opening.

Oh Ronald, Ronald, why didn’t mention being gender conflicted?  Transgender Ronald McDonald has worn his mask for many decades and now has left the closet as an utterly enticing ‘Ronnie’ in Taiwan.
I am only disturbed by my own attraction to have the McDonald’s mascot on a body huggable pillow.  Love the hair and thumbhole sweater, not so much the glasses.  Mascot is scary attractive, and in real life, the ‘fun team’ in Taiwan has HER for Ronnie, to entertain parties. Wow.
McDonald’s parties have so, so much more to offer now than just that addictive orange drink.

And what is more addictive than texting and gives that warming glow like the memories of being medical grade morphine than Hello Kitty? Combine Hello Kitty with a McDonalds meals and you have a serious addiction issue.

The major danger in North America would be the adults trampling the children on the way to collect the whole series. I have some odd hello kitties including two Hello Kitties designed by h.naoto (punk hello kitty in tartan skirt and goth loli hello kity), but who can say no to Hamburglar Hello Kitty? Not I.


Anonymous said...

I think it is very cool to have a hamburglar hello kitty.

I can see the appeal of Ronnie for you - bright red anime hair, porcelain skin - it's right up your alley!

I am always interested in how multinationals adapt their marketing and products in different companies. Maid Cafe McDonalds makes a lot of sense - I wonder if they already have them in Japan. They didn't when we were there almost 5 years ago.

I remember in Thailand the Ronald statue outside McDonalds was doing the traditional wah (sp) bowing down to its customers. Neat!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I would love a McDonalds maid cafe. I also find Ronnie cute and prefer her to the US Ronald McDonald. A Hamburglar Hello Kitty is way better than your average happy meal toys!

Anonymous said...

The anonymous oohing about Maid Cafe McDonalds above is Cheryl. Google and I still aren't working well together.

Neil said...

My dear Beth:

Hello Kitty and McDonald's combined? That sounds like a whole new level of Hello Kitty Hell. Though I have to admit, Ronnie does look better than a cartoonish Ronald.

But the food is still pure fat, carbs and heart attack-inducing grease. I couldn't eat that stuff for any amount of money.

Still, your Internet sleuthing skills amaze me. Where DO you find this stuff?

Love and zen hugs,

Tina Russell said...

Ronald McDonald once came to my school when I was a little kid, and he really creeped me out; he was there in a dual role as motivational speaker (“You’re a star,” he said, and my reaction was like, pffft, I didn’t need you to tell me that, old man) and McDonalds pitchman. So, I find it crazy amazing and weird how much I want to bang Ronnie over there. I’m just going to imagine he’s Ronald’s hot daughter, otherwise I’m going to cry. (And I do like glasses, mmmmm.)

I find food, and something about greasy burgers, to be very sexy. There’s a McDonalds near my place where some really hot girls work, and there’s that smell of grease and plastic-y cheese in the air, and that distinctive red-and-yellow aesthetic, and all my childhood memories of McDonalds come flooding back and I just want one of the counter girls to pick me up and bang me right next to the deep-fryer. I want her to bury her teeth in me like she’s a starving model and I’m a Quarter Pounder. I want to make sweet, sweet love under the moonlight during her smoke break.

So, uhhh... yeah, I guess I just need to wait for Taiwan to open McDonalds love hotels or something. In the meantime, I wanna note that there’s a “Sonic × Hello Kitty” plush, too; it’s coming to the States this year. Oh, Hello Kitty, you are universally adorable.

Tina Russell said...

Pfft, I meant “she’s” Ronald’s hot daughter. Man, I just found out about her and I’m already screwing up her pronoun. I’m sorry, Ronnie!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: I do research, mostly going through taiwan Mcdonald's official page, and facebook page - the story about the maid cafe was told on anime sites, I spent another day researching the rest.

Tina: you think about sex a LOT.

Cheryl: I love the hello Kitty hamburglar.