Sunday, December 23, 2012

Possible Solution to Christmas/Xmas Solitude

It is effing cold. I really want to say it is FUCKING cold except that Google (inc., earth overlord) will likely put up a notice that you can’t read the word until you give them your phone number, a couple credit cards and $60 cash to prove you are an adult.
Because getting ripped off by a computer is what makes a 20-60 year old adult. If you don’t believe me, the local Victoria newspaper wrote this week about Elder Abuse, and warns about DOOR to DOOR salesmen ripping off Gran. Yes, while 52% of elderly in Victoria interacting with VIHA are chemically sedated, the real threat is ‘stranger danger!’ from encyclopedia and bible door to door salesmen in December. I love Bizzaro Victoria.

The cold does help my head from overheating, but makes the extremities very cold. We sleep with open windows. The fact that we sleep with open windows AND run an air conditions is likely why Fran, our snooping manager, opened the door for me while at the same time pressing herself against the wall with her head turned away, so as not to endure the sight of me. I choose to think she means well, or that she is trying to be chaste regarding her lust which overwhelms her at the sight of me.

They tell me that Xmas and New Years are coming. And going. For us ‘time confused’ folks, it seems like every date is either coming or going.

To those viewing this season and its hustle bustle with solitude, I suggest that you email me. In return, I will endeavor to start each day by responding. I suggest this because I am sympathetic from experience of the aching solitude of seeming to live on the same planet, but in a different world at Xmas. It can becomes painfully clear that the connections or enjoyment of this time of year have something to do with a social bubble that doesn’t extend to all.

This is what I think I can do, and that is my choice. Taking that chance to risk by emailing might be yours. take the chance is yours. My email is:

For those with Spotify, this song, God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi, gives me pleasure: song
For those without spotify, I recommend deciding if you want to get it through itunes: the hymn was written in 1874 by Frances R. Havergal. I like to crank the bass until my sternum vibrates:


Anonymous said...

The girl with the ear muffs is so cute and innocent - quite a contrast from the first picture.

I think Google is well on its way to ruling the world. It seems to be taking over something new each week. Now if only they could make gmail more user friendly.

Wishing everyone a good day today and tomorrow, whether you are surrounded by family and friends or are on your own.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't realize my comment got publised anonymously!

Linda McClung

JaneB said...

Hello Elizabeth! Hoping your Christmas has the right amount of solitary - and that Fran manages to resist her lust...

Neil said...

Happy Christmas/Zombie Cannibal Day, my dears! Well, as happy as you can, please. I understand the flexible time syndrome, but it is Christmas morning NOW in Darkest Saskatchewan, and one hour from Christmas Day in Victoria right now.

I love the first image in your post, dear. I wish my Darling could wear those stockings. :)

I hope your stocking contains something good, and that you and Linda can enjoy each other's company, and at least some good cheer.

With love and zen hugs to you both, and to Cheryl and everyone else gathered here,

Kate J said...

I had a lovely goth-girl Xmas card from one of my son's friends, wish you could see it. It has a girl in a tight laced black corset, resting her foot on a skull, and she's wearing a Santa hat! If I saw one like it in a shop I'd buy it for you... Btw, my son's friend just moved into her new place, he went to visit yesterday and reported back that there's a lot of black, red and dragons. Oh and a special room for her fantasy books and samurai swords. Yes, really. Hope you're surviving the 'festive' season OK.
Love and peace

Kate J said...
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Kohaku said...

You don't know me, but I've been silently following your blog for a while. A few years in fact. Today I finally wanted to come out and tell you: You're an inspiration to me. Your stories have helped me be strong.

A happy Christmas and much love to you.

Anonymous said...

dear Beth,
It's SharonMV here.
Time is weird here too. Christmas is just Dennis & me again this year. It's like a quiet day off for Dennis as he works retail and has had a very busy season. We sold our house and so are no longer penniless. We were without any place to go (must move out in about 3 weeks), but heard on my birthday that we got the lease to an apartment. Only problem now is the current occupants won't be out until jan 15th, and we must move out of the house by Jan15th. we may have to spend a night at a motel while all our wolrdly possessions are stored overnight. i guess Chloe kitten will stay with us or go to a kennel overnight. I don't like either idea - I think the move will be shock enough for her.

So many changes. Time seems to be standing still one moment then swirling about in huge waves. And my latest virus is literally making my head spin. Yet somehow I have remained calm for the most part. Looking at apartments has been the worst physically - far too much walking & standing for me. The best thing is that several people have been very kind &helpful to us during the whole process.

I hope you & Linda had time to be together, to celebrate the season. Choose any day that is good as your Christmas. I think the day we are settled in our new home will be Christmas for us.

I didn't do any gifts this year, but you, my dear, are special and I do have something I made for you. It will be coming soon

Anonymous said...

Hope the holidaze brought you some moments of comfort and joy
you two are in my thoughts and prayers

Kate J said...

...and yes, that is an awesome song. Thanks for sharing it!
Love and peace

Lene said...

Ah, Fran. Good to see she hasn't changed. 'Twould have been a Christmas miracle if she'd turned into a real person instead of the bigoted arse she is.

Olivia said...

Thank you for the hymn, Elizabeth. That was beautiful.