Thursday, December 13, 2012

Living the See-saw life

Living is a bit of a see-saw: Up on Saturday, to see Xmas trees and Museum (though I missed all the bits but one), down on Sunday, up on Monday when it is four hours at the museum, then an hour at the drug store, getting Xmas food (like peppermint ice cream), then Fish and Chips, watching You and Me (the anime); down on Tuesday, up on Wednesday, out to see the optometrist and a full eye exam and then 15 hours asleep, almost missing Thursday. Yesh, between that and survival it is more like a tilt-a-whirl.


GirlWithTheCane said...

It sounds like you're getting out a lot...tiring for you, but good to hear. Getting out is good for mental health, yes?

- Sarah

Elizabeth McClung said...

Getting out is good for the mind, yes. Just wish I didn't have to slow down and recover. Hope you are getting out too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Sharon MV here. We spent yesterday afternoon looking at apartments. Difficult for me as my legs were not cooperating. We did manage to see 3 places (well, I saw 2 & waited in the car while Dennis looked at #3).

Still working on getting my Etsy shop going. I have a friend, Kathy, who is helping me, taking pictures and other stuff. She's really nice,we met her years ago when she worked for Dennis at Tower records. I got to meet her darling twin girls this week. They are 2 and a half. So cute and smart too. It is so nice to have someone come to visit me every week.Good craft talk & girl talk and I get to hear about the girls too.

So glad you are getting out. I wish you could schedule the down time and lesson the recovery. Today I'm having a minor bout of "sleeping sickness". Just fall asleep, even sitting up, drop the tea cup I'm holding (fortunately an almost empty cup). sometimes the clang of something hitting the floor wakes me up. I suspect it's from my exertions yesterday.

I hope you can get out and enjoy more Christmas activities.

Love, Sharon

PS: to look at my shop just go to and search for Chloesflowers

Neil said...

Getting out is good for the mind, good for the body, but hard on our favourite Beth. But worth it, I hope. And it's always good to read of your adventures.

Love and zen hugs,