Friday, December 07, 2012

Are Bodacious Pirates' Salacious?

I watched The Bodacious Space Pirates yesterday. It is pictured as a harem type anime, but is the opposite, a school days slice of life in a girls’ school on a future far away planet. Well, throw in some Drake style letters of Marque and you have a high school sophomore inheriting her dead father’s pirating license.
Mom turns out to be a famous pirate who settled down, and takes a mother/daughter bonding trip into the desert to teach her how to shoot guns. As the letter has to be renewed every 50 days, her taking up as pirate captain means she has to do ‘small’ jobs; learning both how to be a captain and how to be a good businesswoman.

Much of the series still happens at home, with her school life and her space yacht club (rich girls school), while the pirate arcs involve hunting for a centuries old ship meant to settle a planet but now lost at sub light, a 'ghost ship.' This is a contract from a royal princess from the now settled planet. Another one involves learning how to hijack a space cruise liner. There are some 'close friendships' and lesbian themes, and not particularly subtly done: But I learned a new word, Japanese for same sex partner.
The series is overlooked though I found it addictive. Most of the comments I read were from guys who were irked at not getting the usual dish of boobs and butt. Watch the series on crunchyroll for free. The front page and intro are misleading as they show a host of girls (the friends at school), giving you the assumption those are the pirates.

Linda said she hadn’t heard ‘bodacious’ used in a long time. I think they used it because they thought it would tie the different meanings of bold and attractive (pirates=bold, girls=attractive), and because they sound like boobies. Never underestimate the Japanese obsession with breasts (women’s bras are padded up one size and resized to eliminate AA and A also – so an A is now a size B, and padded to a C – of course if the manga is for boys/men, that immediately gets drawn as a EE to J).

Then I went for my afternoon nap at 2:00, and woke in the early hours of Friday. Lovely.


Neil said...

I wish I could sleep as well as you do. No, perhaps I don't, since you sleep more than is normal. But it would be nice to get an entire night's sleep now and then...

Crunchyroll is being annoying, and won't show me the Space Pirates at the moment. I'll keep trying, though.

Meanwhile, I can't read some of the words I'm supposed t o enter to prove I'm not a robot. Does this mean I MIGHT be a robot???

Love and zen hugs,

JaneB said...

Heh, that sounds fun. Off work with a cold that has settled on my chest and throat, so pretty brain dead and in need of distraction... this may be perfect.

Thinking of you my dear friend.

Raccoon said...

But but but… You didn't say what the Japanese word was!

I'm stuck in bed, myself. I hate pressure sores.

Neil, I have many nights where I will wake up 11/2-2 hours after falling asleep, and then not able to get back to sleep until after daylight. I have to agree with you: it can be a royal pain.

And nothing on the telly except Christmas stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl here…

One of the recent issues of Otaku USA had a review of The Bodacious Space Pirates and it really made me want to buy the dvd set. It sounded like so much fun to watch!

In Wyoming you do hear bodacious used fairly frequently still. Then again, in many ways Wyoming is a half century behind when it comes to current slang, clothing styles, etc.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: Unless you like waking up screaming, or screaming in your sleep for 5-10 times an hour, I wouldn't recommend sleeping like me. But I hope you get some sleep soon.

I hate capcha, I however hate the 50-120 spam messages each day more.

Jane: Sorry about your cold, that sucks. I don't know if they have crunchyroll in the UK, but I think so, as you can choose the subtitles in Italian or Spanish.

Raccoon: Pressure sores, very not great - I hope you caught them early. Do you have computer access in bed, or just DVD's or just books, or just bed?

what's this 'telly' you speak of?

Cheryl: ah, good. I don't know if it out on DVD, but a movie is scheduled in a few months, due to popularity in Japan.

Devi said...

Glad you got to see your Bodacious Pirates! That really sound like a series worth checking out.