Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unique mental masturbation

At the age of four we all know that we are unique, but somehow, in the next decade or so, we forget.
Though my major complaint since age four remains the same: Libraries should not limit the amount of books I check out.

Veni, Vidi, ego victum YMCA! But after 160 minutes of exercise, the YMCA conquered me. Once the fever broke, all those sit ups and push ups meant I blurted noises like an injured Yak just reaching for the toilet paper.

'Perhaps', I thought to myself, flopping about the bed like a landed goldfish trying to reach a blanket, 'those last sets of fifty were….excessive?'

My paradigm is shattered: problems DO exist which cannot be solved with the Galaxy Quest quote “Never Give up! Never Surrender!”

I am off this weekend for human contact. The problem with living a mental life is the real starts to become less important than my habitual intellectual masturbation. “Dr. McClung? Dr. McClung?” The home care worker voice drifted in, “Are you okay? Can you move? Can you speak?”

“Sorry. I was making your name into anagrams.”  I continue to peer off into the puzzle room in my brain.
Definitely time for outside contact.


Neil said...

May the Big World Beyond the House be asexciting as it always is - but in a GOOD way!

Love and zen hugs,

Kate J said...

Another 'Galaxy Quest' fan? I loved that movie, laughed out loud in the cinema which is a rarity for me.
Human contact does sound like a good idea... I hope this means some fun for you and Linda! Have a great weekend.
Love'n'peace :)

Baba Yaga said...

Agreed, libraries should not limit the number of books one can take out. And why does the library allow me to take books out for three weeks, when the mobile library has a two-weekly timetable?

Yea, there are times when "never give up" doesn't fit. You seem to have kept it fitting by sheer force of will, far past the point where most people find that qualified surrender is essential.

And hooray for human contact. The good, interesting, and soul-feeding kind, I hope!

Anonymous said...

hug be safe out there never forget the world has teeth..

Linda McClung said...

I agree - libraries shouldn't limit the number of books or dvds you take out. They're medicine, in your case.

I love the picture of the girl holding her pigtails. The innocence and fun of being a kid. Adults tend to lose those qualities along with feeling unique.

You always amaze me by how much you push yourself - way beyond what the average person would do. I'm sorry you have to pay such a big physical price for exercising.

Here's to more socialization.

JaneB said...

Libraries and limits - I agree! Some people CAN read more than 8 books between Saturday lunchtime and Monday morning, never mind between Saturday lunchtime and the next time the library is open when they aren't working...

I love the picture too - My niece is seven, and still seems to understand how unique and special she is (and is totally book obsessed, yay!). I hope it lasts! I wasted a lot of time worrying about how I should be more like other people (failing to achieve it, but worrying about it)...

Tina Russell said...

I love anagrams!

One time I was at Carl’s Jr. with my brother, and their sign said something like “TRY OUR NEW TURKEY BURGER. TASTES GREAT.” I figured “Tastes Great” wasn’t the best slogan in the world, so I came up with three new ones:

“Tear-Gas Test”
“Rats Gestate”
“Egret Ass Tat”

See, aren’t those better?