Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Re-election 2012: Lincoln re-elected!

The news of the Election results is that all that is now, will continue to be. There seemed no point talking before, as there was a several Billion dollar election. Sorry Florida, now you know how British Columbia feels (all those years the election was called on TV before we had even finished voting).

Yes, some bitter irony that it only took 140+ years to reach that 'equality for all' (not that Canada or BC is better, BC stopped ethnic minorities voting until the 1950's).

I think the rest of the world sighs relief with President Obama, and now the East Coast can get back to rebuilding. 

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Kate J said...

Seeing no comment after a whole week, I can't imagine no-one has commented, so I guess you've maybe been too ill to review them. I do hope not. Thinking of you.
As to your post, Obama's victory is maybe not the wonderful news we once hoped for from him, but certainly better than a victory for Romney - at least the Tea Party crew have had a bit of a setback - let's hope it's a terminal one. And some states have even said 'yes' to gay marriage which is great.
Love & peace