Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Epic

I have so much to say, but so little capacity right now physically.  I am full a brim with thinking that it leaves me empty. 

I wanted to write every day of November.  Then I had kidney problems.  It didn't seem that blogging was as important as kidney function, or dying. 

I can't take the big risks I took in the summer, where I went to the brink of heat stoke, over and back.  I have to learn how to heal.  And how to sleep without my tongue splitting like a split lip from the dry. 

I never wanted to stay in one place.   I never wanted anything but to work and travel.  


PB said...

You are the bravest person I have never met. Your spirit shines through always.

Olivia said...

I hope you can find some healing and some more capacity to get those thoughts out!

JaneB said...

Thinking of you

Devi said...

Wishing you much strength. I'm sorry for all the wishes and dreams, big or small, that you can't fulfil right now. May you be blessed.

Anonymous said...

dear Beth,
It's SharonMV. Google won't let me comment without giving them my cell phone number or 2nd e-mail address. Since i have neither a mobile phone or a 2nd e-mail address, they are out of luck. So, I'll use anonymous for now.

I hope you can heal and gain some strength. I know you like to go out and about.

I can understand being stuck in one place. I've been stuck at home for some time. We are selling our house - many people came through to see it this weekend & we have had several offers. So we'll be looking for an apartment now - a new place to be stuck in!

Thank you for the latest postcard!

Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

so so glad youre able to post Ive missed it.. looking forward to learning about things,,let's see youve taught me about Perseverance and bravery and grace under pressure,, and created an inherent curiousity about Steampunk.. I caant wait to see what you pull next from your Pandora's box of treasures.. I just grieve that the personal cost to you is so high..