Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“There are two things which have no limits: femininity and the means of taking advantage of it.”

Beyond Halloween being LGBTTQI's Pride Night II, it is the traditional night of liberation, taking that persona out of the closet and giving it a spin. Feminine Butches,      
take no nonesense femmes, feminine men, and playful androgyny.

Masks, roles, identities, and the perception we’re comfortable with. Halloween is the annual night we get a ‘Truth or Dare’ pass to step into another skin: that ‘grass is greener’ fantasy; the desire to shuck the role we play; the night repressions' are set free and what occurs behind the closed doors comes out to play.

Jung says that we are all the male, the female, the angel and the devil. Femininity has as many definitions as it has observers. Which is the greater mask; the helix of the male and female, one stuck within limiting options of strength and the other playing the role where that strength has a purpose, amd is desired?

 So instead of another horror flick try watching Victor/Victoria this Halloween (or Halloween week).
It has everything: a straight couple that accept coming out as gay; crossdressing; discovering liberating trans and learning to be a partner to same plus vamping femmes and gay teddy bears. The films displays the innate femininity within the aspects, social and unspoken, of being male, not to mention the variance behind stereotype, and times when a cigar isn’t just a cigar.

As one reader wrote, it is oft harder for a woman to be ‘more feminine’ as she mentally perceives it
than for her to cross dress as the androgynous male. And easier for a guy to cross dress than allow themselves the daily feminine. As long as there have been social lines of taboo, the desire to try the other side has existed. So enjoy a love story or triangle of Victor, the man in love with him and the femme determined to keep ‘her man’ deep in his social role. Beyond a vocal ascension which has to be heard to be believed, enjoy the delights of ‘if I feel this, how does that change me?’, ‘and how does that change how others see me?’ to ‘and why should I care?’

As the other part of the quote in the title says, "Let desire guide you.." (booze sometimes helps too) 
Have a trans-formative Halloween!

PS – Prize to the first two people to guess the origin of the quote (without googling it), ends on Nov. 5th.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl here

I have always loved the movie Victor Victoria. My brother and I watched it repeatedly on Grandma's laser disc player.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because it lets me be whoever I wish without fear of reprisal or ridicule.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Still one of my favorite films - with a three to four octave ascent - one of Andrew's best range sound.

Neil said...

I didn't dress in full steampunk costume at work, because the coworkers didn't dress up as they had requested. A young lady who starts work as I go home, however, did dress as Batwoman, with a lovely lace mask, a Batman-style top, and a tutu over tights. And a cute cape, of course.. She looked quite fetching really.

Funny; I can dress in medieval clothing, and not feel like I'm in a costume, but I can't wear a costume. I'm sure that says something about me...

I've also worn sarongs in public; but that's a male item of apparel. And guys SHOULD wear skirts if the mood strikes them, but I haven't decided what makes a skirt a male item, or how to stop it looking effeminate.

Love and zen hugs for a second time tonight,