Monday, October 08, 2012

The lost thanksgiving, and addition of welts

I had hoped to have thanksgiving. I even went shopping for the turkey, and cleaned out the fridge for it when we got home. I didn’t have thanksgiving. I wasn’t part of one. That was painful and hurt. Now it just is what is.

We ran out of the covers, the covers for the Fentenyl patches. So Linda used tape. Within a day, that produced sores. That didn’t work out so well. The patches are on the wishlist, and if you want to help, getting me that would be doing me a solid (because oozing and friction and chemical burns across your back is unpleasant, and makes life unpleasant.)

Worse things have happened in human history. Worse has happened in my history, or even in my week. In sleeping I woke to ask for help, waiting for help, I fell asleep again, and then again. And that’s how I missed eating for two days.

I could say that I hope you had a better Thanksgiving, if you are Canadian, than mine. But since I did not participate, that would be…., yes, exactly. So I hope that for all, in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn came well this weekend – including the American’s who Celebrate Columbus discovering Syphilis and then taking it back to Europe - Huzzah!

As a passing thought to all mathematicians: set, no set, set of no set, no set of all set, etc – in the end, all belief requires a centre which accepts paradox, and mathematics, along with logic, is a life belief.

For all the love of word problems math lovers or teachers might have, I always noticed that they soon forget that whether a dollar or an apple, RL is rarely abstract sans emotion, and math is at best a mismatch of ideas created by humans, often far after they are already part of every day life. Unless of course you think that a Babylonian child of five, bullied and having had an orange taken from him, by a six year old is unaware that the one orange he had is now added to someone else leaving him with nothing. Or did his mind simply zip across that in trying to explain to his parents, thus adding 1 to his lectures.

(for those going 'wha?', the orange is about how 'mathematically' the Babylonians didn't have a way to express zero, a critical useful invention for written math, but something I was well aware of at the age of two (treats all gone, hence 0 treats, or thick gruel oatmeal in large bowel, which manages to stay the same amount despite eating is the (infinity sign) bowl of oatmeal - a.k.a., Elijah's oil) Oh, the first one refers to the set math paradox and how Russell spent over 300 pages to prove that 1+1=2 and still didn't solve the paradox.


Kate J said...

I tried to order those patches for you but Amazon says it "can't ship them to that destination".
love & peace

Neil said...

Frankly, I'd have happily let you have my Thanksgiving, dear. We were at a house where three conversations go on simultaneously, with nobody listening to anybody else. I get a headache when we're there; this time, I was lucky, and got permission to leave to go to an SCA meeting.

The Babylonians might not have had a mathematical Zero, but when they were out of wine, they'd have known what None is... It might take a while to equate that to mathematics, though. Surely the wheels of mathematical bureaucracy grind as slowly as ony others.

Love and zen hugs,