Wednesday, October 17, 2012

David Goodis, and MTV's Teen Wolf

I’ve been reading David Goodis, the peculiar noir writer who is the protagonist in the Coen Brothers’ film ‘Barton Fink.’ He became an MGM writer after his first novel became a movie. However he was an eccentric as well cheap beyond belief: he would steal thrown out clothes, then sneak into friends closets to cut out the name brands, which he then sewed into his new ragged clothes. He would then wear these, stains and all, unwashed and unironed. He used to dye clothes blue until his entire wardrobe was blue, along with his skin. He chose to move back in with his parents where he wrote post war pulp detective fiction. His books, Nightfall, Shoot the Piano Player, Street of the Lost, etc are about losers in the worst part of town who like Godot, spend energy to escape to nowhere. Due to his own fetish, usually one character would end up being humiliated in mild S&M with an overweigh woman. He liked going to dives, drinking in the worst neighborhoods just because. His protagonists are lonely men desperate to connect with a woman, one they openly acknowledge is beyond them, before the inevitable violence descends.

From Nightfall, a detective interviewing,
“We’re going to step on the gas,” Fraser said, “We’re going to use a good sharp knife and cut away everything that doesn’t matter. Now, Miss Gardner, what do you do for a living. Fast. I want it fast.”
As for me, I’ve not only lost days to sleep, I’ve woke up panicked convinced I had forgotten a semester of high school. Weird, usually it is the ‘I’ve enrolled in too many courses at uni and forgotten to drop some.’ Or ‘What happened to my dissertation?’

For guilty pleasures, of the supernatural series, I took a chance on a bargain copy of Teen Wolf. Yes, that remake of the Michael J. Fox movie into a series. I bought it because it was MTV, which made Awkward, a showing of TV which was so painful, it brings flashbacks (‘ave a butchers’). Unlike Vampire Diaries or the other new werewolf series, this one is done both tongue in cheek, but also like the first years of the series Supernatural, each episode is a horror movie of the week (go for the random killing in the DVD rental place by the guy who has argued with Girlfriend outside that no, no, no, he is NOT going to watch the damn ‘Notebook’ again – “Uh, can anyone tell me where The Notebook is? Huh, wonder why the lights are off?”) here (US residents: try to ignore the fake teeth). “There, that was a growl right?, “Technically…..kinda like a cat being choked to death.”

Guy gets bite, guy’s friend is Stiles, who makes the whole thing work somehow through humor, and Stiles’ obsession with if he is attractive to gay guys (though his ‘trying to blend in while reading ‘your first menstruation’ booklet in guys locker room is good too!).

Both guys are bench seaters in Lacrosse but now our teen wolf plays better so is off the bench (if he doesn’t change and kill people) – this leads to an unusual ‘non-transforming training’ with our hero hands duct taped behind back with his friend whipping lacrosse balls into his head and groin. MTV even mocks the whole ‘Male candy without shirt’ aspect with a music theme show of all the ‘chesty shots’ during the series. In classic Romeo and Juliet, guy falls for girl whose family are werewolf hunters. There is a plot, a mystery of murders, and yes, it is all resolved in 12 episodes.

Oh, MTV released Awkward season 2, for those who like more of the horrors of high school, particularly when hot guy who used her in first seasons decides he ‘loves her’ and hangs around ALL the time: “Yes, you have Pecs, I GET IT!” she yells at his chest in the halls.

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Have you come across Carnivale? We really enjoyed this series :-) Nicci xx