Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot as Not

A heat wave with every day the heat being 10C or 17F higher than average, 5C higher than forecast, the apartment rises 5 degrees a day. The rate of heart attacks triple during a heat wave and a man with my disease who was a few years older died 8 days ago in Seattle. Our anniversary came and went, and we live out of synch, as I catch snatches of time to sleep as able. Often something simple like a drink of water can turn into 90 minutes of ‘too weak’ to drink and 'too hot' for Linda to remember, and once awake, too much pain to sleep. If I had known I would be heat intolerant, perhaps a plan for a different anniversary.


Kate J said...

Oh that sounds way too hot. I do hope it cools off for you soon. Here in Wales it's raining. Again!
Love & peace

Baba Yaga said...

Oh, no, that's all rather too much.

Hope for cooler weather soonly.

Neil said...

I understand that the heat stresses you; it's hard on my Beloved too. But I like the heat, because my hands and feet will stay warm at night.

MY stress has been my work. I've been doing the same job at the same desk for nearly thirty years. And, as a casual employee, I've had to bid for my job three times a year; but this month, I bid on a different job. Tongues are apparently wagging, but I'm taking a lower hourly wage in order to get full-time hours, and in the end, I'll make more money per year.

And because my pensions goes down every quarter, despite my contributions, I'll never be able to afford to retire. Bummer, that. At least there's someone - a fund manager or three - making money from my pension!

Now I'm off to bicycle to my new office, to see how far it is from the nearst bus stops. I start the new position on September 4, and I'm looking forward to the change of venue. I love the place I've worked, and almost everyone I've worked with, and 99.95 of our students, but fter nearly three decades, even paradise can get boring.

Love and zen hugs,

cheryl g said...

I really hope you have cooler weather and rain to cool the apartment buiding's heat build up. I am sorry you and Linda are out of synch and I hope you are able to celebrate your anniversary soon.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yes, I was finally able to sleep for 9 hours, thanks to cooler weather - huzzah. Boo on global warming.

Neil: I hope you get the job you bid for - or as it seems you got it, that you enjoy the work. I would find bidding for a job three times a year extremely stressful, and not paradise at all, but that's me - Linda can sit through conference meetings and not want to gouge out her eyes or others and I can't. This makes her suited for government work and me suited for academia, or freelance assassin.

GirlWithTheCane said...

It's finally starting to cool here...I hope that the trend reaches you soon, if it hasn't already. I can't imagine how you've dealt with the heat this summer.

Olivia said...

I really hope you are cooler soon. Got a postcard from you this week, thanks!

Neil said...


The applying thrice annually sucks, but I've got the seniority that I always gotten the job I wanted. It WAS a great place to work, and it's pictureque, and the students are wonderful. But I just don't want to be there any more. So I'm taking a slight hourly pay cut to get more hours instead per week, and more money per year.

And I don't really care whether the new job is better than the old one or not. Money, at this point, talks.

Glad you got some sleep, and I hope you can get lots of good sleep and good times.

Love and zen hugs,

Neil said...

Regarding different anniversaries: on the weekend of our firs taniversary, I pulled a groin muscle while bicycling. We were on a group ride from Batoche tp Waskasieu Sask, and back on the Victoria Day weekend. My Darling had enjoyed enough time on her bike on the first day, so she rode in the sag wagon (car with bike rack for tired/broken cyclists and/or bikes, and I pressed on with a friend. I pulled the toe straps tight, then managed to get my chain caught, locking the back wheel and skidding to a stop from about 40 km/hr. With my feet trapped... I got my left foot out anyway, managed to avoid falling and injuring my arm and bicycle, but pulled a muscle next to my groin. On the second day, I could barely ride, and ended up in the sag wagon myself. The third day didn't hurt so much, and it got better for a few years, but lately it has been bothereing me when I walk.

For our second anniversary, I was in hospital enjoying (NOT!) a kidney biopsy. No fun at ALL, and we agreed that if the third anniversary went as badly, we were going to divorce and get married on a different day.

The third anniversary was uneventful, so we're still married once each. :)

However, I understand the desire for a different aniversary, Beth.

Love and zen hugs,