Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy 'Make stuff go Bang!' Day!

Lesson of the firework: Upward and onward (or: 'if you go boom, make it count!).

Yeah, Things are still hard. What I can do about that, I will. VIHA is trying to get workers to not come in, and I wish I could say that my GP, the health authority, my care manager and the gang have not lost sight of the name and purpose of their authority: caring.  But they have.  Still, I continue to hope that they realize it is not about having or holding control but helping others. 

Still, a group with no oversight, and a province with no regulation or transparency adds up to a disaster.  And not the pretty, 'watch it burn' or 'see the rainbow' kind.   So, I found fun in fire. 

 As for me, I found out between Canada Day, July 4th and Bastille Day that blowing shit up is fun. Especially if it makes pretty sparkles.

I’ll keep on working to find the wonder in life even if the wonder needs to come to me, sometimes. Two organizations I relied on have changed, one folded and the other changed it’s name. That change mean I have to write a new will (seriously), but more on that later. I hope you had a nice time with friends and some time off recently.


Neil said...

Ooh, don't forget Guy Fawkes Day! I'm beginning to think that he's the only man who ever entered the House of Parliament with honest intentions.

Lovely fireworks, dears. I presume, by your post, that you didn't blow youself up; that would not be a good thing.

The July 1 fireworks here were set off 50 muinutes early because of incoming thundertorms. Thus, we didn't get to see the display they were bragging about. On the other hand, our three sons did see the fireworks, and got completely soaked in the process. We ended up with 11 mm of rain in 1 hour and 20 minutes. But with the storms all around, we got TWO sets of fireworks to enjoy.

I'm glad you can still find Good Things to blog. Rewriting wills is easy enough, but hugging one's lawful wedded wife is more fun.

Love and zen hugs,

Linda McClung said...

I enjoyed blowing stuff up with you!

I'm envious of your 'fireworks' setting on your camera.

Lene said...

blowing up shit is awesome. Especially when you can imagine all the idiots being blown up at the same time AND it looks pretty. Win-win!

Wonderful pics. I am chartreuse with envy - my camera's no good with fireworks.

Baba Yaga said...

Excellent photo! Taking wonder where you can is an excellent thing.

No July 4th fireworks here, of course: it'd anyway be an inconvenient time of year for it, given long, light evenings. I dimly remember November 5th fireworks in NZ, high summer there: I'd be sent to bed, and roused to see the fireworks once it was dark.

Anonymous said...

Blowing stuff up is fun and great stress relief. It was fun having you over for fireworks and barbeque. Your camera is great and the pictures are amazing!


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you got to get out and make FIRE! he he he

We went and watched the fireworks in Wetumka which is 20 miles from here because we can't set off fireworks in town. I discovered that the combined audio and visual overload STILL causes me to have seizures which SUCKS but besides that it wasn't too bad... I just had to sit in the car and cover my ears for the rest of the show. LOL

GirlWithTheCane said...

Here's to blowing shit up. *raises glass*


Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks, I like taking pictures, and glad these worked well - using myself and the chair as a tripod. Blowing stuff up is fun, and having a private 'boom' party is good with friends, with a BBQ to follow.