Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nash Rambler 'Beep Beep'

On a sunny late evening, with temperate weather, we went out for a butterscotch sundae at the old Beacon Hill Drive In (next to the Heritage House of Beacon School). Parked there was a beautiful, original, down to the hubcaps, Nash Rambler. I am leaning on the hiking pole to show you perspective of me to the vehicle (me tall, car small).

The driving area was filled with an assortment of pull levers and dials, all unmarked. I wonder what they all do?  I can see the 'grandma's car' seats which, during summer, I would literally have to peel my skin from.  Or worse, the yelps when trying to sit down on the hot plastic after a day at the beach, "Ahhhhh" the octaves climbing as the plastic settled into the flesh.  Only upon seeing this and how small it is did I finally understand the song ‘Beep Beep’ by the Playmates, about the Nash taking on a Caddy.

And here, added value irony at no additional charge.

For those who have never heard the song, ‘Beep Beep’ – the last three verses will take the same time as the first one, so hang on.


Neil said...

Now ThIs is the sort of post we've come to cherish from you, dear. I just wish the outings didn't cost you so much later.

Love and zen hugs,

Anonymous said...

oh love enjoy the day)
so glad its a good time..


Anonymous said...

I am happy you got out for ice cream and as a bonus saw a mint condition Rambler! Such a tiny cute car...


Mental Mosaic - Tui Snider said...

What a cute little car! (And I'm not a car-person at all.)

I'd heard that song before but didn't really know what a Nash Rambler looked like.

They should make an electric version of it and re-release it!


GirlWithTheCane said...

I know nothing about cars. I'd go along for the company...and the ice cream, of course. :)

Glad you got out. Some days it makes all the difference.


Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Ice cream, cool car, even looks like a decent day (which is a damn sight more than we have here in Nanaimo)... recipe for a happy memory.

Hugs and love,

Lorna, Bob and Liam

Kate J said...

Glad to hear you had a good day, a trip out and an encounter with a real classic car too. My family in BC are all complaining about the cool weather but I guess it probably suits you better than heat. Happy Canada Day!
Love & peace

Linda McClung said...

Couldn't get this song out of my head once I played it.

I'm glad we had a great mini-outing. Here's to many more over the next while.

darkninja said...

So happy to see you writing at any time, and even more to see you have the energy to have a good time.

Devi said...

Awesome little car indeed!