Sunday, May 13, 2012

Panty of the Day: Naughty Librarian

While I still will do research, literature reviews, graphic novel and DVD reviews as well as disability, LGBTQI and other minority issues, I still want to be a ‘journalist of complete truth.’

Yes, a ‘tell all’, starting with my ass

(A 'fine' ass, by the by, Linda says it is ‘tight’ from all the exercise).

I believe it is called ‘Pandering.’ Or ‘the lowest common denominator.’ But yes, I am wearing my Victoria Secret ‘message’ panties, literary set. I started with the dream of creating my own library, as a child, and now I commit lewd acts outside one.

Last week, during our last library trip, I was in the entrance atrium trying to explain something to Linda (the topic eludes me) which resulted in my hoisting up my top. After a few seconds of Linda’s glare, I realized her laser beam eyes were not ‘fine I get it!’ glare but the ‘What the ‘bleep’ are you doing?’ glare. Huh? Had the bottoms slipped down and I was showing my panties? I looked down. Oh, hello Girls. I suddenly realized that my haste in changing to leave meant a new top, but no bra under it.

“Right, right, no bra….” I said, with top still hoisted.

“YeaH!” Linda muttered.

I had forgotten my point, but lowered the top, sure that I had made it: visual aids are oft important.

As Linda said, “Well at least the homeless guy, the guy playing the guitar and security guard all got a good look.” Ah, since we had just left, perhaps it was my pert nipple state which had the security guard and some other guys asking if I needed help.  I just assumed the city had become friendlier.

As you can see, I have both a strong affinity with libraries…and lewd acts in public spaces.


Tina Russell said...

Teehee, that’s a wonderful mental image, yes it is. I’ll need to try accidentally (or, in my case, “accidentally”) being topless at the public library. They’re a public service too, am I right?

Cool panties, too. Oh, cheesy pick-up lines...

Neil said...

Hi, wonderful:

At least you were LEAVING the library when you made your point. If Security Dude saw you doing that on the way in, you might have been asked to keep you visit short. Very short. Librarians control the universe, you know; they have all the knowledge at their command. Never get a librarian upset! :)

Lovea nd zen hugs,

Anonymous said...

oh boy,,thank you for the postcard and your kind words. Neil is right on library security dudes. They control access to the magical worlds within. and losing that would be a bad thing. You two continue in my thoughts and prayers


Elizabeth McClung said...

Tina: the line between 'accident' and indecent is one that is determined by who you flash. VS had a better panty selection, the 'pink' line is for those not into beige.

Neil: Security guards are nice, generally except when they want to go home, and have to chase all out. One told me he was going to sit down (as the security chair is now the ONLY chair for about 100 feet+ of the entrance/lobby, since people kept...sitting in them. I had to tell him I would be up as soon as my legs worked again. He was quite accomodating. The night workers in general are all such.

Jill: Sure, glad to send. A job would be good now - Linda must be more exhausted than I on how things just don't seem to break our way - we moved and got a job in, 2 weeks? It has been 2 years now and nada for long term job. I pray too, sometimes I worry that is the problem.

Linda McClung said...

I think pair of panties had the best message of the bunch. It is so... you!

Yeah, the security guards are pretty good at the library. They usually hold the door open on our way out, too. But that's probably because we're the last ones to go and they want to get us out so they can lock up.

Anonymous said...

Transparency in journalism is a rare and precious thing to behold. Thank you for your sacrifice and the mental image. As a lesbian happily trapped in a man's body the "man on the street" perspective gives such a rich and picaresque flavor that is so lacking in the profession today. I only wish I could reach inside my mind and cast this moment in bronze and immortalize it for my classical pornography section in my study. Say hi to your nipples for me, since they already seem to be standing for for some attention.