Thursday, May 31, 2012

One day: Men in Black III and Goddess Run

I've been ill since Friday.  I wish I wasn't.  And I wish I wasn't getting worse.  But I am.  I've tried for three days to go see a film, either the 6:30pm showing or the 9:30 showing and I can't wake up, be up, or stay up for either so far this week.   And with more seizures, more exhaustion, more of my body just not working, it gets a bit frustrating.   Same with the energy and the being awake for blogging.  Linda is well, I think, hard to say, as she hasn't really shared how she is doing with me.  I tell her that I can't maintain heat and she tells me that she might have allergies.  I am glad there is a pill to help the one, if not the other.

There is a Goddess Run, this Sunday, I spent the last of my savings on it when Linda was in the hospital those 7 weeks ago because she wanted to do it, even in a wheelchair.  And I wanted her to have something to look forward to. The stations have champagne instead of water and chocolate instead of energy bars and you get a t-shirt and necklace, plus a massage at the end of the race. I’m glad she will be able to do that. Wish she wanted me to do it with her. Oh well, it is a good birthday gift, as her birthday is June 7th. Last year I got her the I-pod and after 4-5 months of not using it at all, she is finally using it every day. Finances being different this year, and the savings from manga sales gone, I don’t think it will be anything like that. Will have to be creative.


Anonymous said...

sorry things are so rough and youre feeling down..

Neil said...

That sounds like an interesting run, though I'm not sure that champagne is a good substitute for water to prevent dehydration. I hope her leg is healing well.

And I hope you have a good day or three, Beth.

Love and zen hugs,

Kate J said...

I hope you do get to see MiB3 and that Linda is able to see it with you. I've heard it's pretty good. You deserve some fun time, if anyone does.
Love and peace

JaneB said...

I hope she enjoys her 'pamper race' - and that you get to enjoy her enjoyment properly.

Qov said...

I saw MiB3. It was competent but routine. They didn't fill every corner of the film with little wacky details like previous ones. For example there was very little in the way of an opening sequence, and no closing interest at all. They just ran the titles over a black screen. Plus Apollo 11 moon launch time travel insertion is not exactly the cutting edge of original. Still a fun time, though.