Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Despair wrapped in dreams (The Passager game: with prizes!)

As Treme says, ‘where would we go? And who would want us?’ . Season two of Treme by David Simon who wrote ‘The Wire’ focuses on ‘getting by’(and who writes that he knows it will do badly whenever it is shown, as he lives for DVD’s and downloads: “people didn’t find the Wire until 2 years after we finished broadcasting’). Often it is the hardest times that can help us find what is important in life, and what we want to hold onto.
But like those who sit in the ashes of their lives trying to keep it together for year after year, we are so, so weary of being afraid.

The problem is that while jobs are advertised, and Linda applies, then gets a day long ‘task’ to determine who goes from the Long List to the Short list. Short list has another task, this one takes up to a week, and determines if you get on the interview. Linda has had several of these to end up in the position of ‘if the person in our department doesn’t take it, you’re a good back up.’ But people aren’t like something you can stick in a freezer, and they will be there, ready to work for you months or years later (you can stick people in freezers, it is just very illegal, even if they are dead).

So a sudden job interview rises hopes only to find that they want a top level administrator for near minimum wage (about 60% of what a Beacon care worker makes) without any benefits. So if they offer the job, does Linda work at a job only a retiree or someone at home could afford, or get unemployment? Bad news disguised as good.

Sunday we went to Beacon Hill Park. We go each week; the previous week when we saw the Blue Heron fly before nesting in the trees.
This week we were looking for the rise of the ‘giant’ moon, but got the angle wrong somehow, but it gave me time to take some pictures and enjoy the sunset.
No matters what happens, we live in one of the most beautiful places I know. The town may keep destroying its own heritage, and killing the green walkways which allowed the owls, raccoons, cougars (There were five cougars in Victoria this January; click here for news report and footage), deer and other wildlife to roam, but beauty still shines.

As we set out to drive to the park, a Sandhill Crane, with wings looking larger than the bald eagle, flew right over the van, heading out to Cook Street Village.
It had a orange underbelly, showing that it was a juvenile youngster. While we were atop Beacon Hill in the Van, I saw the crane cross, wings beating and soar into James Bay.

Corinthians says that Love is greater than Hope and Faith, but right now, we could both use a lot of Hope and that belief in the unseen that things will turn out okay, that there will be work which can cover our rent, food and medicine plus can give Linda job satisfaction.

As for me, I’d like to be able to go back to the Y to exercise, but also, to not be so ill that I can’t blog regularly. But I am ill. And I accept that, though it wears on me.

Here is a song, the Passenger, which sums up where both Linda and I are right now, but also, a) watch the video and b) play the game of naming the films: I got about 40 and Linda got 28 – but then we used to watch old Cary Grant, Monroe, Hepburn and other classic films when I had the rare DVD store.

IF you honestly write down your score with your comments and we get 10 people to play, I will send a DVD to the highest and the lowest score (as the lowest needs to watch more films and the highest likely watches lots of films). So, two possible prizes, tell a friend to get the 10 people to play the game! And I hope you see a good sunset yourself (that was a hint for the first film shown: “I’m ready for my close up…”).


JaneB said...

Sunsets and wildlife are definitely good things to have around! Thank you for sharing, and here's hope on your behalf that Linda gets a decent job and you get the simple things like care workers who care and a better attitude from the Y... (maybe Linda could run VIHA and/or Beacon and sort them out THAT way??).

Neil said...

Jane: Linda would be able to run Beacon MUCH better than the current people, I'm sure. But the personal politics involved means that she'll probably never get a job with them. They probably also want an RN for the job.

Beth, m luv: I can honestly say I would give meself 4.5 for your movie score. There are three movies I can definitely name; one I'm not certain about; another that I recognize but I'm not sure of the name without my friend Google; and I recognize one actor (either Laurel or Hardy) but wouldn't have a clue about the movie title (I'd say 1/2 each for the two I'm not positive about, and no point for not recognizing the Laurel/Hardy movie).

If you two saw the so-called supermoon (a term made up by an astrologer), you did better than I' we could have filmed "Singing in the Rain" here that night. And the supermoon was significantly larger than most full moons, so you didn't miss anything.

Gorgeous photos (except neither of you were in any , which would only make them better), but I'm not sure seeing an ocean freighter in senstive waters counts as gorgeous.

As for your health, dear, I wish I could do something. It's so frustrating to sit watching a disaster and being unable to stop it. But all five of us here are sending positive energy and lots of love and prayers for no pain.

Linda, I understand (and kinda share) your frustration and disappointment, even though I don't have your level of education. Are you lookning outside of Victoria too?

Love and zen hugs to both of you,
Neil and family

Nancy said...

I think I got about ten, sadly! I recognized some of the actors (Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Fred and Ginger) but couldn't name the precise movie--so I didn't give myself credit for those. I liked the song and the idea of the film clips, though!

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Gorgeous photos, as always.

Wishing things were even a wee bit better for you both, as always.

Love, as always,

Lorna, Bob and Liam

Bonnie said...

I think...
The Great Escape
Singing in the Rain
The Alamo
Lawrence of Arabia
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Godfather.

Was Easter Parade or Now Voyager in there too?

Neil said...

Oops. Take my score down one, since I got the name of the Boagrt movie wrong. :( So, 3.5 for me. One might almost think I were illiterate, in the film world, but I just don't pay much attention to movies; books are so much better.

Love and zen hugs,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: I have always theorized that people are audio, visual or verbal based and tend to know things in that area. I, for example am pretty bad at music and band groups - always did terrible in that in pub quizes along with the current events.

Casablanca? So not Clint Eastwood, like Good Bad and Ugly or For a few Dollars More (remake of Kurosaka film)? Or Top Hat, Rifititi, Singing in the rain yes? Flying Leathernecks? I am guessing that growing up with late night films in the US helped me with some of those. But James Dean only did 3 movies and two of them are there. Oh well, I am a collector of images and information: connections.