Sunday, April 15, 2012

Linda's multiple breaks and Hospital Stay: the Update

Linda’s operation was for last night, but then they delayed it at the last minute. She will have it today sometime and then I hope she will be able to come home soon. I still can’t get over two ambulance buses not having a single splint between them for a break that is one of the most common.

She was on her haunches and fell back and sideways, twisting her leg and breaking it and one small bone in her ankle. I had been getting stuff for Linda in ER, and was trying to convince J., who Linda called to watch me to take it to her at 6:00 am or so. But between the dizzy and a seizure, I wasn't able to move from the floor. J. said they would go once 'you are okay.'

"'s, 'kay" I slurred giving them a thumbs up.


"Yup....I'm enjoying the carpet." I dragged the back of my hand over it, "mmmmmmm...."

My explaining of how we don't appreciate our carpet foot by foot enough, along with the molding, was interupted by my passing out. This did not convince J. of my good health, while attempts to explain how I was feeling it against my cheek with my nerve dead tongue were met with amused laughter. The fatigue and stress must have helped induce the seizure cycle which had her call the ambulance after two clonic/tonics and a mixed seizure. To me, this was only delaying the important things: getting water, her solitare game, earplugs and more to Linda. As I tried to convince her that this was a daily occurance, J. said she was glad that I had the poster up from the Society saying that if I have more than two or stop breathing for extended periods to call.

"Where's that poster?" I was looking around, to pull it down, but that made me dizzy and I fell flat on my face again.

Once I convinced the second crew of medics who followed up after the EMT's that all was as good as it was going to get, I was in the wheelchair, and Linda got her book, her water and phone, when she wakes between morphine naps.

Right now, I have a fever and am sort of hanging on, trying to get enough sleep to get better and not much use to anyone, even myself. Thankfully Cheryl is staying an extra night or I would not know how to get Linda home from the Hospital. Cheryl was able to change my patches, though we are constantly asking ‘Where is this?’ or ‘Where is that?’ and the answers is ‘only Linda knows.’

Everything seems so trivial before, but with life getting even harder, with both of us in pain the next month and a half, I don’t know how it is going to work. Linda won’t be able to even support my head, for when I get dizzy, and I won’t be able to support her – and she will need to lie on her back so that her leg is elevated….except that isn’t her usual style. Best to just take each day, each 10 minutes as they come. There is a scooter rental, and I would have had the funds, but used them to help Linda and to get some stuff at Sakura-con.

I’ll need to find her Teva sandals for her walking about. Times like these when friends and family matter the most. Getting or returning books for Linda to read or films to watch from the Library will be difficult, but just one of what I expect will be a long list of things we will find difficult to almost impossible. We are hoping Rehab is paid for by the hospital, else we can’t afford it and Linda needs it, as this is the same break which stopped her mom from hiking or walking far ever again.

Once I know when the operation will occur and when she will come home, I will let you know.


Lene Andersen said...

holy crap! I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending both of you lots of hugs. Card to Linda will go in the mail later today.

Neil said...

J. is a wonderful person. Hug her for us!

Definitely get rehab for the leg; we do NOT want Linda incapacitated so young.

I have some Shoppers points if Linda can use them. I think I might still have the information to donate them to her.

More love and extra zen hugs,

JaneB said...

Thinking of you both, if that's any comfort! Lots of virtual hugs to you all, J included

Raccoon said...

Uhm… It never rains but it pours?

I will see what I can do.

Congratulations on using Indy at Sakura Con, by the way.

If Linda is the only one who knows what medication/patches are where, and what they are supposed to be used for, you might want to correct that oversight.

Cheryl, thanks for staying the extra day…

Linda McClung said...

Thanks to everyone for your concern. Beth was a real trouper while I was in hospital and her health has taken a beating because of it. She's going to need lots of rest of food to help her body recover.

I had the surgery early Sunday afternoon and was able to come home today. J was able to pick up crutches and a walker for me from Red Cross and also collect me from the hospital and bring me home.

It is good to be home again where I have access to the internet and can see for myself how Beth is doing, and be able to direct her workers on her behalf. I suspect it will let me feel like I have a bit of control over my life.

In hospital I did a lot of sleeping. Even though I was in the brand new building, they still didn't have air conditioning. My room had windows but as I was sharing it with an 85 year old lady who was closer to the window and felt the cold, I ended up being really hot my whole stay.

This morning one of the nurses showed me how I could sleep on my side which made sleeping so much more comfortable. My lower back was starting to hurt from being on my back constantly.

So, as Beth says, we'll be taking things 10 minutes at a time and get through it all.

We were fortunate that we were away for a week in Seattle this month as we now have an extra 40 hours of careworker time to use before the end of April.

We'll keep you posted.

Neil said...

Welcome home, Linda! I hope you're not in too much pain/dsicomfort, and can get up and around a little bit.

Beth, be good to Linda, and hug her for me, please.

RAccoon: I was going to use that line, and decided not to. Somehow it sounds better coming from you. :)

Love and zen hugs,

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth & Linda,
I'm so sorry that Linda has been injured. I hope your recovery goes well and swiftly. Poor dears! You must be so worried about each other & wanting to take care of one another. dennis & I had a hard time dealing with everything when I had the ruptured Achilles tendon - that was a few years back, when I first started reading Beth's blog. She really helped me get through that time.

I'm glad you have extra hours of workers and that Linda can keep an eye on them. I hope Beth can rest and regain some strength & recover from the seizures.

I've left several messages over the last couple of weeks that didn't go though. I'm going to send this one, but I'll send a private e-mail too.