Saturday, April 14, 2012

Linda Hospitalized: BAD NEWS

Linda and I were sorting stamps to go to a Stamp Faire on Saturday when Linda, on her haunches, fell backwards and sideways.

I called 911 and got her a pain pill. She is in the hospital as her tibia was broken in two places and the second bone broken in one. She has already had one operation and is waiting for another.

Her driving leg is the one that broke. Though she has worked a year, it is still a temp position and she gets no sick days, no time off and finds out next week how long she will have the job. We talked about the stress of that yesterday, but trying to figure out how to do all she does with a cast….

I put $25 in her pocket before the EMT’s came, so if it wasn’t major, she would have a way to get home. The EMT’s scoffed when she was telling them that she had more bone than she should, and it was sticking out in the skin.

I was organizing a package for her, of cookies, water bottle, and keys to get in, when I had a series of seizures. The person Linda had called to come help me called 911, and it took 45 minutes to be able to talk enough to convince the EMT/Medics to leave. That’s when Linda called with the news. We organized what she needed, so far, and hope that she will be discharged today or early tomorrow.

Elizabeth: “But how are you going to move around?”

Linda: “I guess I’ll use the indoor wheelchair.”

Elizabeth: “If the cast is firm you can use the walker.”

Linda: “Well, we are at least medically prepared.”

As it is, neither of us know how we will get back to a 'routine' or what to do, or even what can be done. Darn it.

It would be really nice to have a GOOD surprise in our life.

UPDATE: Linda's leg is set but they need to operate on her ankle, so she is coming home, then going back Sun/Mon for an operation on some small bones in her ankle. It is her driving foot so she NEEDS to get to work but can't drive. The things she could use right now are:

Anyone who can do errands in Victoria
A scooter or power chair which can get her to work for six weeks (fairly close by, just out of range of INDY).
An indoor manual chair for six weeks
Funds to cover her sick days and
Sympathy Cards or Post to:

Linda McClung
#305 - 715 Vancouver Street
Victoria, BC
V8V 3V2

The challenge for her is not just work but doing the shopping and all the little errands but without a vehicle and without being able to bear weight at all on her leg. Sadly, that takes out bus transit unless we can find a wheelchair, and while Linda can lift, she can't carry at all. But for now, we are going to have a 'Off to have screws and metal plates' party for Linda with Pizza and a movie.

Not only did the EMT's not bring up a rig, or take Linda down in the elevator with her back up, like I have gone many times, but called the fire department and were talking about carrying her down four flights of stairs when she pointed out my manual chair. That worked fine and they brought it back. The chair is a bit small for regular use. But after getting her down in borrowed medical equipment, they didn't have any splints either, so Linda took a pillow off HER bed and they wrapped that around her leg. The hospital didn't have a portable X-ray machine, so she is still waiting for the second X-ray on her leg. It may sound like 1970's or 80's....because I think that is what it is patterned on. But on the bright side, in the UK, a woman I know was waiting nine years for a hip operation, Linda only needs to wait 2-3 days for an ankle one. But you see why she needs some cards please, to the address above.


wendryn said...

Oh, I'm really, really sorry to hear that. Haven't you had enough bad things happen? I hope the surgeries go well and that she heals fast!

Kate J said...

That's terrible news, Beth. Poor Linda! And poor you too, as it's surely going to be really hard for you both. I do hope you can get the help you need locally. And please post if there's ways that your friends far away can help at all, apart from making supportive noises and sending the odd card, I mean.
Love and peace to you both.

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Oh, lordy. That just sucks all round.

Problem-solving mode: are there any grocery stores that do deliveries for free or a small fee? I know one of our Thrifty's Foods here in Nanaimo does; perhaps one of the locations near you does as well. Same deal with pharmacies...

Does Linda have any coworkers who might be willing to drive her one way or both, even on some days? Can she post a notice in your apartment block somewhere seeking a ride for a few weeks?

If I can think of anything else, I'll come back and post. In the meantime, sending healing thoughts to both of you. Thank gosh it's spring and you're not contending with snow or ice, at least. Small blessings...


Lorna, Bob and Liam

JaneB said...

Oh Elizabeth, what a nightmare! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...

Tina Russell said...

I’m so sorry, Beth! Best wishes to you and Linda during this horrible time.

Anonymous said...

An update from Cheryl...

I am with Beth now. Linda's break requires surgery and a plate so it is going to be a longer recovery. Surgery is scheduled for this evening.

I do have to return to the states on Monday to sort some work things out but will be coming back over for a week to help out. Happily there are extra care hours available so we will also try to get extra workers in from Beacon.

We will try to keep everyone posted. This is going to be very hard for Beth and Linda at a time when they don't need more hard in their lives.

Baba Yaga said...

Oh, *no*. As well as just painful (!), that must be frightening for the both of you. One more thing added to all the others...

I've cursed often enough that teleportation doesn't work, to make a bit of practical help viable. Doubly so this time.

I second Lorna's suggestion of grocery deliveries: they can be an absolute godsend. The unpacking might be interesting, with neither of you fully mobile, but still...

I've heard rumours of grocery deliveries through amazon: are they accurate?

Best 'swift mending' wishes to Linda. You're really overdue a break of the *good* sort, not this!

& Cheryl, you're a star. Thank goodness the McClung household has such a friend as you.

Olivia said...

Oh no, how awful! Hope Linda's surgery and recovery goes smoothly.

Neil said...

Oh, smeg. Your life wasn't surreal enough, was it?

And EMS doesn't carry splints? Oh, come on: even *I* have a SAM splint in my first aid kit! Are they really that oncompetent in Victoria, or do you two just have the worst luck in the world?

Would Linda qualify for VIHA assistance? A little temporary homecare, maybe? Even for one week?? Probably not...

I hate to be a nuisance, but has Linda had herself checked over by a doctor lately? Unless there were some strange twists and stresses when she went over, it sounds like she might need to look out for osteoporosis.

Linda: WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!! Hury and heal fast, dear!

Love and zen hugs,