Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April 4th: Happy Transgender Children's Day!

Happy April 4! Japan's girls' day is march 3rd, or 3/3 so on 4/4 is Japan’s day for celebrating Transgender children. So I recommend reading your copy of Wandering Son (a hardcover manga series about two MTF and FTM children who become friends, and explore identity and going out public together) today

There are a host of good series including Click Volume 1 , Afterschool Nightmare, My Boyfriend is a Vampire, Your and My Secret, Vampire Game, Saver (FTM) and a host of those tales in manga where our hero’s and heroines know they are not the gender determined at birth, or do not want to present as that.

A day for joy of our transgender children. Those fragile ones who, lets face it, have to fight most of their life just to say ‘I am.’, ‘I exist’, ‘Let me be!’ And who are often bullied, harassed, and in north america commit suicide in alarming percentages.

Canada doesn’t currently have a transgender inclusive Girl Scouts, and several Girl Scout groups pulled out of the organization when it became known they had a transgender inclusive stated ruling. There was even a sad attempt by Girl Scouts to boycott selling and discourage buying of Girl Scout Cookies because SOMEWHERE in the USA a few transgender children were participating as Girl Scouts. I’m not sure that ‘Lead toward intolerance!’ was the best example of the principals of Girl Scouts for those Scouts who started, organized and promoted intolerance with this action. Blah! So let’s celebrate those who are who they are, and be proud of our child, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, friend!
We are off to Sakura-con, only it seems we had a mix up and have no where to stay the night before Sakura-Con (oops), which is a problem, but we ARE packed and have INDY in the van and a few hours sleep. Sakura-con welcomes gender bending cosplay or just gender play.

Like last year, the stall Man in a Dress is in a section for buying wigs, accessories and women’s clothes sized and cut for men.
One of the three bands is the hit Moi Dix Mois with Mana, whose vision of the vocals is “I wanted to paint the world of gothic horror, which is my favorite world view”. This is a visual-kei band, which is how Japan interpreted bands like Kiss, just with corsets, and lots of gender crossplay. Mana also has a design in each issue of Japan’s Gothic and Lolita bible. We have MANY batteries and camera’s are at the ready – with a flex tripod for the arm of indy, so my hands don’t shake.

There are steampunk stalls, lots of online comics from Devil’s Panties, Girl Genius and Airship entertainment as well as furry stalls and lots of furry cosplay too.
Sakura-con allows everyone from kids to grandparents to be anything they can imagine themselves to be, including outfits for all of us I think (??? Wait for postings to find out what!) – if we can find someplace to stay.

We're off! Have a happy Transgender Children day


Elizabeth McClung said...

April 4th celebrates transgendered children in Japan, so Cheers for transgendered kids!

Neil said...

Cheers indeed. Hurrah for those with the courage to show their true selves!

Love and zen hugs,

Neil said...

I hope you're travelling, and enjoying the trip. I'm thinking of you OFTEN, and wishing you pain-free nights and happy days.

And squirrels. Lots of squirrels!

Love and zen hugs,

wendryn said...

Have a wonderful time!