Monday, March 26, 2012

Waves, Pebbles and Driftwood

I had a lovely even' on the beach. But first, letting you know I am selling a few dozen recent DVD sets on ebay to raise some funds for Sakura-con (they mostly Region 2 so you would need to have a multiregion player or use software on your computer - but some like True Blood are region 1). Yeah, Sakura-con is in two weeks…what a slacker, eh? I am adding four to five more sets a day for the next couple days so I can send them out before Easter weekend. I get region 2 for variety but also better resolution, as it is PAL which on a 1080p HD comes through with clarity, unlike US region 1, which counts for the three DVD frozen planet documentary series with David Attenborough, super!

Selling them at 25-50% less, there is a broad choice: Whitechapel is a surprise success with detective and murder historian joining forces to understand murderers who are replicating historical murders (Kray, Ripper and more) today in order to catch them. Fades is a sort of Horror Goonies from the creator of Dr. Who, and freaky but interesting. Some rare films as well as Sherlock second series (‘Scandal in Belgravia’ is probably the best Sherlock on screen I have seen, with her as a female dominatrix to Royalty and Sherlock with Watson as the modern misunderstood not-quite gay couple), Garrow's Law 3, Misfits, Sons of Anarchy Season 1 (when it shadowed Hamlet the closest), Silent Army and more. Check them all out here (along with daily updates, priced low for buy now so they can be sent with speed).

Friday evening Linda kindly took me out to the ocean. It was one of those sunny days I had been missing and as you can see, the colors were vivid, the water and weather calm.

I love the coves of BC, full of the logs broken free from 180 odd years of lumber booms before being permanent homes on the shore.

Down on the beach, looking out at the spit, and behind it one of the now unmanned lighthouses. I don’t get to get on the beach often (like, not for several years) so I took a FEW pictures. I’ll do a proper description Wednesday, but wanted to let those not able to visit the sea to enjoy what I did (And what kept me asleep for 12 hours with exhaustion afterward).

I love the colours of the pebbles on the beach, the reds and greens that seem to fade when taken off the shore, as well as the deep, dark black stones which have an eye catching luster.

I love how as the wave is about to break it creates a magnifying glass of the stones, sea life, kelp, and sea floor behind and below. In California where the waves are larger, what often when through my mind was ‘oh cool…..WHAM’ as I entered the ‘tumble dry’ of Laguna, Venice or other beaches.

Along with logs, odd branches and plants end up washed up on the beach, like this one. The west coast beaches are a repository of everything from glass floats from Japanese fishing nets to sneakers from containers that fell off frieghters.


Kita said...

beautiful pictures, Beth. i'm so glad you were able to get out and about! <3

Neil said...

There, you DID get an evening with Linda. I hope you didn't have to pay too much for it.

I've lost my morning watching "The Woman" online. Thanks for mentioning it, though the video seems to be sold already. That's a great version of Sherlock Holmes. :)

And, as Kita said, you take lovely photos. I hope the stuff rolling up on the beach isn't from the eathquake/tsnami last year.

Love and zen hugs,

Linda McClung said...

I had a great time with you at the beach this weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we hit golden hour which lends to extra beautiful photos.

I am so glad you were able to get out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. It was the perfect temperature - warm enough to not be cold but not hot enough for you to overheat.

It was so peaceful sitting on one of the logs and listening to the waves lap onto the shore. It's amazing how only a few blocks away was downtown Victoria and we couldn't hear any of it.

You really got a workout getting to the beach. I think your body needed the extra sleep to recover.

Neil: I heard on the radio last week that we should be expecting the tsunami debris later this year.

l said...

God, I never cease to be amazed by the photos you and Linda take. We see the same things, but your photos always seem to capture something extra.

So glad you had a good moment amongst the struggles. The sun, ocean, beach... yes, all worth it.

Love as always...

Lorna, Bob and Liam

JaneB said...

I love beaches! Glad you were able to get to one - and with Linda too

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: I posted Sherlock Scandal in Belgravia (the dominatrix to the Royal family versus Sherlock - plus 2 other of the series 2), Garrows law 3 and some of the other new titles today - will do 4-6 a day for the next 2-3 days.

Kita, Jane, Lorna - Thanks for the compliments and it was fun to be out, even if I paid later. I had to chose amount the few (200+) pictures I took, lucky it was a perfect day with perfect weather and sun.

cheryl g said...

Iam very glad you got to the beach on such a lovely day.

I really love your pictures. My favorites are the close up showing the colors of the rocks and the one with the wave about to break and magnifying the sea floor.

That last picture of the arbutus driftwood piece is also really nice.

buddy2blogger said...

BBC Sherlock is a classic. I am waiting for the second season to air in the US in May :(