Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blue Heron, Peacock and Sakura blossoms 2012

Friday was the ‘lost’ day, and Saturday I had so many seizures I lost arm, hand, trunk, neck, and head usage. The worker had to feed a spoon at a time, and chewing was hard going. I had recovered somewhat and determined that if there was sun, ‘even a little bit’ that we would head out to take pictures of Sakura, the opening cherry blossoms.

Saturday night we played a game where each person guesses for points the answer to questions from drawn cards like ‘What career other than the current one would they most desire’ (Linda’s surprise is still wanting to run a stationary shop….or be an independent manager with teaching….but still ordering stationary), ‘What is the favorite colour’, ‘Leader or Follower?’ and ‘When do they refill the gas/petrol tank: a) half full, b) quarter full, c) when it is close to E for EMPTY’: I said, “Linda would have the indicator BELOW empty, with the emergency light blinking and still say, “Don’t worry, I’m sure I can get to work and then for groceries.”

We went to drop Cheryl off for the Ferry, and I asked Linda to stop here and there to take pictures of the cherry trees. I suggested we go to Beacon Hill Park and see the Cherry tree there, and she said okay, but needed to stop first.

What for?

“Some more gas, and before you ask, YES, it is BELOW the E and the light has been blinking a while.”

As a ‘fill it once it gets to half’ person, I’ve learned that many things can be changed, but some things can’t. I remember when I was first serious about Linda I really wanted to see her room. When she showed me I sighed and said, “Oh good, you’re messy too!”

She did not look complimented.

“Ah, but if we were to move in together,” I told her, “having one neat nut and one um..not so neat would be trouble.” She nodded her head at this logic, “Besides,” I added, “living with someone like my mother would be hell.”

“True!” Linda had already been over to our ‘perfect’ house which I had to vacuumed, with all the furniture moved, once a week, not a book or post-it note in sight, everything in its place and even a display of magazines (‘for guests to read NOT you’). My mother immediately apologized several times for ‘the place being a total mess.’ And did so every time anyone came to visit.

We wouldn't mind cleaning up some more; but we are not at each other over not using a coaster.

At Beacon Hill park we wheeled down to where I had seen the eagle. I spotted some squirrels, so I think the eagle was away (so doth the prey play). But a Blue Heron had landed by the lower bridge, and it let Linda and I come very, very close before it finally decided to take off, legs trailing, then banked left and flew away.

We wheeled down, toward the parking lot, where I had seen a male peacock jump and climb up into a tree in order to display his plumage all the better (spring is coming after all). We wheeled on, past a theatre or troupe taking photos in costumes, with the old style tripod stilt cameras to the large cedar tree at the corner. It was free of children climbing over it, so I suggested that Linda do so, and I would take her picture (wheeling over roots is no joke).

From there it was home to watch more of the BBC Earth Documentary series on the Arctic and Antarctic. Sunshine, Herons, cherry blossoms plus a peacock and Linda both preening up in a tree; not a bad afternoon.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely day)
you guys deserve many more


Linda McClung said...

I am really glad we had a good day together. Too bad we didn't have the peanuts for the squirrels - they appeared very playful and friendly.

It was very cool to see the heron. I was surprised by how still he stood for so long.

You got a great photo of that peacock in the tree. The sun was poking out of the clouds at just the right time. You caught the peacocks colours so well.

I have really enjoyed watching the Frozen Planet with you. I am amazed by how little we know about the poles and also by how much hardship the photographers had to deal with when filming the documentary. And they had it easy compared to the early explorers.

SharonMV said...

linda sitting in the tree outshone the peacock. Lovely pictures of the blue heron. Cherry blossoms beautiful as usual. So glad you got out & also had good shows to watch & a fun game.

I was always an almost on empty when it came to filling the gas tank.

Love, Sharon

cheryl g said...

It was fun playing the card game. It was enjoyable reaffirming what we know about each other and learning new things too. I am also glad there was sunshine Sunday and you were able to get out and take pictures after dropping me off at the ferry.

Those are great shots of the Blue Heron. You got really close. That is a big wingspan. The picture of Linda in the tree is great too. It sounds like a lovely time. I am glad you got out to see blossoms before the big wind storm. I’m also glad there were areas where the trees haven’t bloomed yet so the wind storm couldn’t strip them of flowers.

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Oh, the pictures are lovely. Especially since I'm looking out my window at... snow? On the island?

Oh, well.

Sounds like a very, very good day. Yay for good days. Hey, yay for good hours and minutes!

Sending hugs,

Lorna, Bob and Liam

JaneB said...

Sounds like a great afternoon - sending good wishes for many more of them and less of the hard stuff...

Neil said...

Gorgeous photos, both of you. Lovely plumage, Linda!

I didn't know peacocks would fly into trees. Mind you, there aren't a lot of peacocks available on the Prairies for study purposes.

It does indeed look like a great day for you both.

Love and zen hugs,