Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rock On!: Anarchy comes in unusual forms

Canadian anarchy, like that of George Woodcock, is not about destruction but about eliminating the entrenchment and abuse of power. In this absence, it is hoped, a better world will be founded.

Rock on this vid, after exercise, I used this to try to block the pain (well that and a pill about 130 times more powerful than morphine with significant street value). The video is based in Hawaii, Japan, and around the Northwest, with a Japanese theme. There is the anarchy of joy, of cats (nature's anarchists), of exuberance, (yes that is a monk standing in Japan), of smiling when no one expects it. I loaded the video so you can do HD, and full screen if you want.

This is Oysterband, a folk group I went down from Battleford Sk. (about iceland parallel) to Saskatoon in order to get their first CD. It had Leon Rosselson’s re-version (including some of the original 1640’s lyrics) of the Digger’s song. Leon is an anarchist as well and allowed use of his music and lyrics publishing on the anarchist label ‘FUSE!’, I follow his example here which is why photo’s and text are and can be used with minimal credit.

Regarding my post on choice and defiance, I honestly wish I could lead the kind of life which makes the true difference, spending 10 or 15 years working in the back, silently making changes. Linda and I used to do ‘Hard/Soft’ advocacy, where I would come in, and demand change, point out illegal actions, breaches of human rights and then Linda would come in with mild and moderate suggestions. They always ended up flocking to Linda to avoid what I called ‘The Mirror’. The problem is that bullies always pick someone, and if I don’t stay ‘No, not here’ or just ‘No.’ then someone else gets hurt. I welcome the idea of people acting on their convictions regardless of consequence, and still hope that if they see it, if they know it can be done, they will.

The worker who came was not physically able to carry any items (or even perhaps walk to the Y), so Linda came tonight. She said she saw the readings and tried to do the level of intensity in the workout. After, she told me that she could not, and that it was hard to believe that this is what I do, and harder, week after week. She helped me a lot when I was going into seizures and hallucinating while trying to sleep. ‘We do what is front of us.’ I guess I, as one teacher put it, ‘Hoe till the end of the row.’


Linda McClung said...

Great job on putting together the video. I really liked it. How many hours did that take? I am impressed that you were able to do it after exercising, especially after the endorphins wore off. Pain seems to be a constant companion to you, just more in your face sometimes than others. No matter how bad, you push yourself through it.

I enjoyed seeing photos of memories past and also the selection of art. The timing of the girl with guitar while the music had a guitar solo was impeccable;)

cheryl g said...

I have one Oysterband CD and I really like them. I will be at the library tomorrow so I'll be able to see the video there.

My mom would say that you don't do anything in half measures and she would be right.

Anonymous said...

am reading your blog with one of nature's anarchists on my lap, really enjoying the photo's and listening to Oysterband, what a good recommendation thankyou will have to check out more of their stuff. Sending love.
Nicci xx

Elizabeth McClung said...

The pain is a distraction, and despite the body, I am still the same brain, same intellect, same whimsy. That is the best of Oysterband but here is a lot of Leon Rosselson worth listening to.

Linda: I can't give in to pain, since that won't kill me, so I have no choice. Still makes going exercising hard, harder than usual. It took a couple hours, I had planned the song ahead, and with your help got it out of storage.

Cheryl: Er..Yup. There is so much to do, to see, that I can't afford to do it half measure. At least not in my opinion. Hanging off the edge of a rock to take a shot - my mother destroyed the picture of me on a rock shooting the River below, after a 6 hour mule trip in order to get a straight 2000 foot drop. I liked the picture, just this rock with nothing on it, me on the edge and nothing underneath. Life seems like that, we just tend to want to believe otherwise.

Nicci: It is okay, I am going to do the next with a Lost and Profound song (another Canadian folk group that is rather obscure, along with Holly McNarland). Old hymnology, modernist and folk music - that's all I used to buy (or what I called, 'music to OCD by' Thanks, hope your day was good.

Kathz said...

I'm a great fan of Leon Rosselson, ever since hearing him live - just the once - about twenty years ago. He's still writing songs and there are a couple of recent ones which he's uploaded onto youtube.

PinkPhoenix said...

Great video and a great band recomendation. Anymore you can give us? :)

PinkPhoenix said...

How does one do a video like this anyways?

Tina Russell said...

Heee! That was a fun video. I especially liked the pictures of you and Linda with cats; clearly, you two are kitties at heart. I also loved the sexy anime girls and the other art, of course.

Neil said...

GORGEOUS photos! In the animal shelter, you look so much like the cat in your lap. Great photos of both of you. And the music was grand; I quite like Oysterband myself.

Sorry I've been absent too much recently; life has been Eventful. I think of you hourly, if not more often, and I have your Gotta Fly wristband on my backpack strap to remind me of you.

Love and zen hugs,