Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teacher stuffs autistic child in duffel bag, repeatedly.

This is one of those, YOU CAN HELP, quick posts.

Yes, in Mercer County, KY, Chris Baker, a nine year old with autism has his teacher stuffing him into a duffel bag, sealing the top and then putting it in the hall for unknown periods of time. The staff claims it is ‘therapy’ but can’t say what the ‘therapy’ is or what the outcome is supposed to be (kind of like how putting weaker students heads into toilets is ‘therapy?’). Worse, it had been going on for some time, and the parent had never been notified. She only found out when she found a bag in the hall with her son’s voice coming out of it. The school won’t commit to ending the practice. What is worse, the ‘aide’ to assist Chris with his Autism is the one who seems primarily responsible. More at the Guardian online here.

“…she was told that Christopher had had a ball and, when instructed to put it down, had thrown it across the room.

"He did not hurt anyone or himself. I asked, 'Why did you put him in a bag?' She told me it was for therapy. The special education director told me that it had been used for other children."

Besides the whole WTF of the school defending this, the way the putting a nine year old child in the hallway inside a tied bag is somehow good is because it is ‘therapeutic for autism’. The old bait and switch of ‘we know what is best for (insert condition)’ when horrific practices are found. So, other kids aren’t put in the bag, just him and other kids with autism? How lucky for them! (sarcasm alert) While technically not tied into a knot, when the mother demanded her child be removed, the teacher could not open the bag without a considerable delay and loosening of it.

The petition is HERE. And other cases of abuse to children with autism are noted HERE.

Click and hopefully change the world for the better.

UPDATE: due to an update and more information, the bag used was from Abilitations called BagOBalls. It is supposed to have 500-1000 balls to create a safe and open stimming environment. That's probably why is isn't called: "BagOChild". The whole kit costs $299 and requires training. What they used was the bag, which costs $49, the person had no training and without the balls the bag is....just another drawstring bag. A strong bag, which happens to be large enough to put a child into. They acted against the maker's instructions, closed and tighten the drawstring on the child, then left them isolated without even medical safeguard supervision.


Anonymous said...

thank you for getting the word out on this,, I posted it to my facebook and a BBS I frequent maybe youll get some signatures

Elizabeth McClung said...


Tina Russell said...

Wow, that so gross! It must take so much cognitive dissonance and general fucked-up-edness to take a ball-pit bag and turn it into a “tie up the kid and leave him in the hallway” bag. And then, to claim that it’s therapy... wow, that takes, well, balls, plus a stunning lack of morals. Ecccch.

Neil said...

Lawsuit? Human rights case? That's flat-out assault and something to do with unlawful confinement. Do keep in mind, though, that it's in a country where waterboarding isn't torture.

I don't need CNN of Fox News; the stuff you find is real, and even more disgusting than the shi- er, garbage those networks make up.

Love and zen hugs, dear, while I go back and hit the petition links,

Neil said...

Petition signed. And I've gone from disbelief through speechless and on past furious.

The mother wants the teacher fired. How about jail time for the aide, the teacher, the principal, and the head of the local school district? THEN offer some training to the remainder of the staff.

Thank you for posting that story, Beth.

Raccoon said...

I saw this, but hadn't seen the petition.

Some things I just don't understand…

Sailor Star Dust said...

Completely fucking sick. I was a special education student growing up--it's horrifying to think of ANYBODY suffering this way, especially children who can't properly speak up for themselves. The school employees need to be thrown in jail and the poor boy transferred, that's just absolutely disgusting.

Signing the petition right now.

Linda McClung said...

I just signed and they now have 157,000 signatures. Hopefully the school board will make some changes.

The abuse that poor kid has suffered will haunt him for a long, long time.

Sigh, why do people do things like that?

Lydia said...

Thank you for posting the link to the petition and blogging about Chris's case. I'm sorry I hadn't come across your post until just now. I'm the person who wrote the petition, and I've tried to aggregate links to every place where it's been written about, but that's been exceedingly hard.

Blessings and peace,