Saturday, December 17, 2011

Library sale, Tracy Chapman, 'Danger Girl' and Prohibition

I was off to the library, alone! The library was having a sale on DVD’s and CD’s and Linda had gone the night before to find out when, since it takes about 2 hours to get totally ready to leave, sometimes three hours. Linda had to drop off the van for putting on the tires and a tune up (huzzah, no skidding fireball while driving the mountain roads here for us!). I happen to wake at 6:30: after going to bed Wednesday.

My body had stopped, functions had stopped, and so I needed to eat in order to have the energy to do things like pee, breath consistantly, etc. Linda had dropped in at closing the night before to ask when they would have the sale as it was sort of word of mouth, we had heard about it on Tues. They said the start time for the sale was 10:00 but would start a ‘little earlier.’ They opened at 9:00 am. I got ready, and left at 9:36 and arrived 9:47 to find all the tables set up and everyone already buying. Turns out they started when the opened the door. No PS3, Xbox, or other games were left, but lots of CD’s and a couple DVD’s. After looking for an hour, I asked and they looked in the four boxes and no other DVD’s were coming out. So I checked the CD's closely.

I was hoping to get some doubles of the new DVD titles, or sets of DVD’s. I asked the staff and there wasn’t much in DVD’s to sell (so I didn't miss too much...those which 'got away'), mostly it was CD’s which had been donated or were not for use. Several were Canadian artists, like Enya, which must have been donated. There seemed to be some collections, as I found sections where there were hundreds of brand new CD’s, not processed through the library in themes. For example, I got almost the complete works of Tracy Chapman.

Tracy Chapman, beyond her husky voice will always be sexual to me. This is because my first summer of late teen when trusted to be on my own, I biked 500 miles of BC, then stayed with ‘Danger Girl’ (A girl I was crushing on who liked doing dangerous things – a middle sister, the next middle sister I knew did drove demo derbies for fun to give an example). So, while parents were away, we hung inside, her head on my stomach, or sprawled on each other, the music up. Then going swimming in the outside pool, where there was some make-out intertwining due to her ‘ex’. Several times she ‘felt’ that an ‘ex’ (which I never met, or saw) was watching her so she wanted me to make out with her to make him mad. Needless to say, with hormones awash, I was someone between thanking God for this fantasy coming true and outing myself. It was like she could read my mind. Now, I think, being a worldly wise girl who went clubbing every night (and dragged me along to meet dubious people with odd sweat or who were just scary. She was a total attention junkie (including from Biker Gang guys who had one eye if they gave her attention and some blow) and knew my interest as she used to dance with me if she wasn’t getting enough attention. And she would only dance up on the stands, not the floor, the raised platforms, then drop me as soon as a guy with money or more came along. I was hooked on her as having her use my body to get back at guys was FINE WITH ME! I was just worried her father of many guns was going to find out about this (God, he trusted us so much he took me along with her while he went ‘hunting’, as one daughter loved killing, and so we just snuck off and had, um…adventures, instead).

So Tracy Chapman.

I also picked up some original comedy from this early Bob Newhart to Steve Wright, all Brand New. Even though the library was hot, I stayed and looked for early gospel, folk and found this out of print CD on music of Prohibition (off of a VHS series from A&E). I used the library computers to make sure there weren’t any duds, those I put back, or ones that were used. I ended up with a couple signed copies of CD’s, no one as famous as Jewel but fairly famous. I like the Prohibition CD, as the artists are taken from top quality gramaphone recordings (I also got a 2 disc new CD collection of Fats Domino). Who can’t love a collection about our obsession with booze and music with not just Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway but Don Redman, Chick Webb and his Orchestra, Bert Williams, Bennie Moten, State Street Swingers and the Mississippi Sheiks among others. Some of the songs aren’t on Youtube, so thanks to the Library of Congress for allowing use of photos, I got some stills and made a video for 'Charleston by the California Ramblers' (on Music of Prohibition).

I am trying to figure out a way to get these to the right homes. Some sites have contests, where people win stuff, and I might end up doing that with some stuff but I think if people want something like Bob Newhart or Steve Wright or other CD’s I will be displaying, why not just tell me and I will send it to you. And you can get a copy from my wishlist of Whistle for about 5 cents with shipping from Amazon in exchange. That way we both get something we like? It is just I am not into accumulating things but I also hate to pass up a sale. And after three hours searching and then trying to get out before they called 911 was hard going. I was so wiped three different people pushed me home, just strangers who saw how I looked. Luckily I was only a few blocks away.

I think I am going to listen to some more Tracy Chapman, it is a very um, full body experience.


JaneB said...

Mmmm, I love Tracy Chapman too even without any interesting memories to go along with it (solo listening - she wasn't 'cool' at my school but I loved that husky voice, those stories of a different sort of world...).

Hoping you've found another ledge to rest on during the long slide, and manage a few more conversations and experiences.

Kate J said...

Tracey Chapman... Fantastic stuff! Glad you found yourself some real gems (and with such hot memories too!) and managed to get out to the library sale. Hope Linda gets the van fixed OK and you're able to take some trips, even short ones, and get out of the city.
Love & peace

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Bob Newhart. Best comedian ever, especially his one-sided phone calls.

Oddly, I just played my son Liam some old Bill Cosby stuff today. Anyone reading this: google Bill Cosby and "Noah." Listen. You'll be glad you did.

Glad you made it out to the library today and scored some good stuff. Good moments, that's what you're hanging in there for, good moments...

Love ya.

Lorna, Bob and Liam

Lene Andersen said...

ooooh! Music of the Prohibition! What a find!

I once saw Tracy Chapman in concert - she opened for Sting and was excellent. For me, though, Sting is more of a... um... full body experience. ;)

Linda McClung said...

I was really relieved when you got back home and called me. You found some great CDs. I am looking forward to listening to some of them.

I enjoyed your video - my favourite historical picture is of the women with signs saying that they their lips won't touch any lips that have touched liquor.

I am also glad you put in the photo of our drinks at the historical Hotel Kanaya in Niko, our first night in Japan in 2008. I have lots of good memories from that trip.

Now that the car has newer tires and a tune up I am looking forward on taking some road trips with you - even if they are just short ones.

GirlWithTheCane said...

Really glad that you had a good day. :)

Baba Yaga said...

Well, congratulations on your haul. It can be fun to hunt out just the right things.

And three strangers pushing? Is that Christmas guilt, or milk of human kindness? I hope more the latter, even if sometimes a little guilt is needed to unstop the ducts.