Friday, December 30, 2011

Isolated, but a community. Plus some blog awards and a naked New Year.

Happy New Year. I’m not sure who put the new year in the middle of winter and then told us to try and be happy about that, which is why I like the Japanese custom of timing the start of the year by when the Sakura Blossoms appear. Drinking under fresh cherry tree blossoms with friends OR join the polar club where people chop holes in the ice to go swimming on New Years? I know the type of New Year I would want.

Looking back it has been a hard year, but with the friends I have meet online, as well as individuals locally, I made it to the end of the year. It seems my doctor is mystified that I stay alive: he isn’t putting in a port for an IV for the increasing lapses into light coma, or dealing with any other symptoms but is irritated a bit that I am not dying the way people with cancer usually die. While I don’t HAVE cancer, it seems medically the BC Victoria units are set up for a) Old Age and b) Cancer. That’s it. Hopefully that can change.

This blog is in the Canadian Finals for two catagories, Health and LGBTQI (GLBT as they list it). You can go HERE and make one vote per section. While the dyslexia isn’t always countered and the topics are a bit less diverse, I have tried to keep the blog more than just a ‘oh woe!’ site. I hope that between film and book recommendations, topics are raised which are the ‘taboo’ of health, and other vulnerable minorities. I hope that going out, capturing the experience in word and pictures will continue. So if you choose the Health or GLBT section and vote, I would appreciate it. Voting closes Jan 20th. Oh, and Steampunk Scholar made the finals under culture, go steampunk!

I was notified that Screw Bronze was nominated for a Health Activist Award under category, Best Kept Secret. There isn’t any voting, but if you want to be a jury member for various health blogs, apply HERE. Thank you whomever nominated it.

Okay, all that boring out of the way. One of the gifts was a book of Sex for those with disabilities (which I will review). Several posts, already written but waiting until after new year. And also, more queer blogging. As Librarian on Wheels writes both the disability and queer experience can be a lonely one. But it is one where the people who blog and comment can make a difference by sharing the personal tales, thoughts and experiences.
Looking ahead, some days, just getting to the end of the week seems a huge challenge, but I have booked for Sakura-con. That’s a goal. While my edema goes on, my torso, face, and rest of the body are quite thin with lowered body fat. A little fuzzy tail and ears would honestly help out. I simply burn too hot and eat too little.

But here is to having a nice evening, a glass of water, wine or champagne. I just wish I had fireworks as like the colours and they go boom.


JaneB said...

Hope you win something, since you are a winner every time you post and that should be acknowledged! Happy New Day...

Tina Russell said...

Where’s the naked New Year? I want a naked New Year ;) Happy New Year, Beth! I hope you win some blog awards, you totally deserve it. I voted for you just now, whee!

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Just voted!

wendryn said...

I voted!

I hope you make it to sakura con!

Stephanie said...

Not sure who made this time the New Year in our Western world. Those neo-pagans who celebrate the eight sabbats call Halloween/Samhain the new year, and that feels more right to me, since it almost mimics the school calendar. But - good excuse to drink whine, hey? =) Good luck in the award competitions!

cheryl g said...

I agree with you about the timing of the New Year. I prefer the Japanese custom as well. Jumping into a freezing body of water as a way to welcome the new year has never seemed like a wise choice to me.

I am glad you have made it to the end of the year. Now, we work towards Sakura Con! The medical community would be much more helpful if they would quit trying to cram you into a neat, tidy little box of expectations. You have an extremely rare condition and it isn’t going to conform to the patterns they know. In your case when they hear hoof beats they need to think zebras instead of horses. It would certainly improve things for you if they did.

I have already placed my votes for you and for Steampunk Scholar.

Oooooh you would be sooo cute with a little fuzzy tail and ears!

Raccoon said...

I used to live in New England. I know which of the two choices I prefer, although Stephanie seems to have the right of it.

Sakura con is April, right? The way things are going for you right now, I wouldn't put Sakuracon past you.

Just Kathy said...

Happy New Year, my friend! Let's give it all we've got this year. You are such a blessing to me! Much love to you and yours.

GirlWithTheCane said...

You've got my vote. :)

Happy New Year, dear Beth.


Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Does it make us shallow that we're now booked to go to the last Stargate convention in Vancouver? It seems a bit... nerdy... compared to Sakura-Con. Oh, well.

Happy New Year to you and Linda... when each day is an achievement, a whole new year is just freaking AWESOME.

Much love to you both!

Lorna, Bob and Liam

Mental Mosaic said...

You've got my vote, too!

It is an odd time to have a New Year... March must have been the first year at one point, since if you start with it September is 7, October is 8, November is 9 and December the 10th month.

Wonder when and why it all changed? Probably something to do with the church!

Anyway just wanted to swing by and wish you a Happy New Year!

I'll go vote for you now. :)


Neil said...

Happy Nude Deer! Wait; did I spell that wrong? Oh, well...

I just voted, too.

Not that I'd want to stop you going to Sakura Con, but there's a steampunk exposition at the Empress Hotel (can't imagine a better location!) on April 21 & 22. See for details.

I agree that the New Year is held at a rotten time. But Samhain is too early - I couldn't celebrate the beginning of a long, dark, cold winter. Personally, I think of the solstice as my new year. I don't have to celebrate out loud; I just KNOW that the days will be longer soon, and though the weather is about to be cold, there's warmth coming.

Mental Mosaic: we can blame some Roman dude for messing with the months. If you take out the months of Julius and Augustus, then December would be the tenth month. No prizes for guessing which months those would be!

Love and special new year hugs all 'round!

Kate J said...

Celebrating the winter solstice is only half the equation... you get to celebrate midsummer as well (a better time for the 'naked' bit perhaps). Hope some celebrating was achieved, hopefully by you and Linda together.

I spent a great time today at a bird reserve,. looking at some flamingoes, which are so awesomely PINK. It's a captive breeding programme for a species that are seriously threatened in the wild.

Now I'm going to try voting in the blogcomp...
Love.peace and a happy new year to you and Linda

Librarian on Wheels said...

Happy New Year.

I've spent the last three nights vomiting, and when asked if I should go to the doctor, I looked up from the toilet and asked....why? It seemed like a total non-sequitor.

I'm happy to be a part of this community. As isolating as it is being disabled, the community is smart, sexy, and savy. I adore you and the others. I am sad that you are often so sad. I know that's a weird thing to say to a person who is dying, but I feel like the very concept of hospice was created so that this did not have to be so fucking painful. It is an indictment of our culture that it is ever this way.


Sailor Star Dust said...

I discovered your blog by chance today. (Bisexual female anime fan here.) I made sure to vote of course--your site is amazing and inspirational from what I've seen, the Postcard Project too. Best of luck to you with everything, you'll be in my thoughts and my prayers. Happy New Year!

Blessings and Peace to you. <3

Linda McClung said...

I agree with you Beth, the arrival of the Sakura blossoms seems like a much better start to the new year.

It has definitely been a hard year, but we've made it. And like Cheryl, I am looking forward to Sakuracon with you. I think you have a good chance of making it.

I'm off to vote.

Sfrajett said...

Happy naked New Year! I hope you win some blog awards, too. Great to read you, as always.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Hi to all, and so glad to see you Sfrajett, I had worried, but now see you blog at 3.0, and will alter link.

Tina and those for a naked new year, there WAS a naked new year, both when I dragged myself down the hall and hips too thin to keep clothes on and Linda changing clothes makes for naked me (plus fentynal patches).

Hi Sailor Star Dust: excellent - what are you watching? Are you watching GoSick, or another series? I have been hankering to watch Kaleido Star again, the whole 'I'll conquer that move in three days' attitude is what I need!

Librarian: I hope you are okay or better now, and not dehydrated, but I understand the 'why?' - survival now has a cost (and a different 'disability time'), and there are those who get it and those who don't.

Thanks Kate and Mental Mosiac - I want to TRAVEL and DO! A post today on my new years puzzle party and late night 600 page reading. I read too much, and post too little about it. Gotta change that - grab Echo: Complete ($27 from Amazon) while available, as it is the complete work from creator of Stranger in Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Yeaar I voted for you and wish you all lifes yummies and no more bad things..