Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honor to whom honor is due

I haven’t had a TV for 15 years now. And I grew up alternating trying to hide a secret that would get my father fired and my family shunned, and hating myself so much I kept trying to kill myself. So I had to examine, re-examine, and fight for every belief I have, including whether being with Linda was selfish or creating a union greater than that of two individuals.

Some things I live by which might seem odd to others:

1) I don’t wear masks. I am the same ill or well, online or in person, in writing or in speaking. The blog is elizabethmcclung.blogspot because that’s my name.

2) Choice is the greatest power, one which we all have. It informs what choices I make. And that includes how I write the blog. That is why I don’t name people on my blog unless they say it is okay or are in an official capacity. If I am arrested by Officer Thomas, I may or may not say who it is, as he is acting as a public official. If I talk to Officer Thomas about gay-bashing and he tells me something I think that he may not want to be on record saying, I will say, ‘An officer..’ so he can CHOOSE if he wants to be public about it or not.

3) I believe people are telling the truth. I believe that about everyone. I don’t have hidden agenda’s, mine are pretty up front. But I don’t assume someone isn’t telling the truth and if I do, I try to contract them to confirm that they aren’t, or why they say what they say.

4) Discrimination is bad. So are hate crimes. If you believe different, well, that’s a choice and maybe one of us will change our minds because…

5) I am positive that I am wrong – somewhere, I am wrong in what I believe. I find where I am wrong all the time, because I look and examine what I believe. When I am wrong to an individual, I try to apologize, and when I am wrong in understanding, I change.

6) Good people exist, and often doing good is hard going. There are good people in the world, and when they are found, I hope I can, in some way, let them know that they make a positive difference.

The Canadian Blog Awards are announced and the way it works is you can vote once a day in each category. I didn’t choose the system, but I thought I would let you know about it so you can vote to help people who write blogs have some new readers, and some recognition if they become a finalist.

Like the ‘Blogs I read’ on the side, I have only a few blogs because a) I actually read these blogs, like I said and b) I am ill, so I don’t have the energy to read lots.

Here is the list of finalists. I happen to be nominated in a couple categories: (click the word to vote, if you want to vote more than once, you can click it each day).
voting list here: Best Culture and Literature, Best Feminism, Best Personal, Best GBLT (I prefer: LGBTQI), Best Health, Best Overall.

Sheesh! If you would like to vote, that would be nice. I will keep blogging, to the best of my ability.

The following are blogs which I have read and on the basis of Honor to whom honor is due, I recommend you check them out. I will vote for them, and have, even though I only found out about it today. You Vote under category here:

Lene at Seated View for Best Post on her Sensitive to the D word post on discrimination and disability, along with a test for able bodied individuals I RECOMMEND!

Steampunk Scholar under Best Culture and Literature. He covers not just steampunks books, films, and events but; for writers, he lists the required theme for anthologies (this year it is Victorian Monsters…now, that is something worth writing about!). He is also disability friendly in his lists, he includes and reviews the steampunk books which are audiobooks and if the reader improves the work or not. Check it out!

Girl with Cane under Best Personal Blog. She describes live post stroke and goes into the kind of gritty detail but also the lighter side of moving onward and upward in life.

feminist Christian under Feminist blog, as she talks about Autism, like her post on ‘the hidden costs of autism’, and has posts on needing a new GP, and criticism of type of Christianity, like defending the rights of prisoners to be visited (against a new ‘mean on crime’ Christian bill). It is, like how disability issues are feminist issues, Christian mom with autistic kids has feminist issues too.

Roughing it in the Books under Best new blog: here is someone who isn’t in university and seems to be reading the New Canadian Library (horrid, horrid covers!) among other Canadian works. Their blog subtitle: Someone always dies in the end – is about the problem or issue of Canadian lit (we are rather depressing, and the protagonist dies).

Please also let us know of other blogs or posts you find of use or interest in the comments, and I will try to include them as I review the different blogs in later post.

PS: While I might end up spending 20% or more of my energy, sometimes 40% of it, on the blog, that doesn’t make it the best blog for YOU. And while I try to cover subjects that are not covered by other blogs and am glad I ended up in the Feminist Category, personal, LGBTQI and HEALTH (as dying is a FORM of health, just not one people like to strive for!) catagories, please vote as you feel personally. Blogs are a form of communication which includes you, even if that is in understanding one person better.


JaneB said...

I don't have a TV either. Not having TV is one of those things people often understand as a statement, a critical statement, but I don't understand that myself.

I love your honesty. Thank you for it.

Apologies for disconnected comments, but it's early/late/confused time here.

cheryl g said...

I have found during the times where I don’t have TV (like now) that I really don’t miss it.

You are indeed the same person at all times – no masks. Meeting you for the first time was very comfortable because you were exactly the same as you are on the blog or in emails. Your integrity and moral code are something I admire and often what I think of when making my own hard decisions… What Would Beth Do?… I find it is a very good compass to follow.

Thanks for letting me know about the Canadian Blog Awards. There are some really good blogs nominated. I have enjoyed the Steampunk Scholar ever since you directed me there. He also links to some other great sites. I will be checking out some of the other nominee’s blogs.

Neil said...

We didn't have cable until this year, when the Oldest Son decided he couldn't live without it. And the antenna died last year, so a year without television - heavenly. DVDs, though, and lots of movies from the library. And some from you, thank you kindly.

Re: point 4. Yes, discrimination and hate crimes are bad; I will brook no argument to the contrary. This makes you wrong in point 5 about being wrong ALL the time. Your moral sense is still fine, my dear niece.

And you're also right about Steampunk Scholar; it's a great blog.

Love and zen hugs,

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Trying to dig out from life stuff right now; just want you to know we're still here, still caring, still listening.

Lorna, Bob and Liam

Linda McClung said...

I am voting for you! I am glad you actually mentioned which categories you have been nominated for - it makes it easier to find all the right places to vote.

The phrase 'What you see is what you get' is very much you. You don't have hidden agendas, you are honest and have a strong moral code - all qualities I admire about you.

I don't miss having a tv. A couple of years ago we tried cable for 6 months as they had a promotion and we ended up cancelling it after 3 because we never used it. I much prefer watching a dvd with you or reading a book or playing solitaire on the computer for down time.

The only times I ever really missed having a tv was during special events like the Olympics or when I was taking a marketing class and tv commercials were always used as 'common' reference points. I always felt left out.

Raccoon said...

I only read two blogs, yours and Wheelchair Dancer. I figure that I have enough things going on that I don't want to completely immerse myself in the Net. It's the same reason I don't F B, twitter, or text.

It's bad enough how often I update my blog…

I will have to go vote now.

me said...

I have TV but I don't watch it for almost 4 years and I know I don't miss anything.