Friday, September 02, 2011

Hi ho, erotic and seizures

Hi ho, ways to get visitors when you can’t leave home? How about have seizure cycles and have a care worker call 911 – ending up with FOUR people, plus care worker and I (six total) in the study. She said she found me face down on the desk twice not breathing, and then I had the most ‘severe’ seizure she has ever seen (and she’s seen lots of tonic/clonic, also known as ‘Grand Mal’). I think I managed to get the top of my head touching my spine, so who says that disability doesn’t make you flexible!

My big regret was not getting it on film, or being conscious. I had four more after the Emt’s came and have been sleeping a lot since then.

You know how some people with disabilities can tell the weather is changing due to aching, or being sore? It seems I can tell when it gets cooler because I am horny. Or getting a tingle where no tingle has been felt for some time! Haha, go go neruo pathway! And from all the sleep I celebrate my first erotic dream (three women, and who exactly stops to do black and white paintings during the act? Well, me apparently) in at least a year. So here is a video thanking Disney for firing up my loins.

‘I’m into boys….er…sometimes.’


wendryn said...

At least there was a tingle? :P

Sorry to hear about the seizures. *hugs*

Tina Russell said...

That sounds like a wonderful dream! So, were you scoring with the three women, and at the same time there was another you who was making art of it all? That sounds amazing.

I had a dream where I met my own clone, once... and of COURSE I hit on her, and of course she was receptive! I was so happy that I went around the whole dream world telling everyone I’d met that I’ve met my clone and she totally wants to fuck me. I was really happy after waking up, because that dream told me that I really have become confident in myself.

I’m sorry about the seizure! That sounds awful. I’m glad you’ve gotten good rest, though. I hope the healing erotic dreams continue, it sounds like this one must have been very relaxing. Much love!

Baba Yaga said...

Wowch. 8-(

I suppose tingles are something?

Neil said...

The seizures suck, but at least the care worker was able to call for help; that sounds like an improvement on the level of care.

But I think the Canadian Olympic Committee wouldn't want you for gymnastics because of your height. And the irregular training schedule you follow. Sorry, but it just wouldn't work.

The erotic dream is good. Tingles are better. I hope you can get some benefit from it.

Going back to your video search, I've remembered Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. It was based on a true story, and the lead actress (Deanne Bray) is mostly deaf. She also helped the directors to portray the deaf character as realistically as possible.

One website says that the real Sue Thomas was a consultant for the show, and did a couple of cameo appearances as a deaf actress named Deanne.

I hope the seizures stop, and that they don't stop you for long.

Love and zen hugs,

Neil said...

It occurred to me just now that one of the best photographs of you was the one of you both in the fores, with Linda in your lap. It showed how much you two are in love, and that was nice to see.

Love and zen hugs,

Laura X. said...

Dang, now you've got ME tingling. :P

*big hugs* Sorry you had seizures. :(

Noisyworld said...

Eek! I have hypermobility (though thankfully not as bad as EDS) and I don't think I ever got my head on my spine, even when I was doing gymnastics as a kid!
I too was glad to hear the carer had turned up, noticed what was happening and was experienced enough to know when to call the emergency services! It's so sad that we are surprised by this :(

Blimey that's one heck of a dream, no wonder your nervous system decided it was worth a tingle!

GirlWithTheCane said...

Just as well that you're unconscious during the seizures. If you ever get to the point where you're awake all the way through them (experience talking), you're just going to long for the days where you passed out quickly.

I'm back to passing out quickly (or I was when I last had a seizure, over a year ago). I've never touched my head to my spine, and I'm *very* flexible...

Sleep as much as you need. Seizures are very stressful on the body. I'm surprised you're up and around at all, actually.

Tingles are good. :)

Raccoon said...

I've read more than one fan fiction slash concerning Kim Possible...

So, you ended up with lots of people visiting. I thought you liked meeting new people?

Those seizures really do not sound like fun. Uhm... I hope they were not a result of the tingles.

Lene Andersen said...

Yay for tingles! Although stopping to pain when there's the opportunity for... erm... shenanigans? We need to talk about your priorities.

Damn seizures. It sounds terrible. Many hugs your way.