Friday, August 19, 2011

Sleeping, UK TV, Whales and me body slamming you at 25 mph!

As the pain patches kicked in, so my sleeping kicked up (like 18 hour a day for a couple days). For the last day or two, my exhausted system struggled with being able to keep up with using my diaphragm to breathe.

So that is: Two days found collapsed on bathroom floor, passed out. Two days using ambi-bag for more than 20 minutes to give my diaphragm a rest and ensure I am able to breathe. And two days I have lost eyesight from exhaustion.

Due to the long delay of DVD releases here in North America, I had pre-ordered and have been watching some UK DVD series releases. I kick myself for missing the week that ‘The Killing’ was ‘only’ 30 pounds ($48) as it sells for $95+ here in North America, and the BBC has not lowered the price since.

However, The Shadow Line, a seven part thriller, brilliant in building and execution has a police officer with a bullet in his head. He has to stuggle as he has forgotten HOW it got there, his life left with being told the case is closed, not knowing how it is tied to the execution of a drug lord or even if he was shot being a dirty cop or a good cop? Did he ‘Walk the Line’, or did he walk ‘the Shadow Line?’Plus it has one of the creepiest, genuis, lethal villians of all time: Gatehouse. Personally, I cried seeing in full brutal BBC writing the display of rapid onset dementia, as shown in the wife of a side character. It is the best acting of dementia I have seen and both Linda and myself recognized all of the looks, the actions, the talks, the good times and the despair.

Right now I am starting Silent Treatment, a forensic show, but selling off the other DVD’s on ebay including Shadow Line (which went out of print right away, listing as available in three months), with free US shipping, all are Region 2 and 4. Also includes The Sins with Pete Postlewaite playing a wheel man out of prison trying to go straight, and how his wife, children, partners and friends all want him not to, and all have secrets which he has to learn, incorporate into the relationship and grow from. An amazing series, just released. That and five other series from BBC, and other TV series as released are HERE .All are top series, and sometimes my brain can handle a show with a laugh track or odd incongruincies and other times I need the best actors and brilliant writing like in Luther Series 2 or Judge John Deed.

I am going to try and go to the county fair. Last trip on the Coho, Cheryl saw TWO GREY WHALES, and I have been living in envy ever since. So I will try to go on the Coho (and see many more whales!) and see the State fair in Port Angeles. I think that it would be fun to go on the swings (you know that ride with lots of swings rotating out as it spins you around at 25+ mph). Linda thinks since I pass out so much it is a bad idea. I think that my slumped body ping ponging around the ride, a potential body slam danger is just the kind of kooky excitement that ride could use (will she hit me? Ride and find out!). Plus they have a petting area for animals.


Noisyworld said...

Hooray for pain patches and the ambi-bag :)
I think Linda has a point about the swing ride but where's the fun in that? lol

Neil said...

Yay for whale-watching, and pain patches. Yay for the county fair and petting area for animals. Do they have one for people too??

Not so good thought, that body-slamming ride, dear. Since you aren't Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood character who regenerated when he died), it might be a good idea to try to avoid being killed with blunt objects.

I'm a victim of those bloody night-time voices tonight. Can't sleep, can't lie there listening to my Beloved snore so blissfully. So I'll assure you that I love you and Linda (and my Beloved Wife!), and I'll wish for you many zen hugs, then I'll go and finish the Cadfael novel I've been reading.

I hope YOU are sleeping well,

Raccoon said...

Stick with the animals. I'm sure you could figure out how to get them to head butt you if you wanted.

Kate J said...

Glad to hear you liked The Shadow Line, which I thought was wonderful. The creepy Gatehouse was great - seriously scary - and I also really liked Rafe Spall as the psychopathic Jay... a seriously scary scene with a cat! This was far from the usual formulaic and predictable detective shows - really intelligent drama, and very visually stylish too.

I'm also VERY glad to hear that you are getting some effective relief with the pain patches. I do hope they continue to help.

Thanks for a lovely postcard too.
Love & peace

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm sorry you had to go through such rough days (again!). Thankful for the pain meds & Linda.

I think I saw an episode or two of Shadow Line on PBS several years back or a show with a very similar plot. I enjoy UK programs, especially mystery & Sci-Fi. Thank you for telling me about the new releases.

The county fair sounds like fun (except for exposing Beth to high levels of centrifugal force - please no spinning).Petting animals - good fun, but wash your hands (or use an anti-bacterial wipe) afterwards. Hope you see whales.

A bit of good news - we now have a medical savings account which saves on taxes and gives us a good discount on my prescriptions! Still waiting on approval for my IVIG, but have hopes that will come soon.

Love, Sharon

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Glad for your pain patches. Sorry about your continued struggles. Excited to hear about potential county fair. Really excited to hear about potential whale-watching. Rather unsure about county fair rides. Thinking petting zoo sounds better.

Wishing you some rest and respite over the next few days.

Much love, Lorna Bob and Liam

Baba Yaga said...

Dead keyboard: excuse terseness. Hooray for pain patches. And sleep - gives recuperation time. Hope the county fair proves doable.  

The Shadow Line sounds worth watching.

GirlWithTheCane said...

Have fun at the fair! Thinking of you...