Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sucky day, a very happy un-birthday to me, and you

Sucky (birth)day extreme! Last night with cramps on toilet, but found that intestines were filling my colon (guess what I had to do to determine THAT - double ick!), and have to NOT do the deed for a while and hope it stops that. Many hours of moaning and cramps then sleeping for 12 hours, then finally able to pee a little, and then one of the breakthrough pills forgotten as well as my nerve pills and my entire body went into individual muscle spasm which grew and grew until I started screaming because I couldn’t not scream anymore. My jaws were hitting each other from spasms too. It all kinda sucked, even AFTER I took the pills there was that time of waiting, waiting, waiting for pills to kick in.

Of COURE time is relative and not consistent. Who needs Einstein and going around the sun at near the speed of light to tell you that: Anyone with chronic pain can tell you time isn't constant. The time when trying to sleep and the pain is there and stupid things like hair hitting my eyelid HURTS for some reason and I have to move it, that is SLOW time. But the slowest time of all is finally getting the pain meds down and being told, “Don’t worry, they should kick in within 20 minutes” That is a very long 20 minutes.
But from acid tongued hag to jokester when the pain eases, Linda came for the milk and asked me for my jug. “There is one on each side, so just reach over and squeeze your choice.” I told her. This was moments ago. During the pain time, I would have opened my mouth and like a dragon, napalm would have emerged earlier.

So birthing day SUCKS. Though I guess if the purpose is to replicate the pain of birthing, I was supposed to have been 45 minutes (induced) so no, I had WAY longer pain than that, I was 10 or more hours starting from last night. But hey, another hour and a very happy un-birthday to me, to me, a very happy un-birthday to me (sorry, the song is stuck in my head).

I will try, try again. I’m still alive, and hopefully, with a bit of boxing to hasten healing, my colon and intestines will start doing their job and stop trying to go on strike (never should of let them unionize). We go up from here.


Baba Yaga said...

Groogh! seems like the best response to all that. "It all kinda sucked" must be one of the great understatements.

Yes, time waiting for relief to come is long. And pain really does take away everything but the eternal now.

I'm sorry, I thought today was the day - not good to get the date of your very first birthday wrong. So all I can do is wish you a much happier unbirthday.

SharonMV said...

Oh Beth, so sorry. That is one of the worst kinds of pain, when your intestines are all wonky, not to mention your whole body hurting too.
I hope you can rest some now & on to boxing.

I say choose another day for your Birthday. You have said that when you plan 3 outings, you get one bad, one OK and one good. Let's hope that this applies to your birthdays & the bad one is out of the way. So pick another day if you like & we will celebrate with you.


Neil said...

My Beloved says she's with you on the inconsistency of time, while waiting for pain meds to kick in.

Time definitely stretches and changes with pain. Unfortunately, it seems to be speeding up as I age.

There's a movie called Kinky Boots that might serve as a diversion: it involves a failing show factory that saves itself by making boots for drag queens. It's rather predictable, but fairly well-done. I'd send you our copy, but I borrowed it from the library, and the fines would be more outrageous than the costumes.

Anyway, if yesterday didn't work as your unbirthday, may I suggest trying again on Monday? Then you can celebrate your birthday and my Beloved's and my 24th wedding anniversary at the same time.

I've been married 24 years already? Time is VERY inconsistent there, 'cause it seems like, well, no time at all; though it also seems like forever, in a good way.

Love and zen hugs,

Noisyworld said...

Unionised intestines? Sounds almost as bad as the RMT Union! (Little explaination for the non-UK people... They are very well known for going on strike for one person being put on report for not cleaning something properly or other such small things, though the rail section have been nice enough to accept higher wages so they don't strike during London Olympics 2012! Unfortunately the tube/underground section haven't agreed yet :/ )
I hope that your next choice of date for birthday celebrations goes a little more smoothly, as do your insides lol

Tina Russell said...

Ugh, I’m sorry! I hope tomorrow goes better, we can call that your birthday if you’d like. (hugs)

Dawn Allenbach said...

But the slowest time of all is finally getting the pain meds down and being told, “Don’t worry, they should kick in within 20 minutes” That is a very long 20 minutes.

Oh, how I've been learning about that. I'm sorry for being so absent. I've spent the last three months learning how to deal with these new aches and pains brought on from last summer's Wreck.

I hope my postcard got to you. I'll be sending another soon. Mine aren't nearly as artistic as yours, though.

I'm back and will be around much more. I will endeavor to not let my own menial pain or my data analyses keep me away. *hug*

Kate J said...

Beth, I'm so sorry to hear your birthday was so awful. I do hope your day tomorrow goes better... I'll check in if I can but I'm away from home right now and not easy to get online.
Love & peace...

wendryn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the day was so hard. I hope Sunday is better.


Raccoon said...

I had an invitation to your birthday party. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to be there.

So I thought that I could send you some song lyrics, instead.

I actually learned a couple of verses from this when I was in college, so it has been around a while.

Neil, I'm sure you'll recognize a couple of verses...

Now, when I learned it, instead of "and despair," I learned "in the air."

Despite all of that, I hope you have a good party tomorrow.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: There are actually 2 films called kinky boots, the first one, done the BBC which shows the full move to a specialized market, mostly internet, and how he ended up doing most of the modeling himself for the first catalogue (drag queen added sort of defeats the purpose of original film which was part of a series of films on businesses who innovated into an existing market, in this case, the gay, BDSM, and kink market - the thigh high boot with built in whip holder (and whip) was their first big breath-through seller. All done by a hetero third generation shoe manufacturer, his wife and two children, and some of the factory workers. It was HE who modelled in Hamburg shoe festival. I think the other film made it all warm and fuzzy but in the end 80% of the workforce was let go, but a viable shoe business stayed - which is good as getting leather redone in the UK is like $15 for an inside resitch and "Oh, I don't know anyone who could do that..." often in North America. But thanks for the recommendation. I watched 'The Brest Castle' in Russian, about the defence of the castle complex outgunned 5-1, infantry against tanks, artillary and 2 ton-bunker busters. The fighting continued non-stop for 9 days (the Germans said it would take 22 hours) and the commander was finally taken captive after fighting within the Castle continued for another 30 days, though out of food and water, going out at night to find ammunition or simply attacking with trench shovels - the Castle accounted for 5% of the entire casualties of the eastern front during that period. Good film.

To All: I spent Saturday preparing for boxing, which I did, on my own, to improve my circulation and instigate sweating, tomorrow, the pain will be....intense. But there is a tomorrow - huzzah for that. I have decided that dying is dull and living, while sometimes TOO exciting is better. Truthfully, I now am on the line where any infection or illness will likely tip the scales, so I had best tiptoe round the dragon. I spend too long staring at walls, or blank screens.

Neil said...


I should've known you'd have far more information about "Kinky Boots" than I could imagine. :) Now I'll have to find out more on my own.

It's good that you're able to comment. I hope the boxing doesn't/didn't cause too much suffering.

Love and zen hugs,

Neil said...

Well, that was easy. Yes, WJ Brooks made the switch from plain footwear to inky boots. However, their website is gone, as the new business only lasted a couple of years. Then the same off-shore manufacturers who did them in the first time got into the same act with boots. And the real company laid off more workers before changing than the movie did.

Of course the movie made it all warm and fuzzy; that's what movies are for. The drag queen had a few lovely lines, and the movie was well done, if predictable.

Raccoon: I certainly do know that song! It's the reason I don't let people know when my birthday is. :)

Zen hugs all around!

Linda McClung said...

I'm sorry the bowels are causing so much trouble. The amount of energy you spend in the bathroom is huge. You are utterly exhausted when you get out of there. I'll do some research and see what can be done. But in the meantime, maybe a giant pickle tomorrow?

catsmum said...

sorry I missed your natal day [ was in for more 'major' surgery but so SO small compared with what you have been enduring]
may you have some unsucky days in your immediate future

much love to the 3 of you as always
Susan [ and David and Renata ]

Elizabeth McClung said...

catsmum: Thanks, I hope you are recovering from your surgery, which is exhausting, not just in hospital, as your description of the noise problems state, but also on the trauma to the body.