Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sakura comes: cherry petals and anime hair to stamp and ebay sales

Sakura is here, with Cherry Trees almost all in Blossom. The three day fan based anime festival starts on the 22nd. I have been busy passing out and also trying to get everything done by the time to leave for Seattle. It will take two days to safely transport my body to Seattle, so we are leaving mid week. Today, the weather was beautiful, and the Cherry Trees looked resplendent against the blue sky.
We didn’t hit the beachwalk in the sun as we had the annual stamp and craft fair today. This is where, in theory, we sell the stamps we don’t use and then replace them with new ones we will use on the postcard project AND make a profit (that's the part that never has been able to come out ahead). But we also have to see if we can get ink (as new is expensive), and stickers (again, for the postcards). I kicked in the money I had made over the last three weeks, and Linda and Cheryl put in funds too. I did some of the pre-sorting of sales stamps and Linda and Cheryl did the rest. The advantage of selling is seeing the goodies first before opening! Too bad the room was SO HOT, I was totally red faced as were many of the other sellers.

We got some wood backed stamps, which are easy for me to use, which range from the scenes of Venice, Salish Native Art to the first and most important Vampire (no, not the sparkly one): The Count, who taught me to count bodies, ‘vone, two, thr(rolled R’s)ee…”
There were some Stickers, including some vibrant colored Japanese and Chinese sticker sheets.
One find I made was a lot of mixed old ad stickers which filled an envelope. It was unmarked so for a few dollars, I had 40+ stickers advertising everything from Chick Corn Seed, Barbershops, Melons, Tea Rooms, and Bars.
We also got quite a few (a pile?) ‘backed’ stamped which require an acrylic block to mount the stamp onto to use. We have some, but are going to try to get some more. Here is our pile, which used up our funds, except enough for Pizza (back in Cardiff, Linda and I always had Pizza after a book faire) and a bit more. The stamp up top is a quote “A Canadian is a person who knows to make love in a canoe”. Honestly, I can’t remember that part at camp, but just showed that I went to the rather dull camps, and colleges. Nor did it show up when getting my passport: "Can you have sex in a canoe?" That’s not to say I didn' get full training for my canoeing including single handed canoeing for five miles around a series of islands. Oh, the lovely J-stroke. That actually does sound quite sexual.

In Prep for Sakura-con, I got my annual hair cut and color. Finally it is back to the natural color (anime red/pink). I am glad this one 'took', or gave full color in my hair as the medications as well as auto-immune diseases can effect the amount of color your hair picks up. This place has experience in doing coloring for women with auto-immune diseases but the cost of haircut hurts when a straight, ‘clip, clip, clip’ and another minute or two for the bangs costs $36 (ouch!)

Tomorrow, on Sunday evening, the ebay auction lot to raise money for emergencies is finishing. This will likely be the second to last or last ebay auction I have. It is very tiring, and very difficult even with Linda doing a stellar job to do these auctions. I am selling several of the series I have collected, including Fate/Stay Night, because I don’t believe it possible I can see the end of the story. I am also selling favorites which are out of print like Boy Princess and Queen’s Knight (a hughly popular Shojo series), Someday Dreamers and W Juliet because I don’t think I will have the time or strength to read them. I hope they end up in good homes. There are award winners, and Viz Signature line along with a few group lots. Let any manga fans know please, the sale is here.


Neil said...

Those are awesome stamps, Beth! And The Count is veryvery important.

Our trees looked a little bit like the cherry blossom trees yesterday morning, but that was because we endured about 6cm of wey wet snow overnight Friday and into the early hours of Saturday. Not quite the same as cherry blossoms; not nearly the same enchanting smell, either.

Your hair looks very good in its natural colour.

Love and zen hugs,

cheryl g said...

It was a beautiful day and I love seeing the cherry trees in blossom throughout Victoria. Victoria is a very pretty city in spring!

Hooray for the Rubber Stamp sale. We certainly had a good sale. We sold many of the stamps we don’t use and got lots of new treasures to experiment with and make beautiful and fun postcards. You really made some great scores with the stickers you found! The room was extremely hot but the turnout was good. I do believe the sellers sell more to each other than to the public. One of the sellers asked me if I was going home with less than I came with. I just laughed. We came home with different than we went with would be more accurate.

Your hair is really pretty – the coloring is wonderful and looks great on you. I heard Linda use the descriptor “hot” more than once and she was talking about you – not the room where we had the stamp sale.

I hope you have a great ebay sale. Anyone who buys from you will get books in great condition to enjoy. The series you read and then sell are all so interesting too.

SharonMV said...

Great stamp deals! It's so fun when you can get so many new stamps to use. It's like you have a boxful of treasure. I know you three will have a good time using them. I wish we had a fair like that here. Linda & Cheryl looked quite red-faced in the picture - it must have been very hot! When will they invent little portable air conditioners fro people like you & me? Maybe it's not "green" tech, but it's better than having you pass out.

So glad you're going to Sakura-con. Hope the drive down is not to bad. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Your hair looks great!


JaneB said...

Lovely cherry blossoms - and your hair is definitely an anime colour! Hope it makes you feel great!

Noisyworld said...

rofl I love the definition of a Canadian :D
Oh, zere izz onli Vun Rrrrreal Count!

It sounds like you're having a great time when you can, I hope Sakura con is cool- both senses :)

wendryn said...

That hair color looks great on you!

The cherry trees are quite beautiful. I'm glad you got to sell and buy stamps - important things! :)

I'm looking forward to heating about sakura-con!

Tanus said...

Hi, I just happened to discover your blog. I also have MSA, got diagnosed a year ago and by your picture figure we are around the same age. It feels good to find someone who is not over fifty to write to. I read your blog about being terminal and laughed til tears streamed down my face. I understand that you possibly don´t have a lot of time left but I hope we can chat a bit before either of us dies.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tanus: I hope we chat also. I am curious how they decided to accept MSA (I was MSA, until the autonomic failure spread and neurological failure increased then it was back in the A.A.N.) - I would be grateful if they could call up here, as diseases of exclusion needing autopsy's to confirm make doctors leary to say "This is the problem, this is the treatment."

A couple weeks ago, it seemed like I was heading out. Now, some sort of level. But of course with summer coming, the heat intolerance will make it a close gamble. Yes, it is good to not talk to the children who are caregiving those over 60 with MSA - who say that MSA is like X, when it isn't, or at least not for the younger set. Apparently, there is a wave of women in 30's having MSA or MSA type diseases in the Northwest, the numbers have gone from 0 to 33 last year.

Jane and Neil and Wendryn: The Count knows all, sees all, counts all - he taught me that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be an asset at times.

Sharon: Stamps are good, new things to try. Not art like you do, but attempts.

Tina Russell said...

I love your new/old hair! Very cute!

For some reason, The Count always scared me as a kid. I have no idea why...
(this might explain it: )

Have fun at Sakuracon!

Kate J said...

I love the new photo, and hair colour, Beth - you look great!
I hope you have a fab time at Sakura-Con. I don't have a cherry tree but my ornamental plum tree (which I really bought for its dark red leaves) has decided to blossom this year for the first time in ten years. A deeper pink colour, and smaller, more delicate flowers than the cherry, lovely.
I had a card from you today, too! The lovely North Wales railway journeys poster - with locomotive stamp too. Thanks SO much. :)
And that bit about Canadians and canoes... is it a promise, a boast or just wishful thinking, d'you reckon?
Have fun in Seattle with Linda and Cheryl!
Love & peace