Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Off to Sakura-con, er morn

Sooooo Sleepy. Fatigued between fevers, seizures and over-enthusiastic night workers who whisk my pillow away letting my head go bump-bump-bump down the ice below. And thus it goes at 3:00 am, at 5:00 am, at 7:00 am, and at 8:00 am. Beth wonders if there is a better way to turn over her pillow, and almost thinks of it before the bump-bump-bump knocks it out of her head. But we are off to Sakura-con, as the blossoms are out, and picture filled blogs soon, as I have clothes to wear (bonus!), am ready for going to the masque dance (double bonus) and we have enough gummy bears to last the journey.

Beware the most exhausting and terrifying word: Vacation.


Baba Yaga said...

Have fun, rest as much as you can between things, and have lots more fun.

Tina Russell said...

Yay, Beth! Have a great time!

Neil said...

Have a restful trip, and a wonderful time at the Ball! As often as I can think to do so, I shall send atheist prayers for no seizures, a quiet hotel room, and a good time for all.

And photos. LOTS of photos!! ^__^

Love and zen hugs,

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

This is so exciting... and it looks like (at least from here) you've got good driving weather.

We'll be thinking of you (and being just the teensiest bit jealous. *sigh* Maybe next year...)


Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks all, I've cleared out enough for 3000 pictures, which I hope is enough. hee hee. Today is just getting over on the ferry, as it tends to give me clonic-tonic seizure (grand mals' in old seizure talk).

Thanks for the prayer for the quiet hotel, YES! Quiet hotel please!

Raccoon said...

Vacation! Yay!

Sorry I'm not going to be joining you -- I've got my Life Day this weekend, instead.

Have fun (preferably with no seizures, which I know is asking a lot)!

SharonMV said...

Hope the trip goes well & you are able to rest before going to the convention.
Yes, do post photos for us when you have the chance & a few words too. But mostly have fun! And try not to push yourself too much amidst all that excitement & terror.


Kate J said...

Have an awesome time, Beth. You'll knock 'em for six with that new hair colour...
Love & peace

Kita said...

have a brilliant time Beth! and bring back lots and lots of photos! <3

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I hope you are doing OK on the drive down to Seattle. Is Cheryll coming with you? I am thinking about you & wishing for a safe trip & a lovely, cool, & quiet hotel room And an air-conditioned convention.