Monday, March 21, 2011

manga sale (at B&N), a video and some postcard pics

I wanted to let you know about a sale going on at Barnes and Noble. It is for in stock graphic novels and manga, and is 4 titles for the price of 3 of them (price taken off in your cart), including the discount, so if you want Ayako, the New York Times recommended title of a story of a family during and through WWII in Japan by the artist Osamu Tezuka, which is $17.97 instead of $27.95, that in your basket with other items saying ‘4 for 3’ will be free, and anything over $25 is free shipping.

PLUS: they take paypal. If you want more than 4 items, like if you want the hardcovers of the Walking Dead (recommended, as I got them from the library), which are $19 instead of $35, but in 6 volumes, you will need to do two transactions of 4 books each. I hope that makes sense.

The sale ENDS on Tuesday March 22/23 at Midnight, so if you would like to try some manga, or graphic novels, ‘capes and cowls’ or indie artists, this is the best sale I have seen.

I could go total crazy in this Barnes and Noble sale, except I can’t. I have about $30

You can see most of the stuff I would like to get in the Amazon Wishlist, most of the manga is in the sale, but some of the indie artists and a lot of the yaoi is not (sadly).

The books I want to get include: The secret notes of Lady Kanako, a new manga which is plotted like Harriet the spy falls in love (interesting no?) and demon Sacred 3 and 4 as those are the cheapest.

I have read vol 1 of Grand Guignol Orchestra - and have to decide about vol. 2, If you want some interesting manga you might like it, it is a France where Paris is safe and the rest is left to towns where zombies roam, and only the grand orchestra can sanctify a place, but that is under the control of the church - so a 'black mass' orchestra, a bunch of 'not official' go from 17th century town to town and offer services, and this is who we follow.

Linda and I have looked at the preview of Flight, which is family friendly and uses everything from oil painting to ink, in the all colour volumes: Flight Volume 2 and Flight Volume 7 are the highest rated, of these lush 400+ page volumes, but pricy at $17 a volume.

Also, I have been trying more indie artists, I liked Hellboy (recommend!), as many were dedicated to Victoria Writers or myths, as Hellboy visited from Baba Yaga to William Hope Hodgen's fungus people (a great victorian horror series of the Sarriso sea), also visiting the Witch of the Sea who tricks the three sisters of Hans Christian Anderson's tale. His new book: The Amazing Screw On Head and other curious objects by Mike Mignola is one I would like to try.

Return to Wonderland by Raven Gregory where all is not right with Alice, as she is grown with her own daughter, but must go back down the hole to wonderland to sort out the malice in her life. Highest rated. And a rare publisher with lush pictures (slightly sexual).

Incognito by Ed Brubaker - highest recommended, what if you were a villain, a genius villain hiding out in witness protection? How would you see the world and what would you be planning? This sounds a bit depressing, but it is an Eisner winner

So, what would you get?

I tried to do 60 more postcards this week, I did 72 postcards to 13 different countries on four continents last week. Thanks to Linda and Cheryl who take them over and help. I had to stop after several hours of heart problems which would have taken to the ER, except now, we have found after consulting the doctor that helps those who are terminal, that there is no point. So I just couldn't make it - I only have to write them. I'm sorry.

This is a beautiful and ugly world. I just wish for the strength and time for more beauty. "Everybody cries, every body bleeds, no one said life is an easy thing"

Sometimes life is painful, is toxic. Sometimes, I don't how to fix my body, my heart, lungs, organs. And if I don't fix it, then I don't get to see the beter world. So I hold on. Because that is all that is.

And talk about books.

P.S. Linda here... if anyone wants to send books to Beth, the mailing address is:
Elizabeth McClung
PO Box 2560
Port Angeles, WA 98362


Kate J said...

Some of that stuff sounds great! Only sorry that I can't spare any cash to buy any of it, either for myself... or for you. Return to Wonderland certainly sounds intriguing. But just looking at the pictures you have posted on the blog is a pleasure,as always! I never knew anything about Manga before I met you, so thank you for introducing me to it.

And even more sorry to hear about more heart problems, and that even ER can't help you. What can I say? It seems crazy that everything's getting worse and that there's nothing and no one that can help. I wish I was there to see you and to give you a hug... it'll just have to be a 'virtual' one.

Love and peace, as always

tinarussell said...

“So I hold on. Because that is all that is.

And talk about books.”

(hugs) That’s all we need!

Kita said...

so many gentle hugs from me to you beth. i wish i had money because i would do anything to help you. you must be terrified - i know i would be . i'm scared for you, honestly. i know it does nothing for you, yet i feel the fear anyway. it just isn't right that nothing can be done for you. it makes me angry on your behalf. i complain about so many things - my pain levels etc but they are nothing compared to your pain. you have taught me humility. i love you beth. really. i just wish i could help you somehow. i wish i could be there with you, to help you somehow. thank you for the e-mail, i will reply once i get a k/board - mine was destroyed thanks to the dog. typical, really.

much love, many hugs and please, be well, or as well as you can be.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, I was hoping you could find some books for you. Alas, I think we are all tapped out alas.

Kate: I am always learning myself, and finding out new things. When I was teaching I was trying to find good graphic novels for my high school students who were dyslexic or had been passed but could not read very well. At the time, there didn't seem much beyond Neil Gaimen, but I am finding out a whole new world of indie graphic novels. I think Maus and the Eisner awards have helped make them more on the radar as it were - even the new york times has a graphic novel best seller list, and a manga one.

Tina: errr...and maybe other topics.

Kita: I am losing my mouse and you lost your keyboard? That is a bit dire. I actually think I have an extra keyboard, but the one I use is so old it requires plugging in the back, in the keyboard slot, not the USB - do you want me to see if I have the extra like this (or with a slightly narrower keyboard keys) and send to you?

wendryn said...

Sounds like a lot of neat books! Talking about books is always good, in my opinion.

I hope you are okay today.

Baba Yaga said...

I always like the postcard pics. & if they came blank, I'd know you'd chosen them with care. (I had one this morning, a dramatic view of Glencoe - I had to look it up on the map, since I've never really penetrated into the highlands - with a glorious ruddy sky and snow-dusted mountains. Thank you! And thanks to Cheryl and Linda for all that stamping effort.)

I do think it's important that your heart should continue to beat; quixotic notion, I dare say, but I can't eradicate it. Not something to apologise for.

Oh, books are always worth writing about. As well that there are libraries, isn't it? Although I'm guessing most public libraries don't stock half enough manga to feed your need for reading matter.

I'm not surprised that there's little point in going to ER: it does rather stink, though. Really, decent care ought not to be too much to hope for.

JaneB said...


to hold on and talk about books sounds like a decent recipe for a rubbish day.

Thank you for sharing it with us

Kate J said...

Talking of graphic novel, have you seen/read Logicomix? It's a biography of Bertrand Russell and introduction to his ideas. Excellent!

Neil said...

Crap. Blogger ate my reply...

Thanks for everything, Beth, and there's no need to apologize for anything. EVER.

Thanks for the book recommendations, but I can't afford them for either of us at the moment.

Kate J: thanks for YOUR book recommencation!

Now I'm off to apply online for a different job with my current employer; 28 years in one job is too long, and I need more money than my current job can ever pay.

Love and zen hugs,

Rick said...

You are correct Elizabeth ..... Everybody Hurts ...... never met you but I feel a kindred spirit ....... why, because at the center of our being, we are all consciousness ..... the consciousness of God ..... and so we are indeed all one .... and though some don't know, whenever anyone hurts, we all hurt ...

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I always enjoy reading your book reviews, even if I 'm not able to buy the book. I like reading a good review even when I think the book is not one I want to read. You always write an interesting review. I've learned all about Manga books from you and now have an appreciation of graphic novels.

It's exciting that you have done so many postcards. Don't be sorry that you couldn't finish all that you wanted to - that happens to us all, even the able bodied. I know how it goes though when you have that desire & creative urge though. You want to keep going & you do until your body gives out. Please do stop before you reach that point, especially when your heart is acting up. I wish your heart were as strong as your love.

Sorry I haven't e-mailed you lately - body not cooperating. I will write to you soon by e-mail and I have a package ready for you (just need to get some postage stamps).