Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A date out, an adventure.

This week has been a bit groggy, as I slept for 40 hours or so and then woke up with a fever. But last week, I went out on a date! This, Linda says, is something not done for some time (many animals of time). It also took a great deal of planning. But isn't that the point of going on an adventure!
So why does it take two to three days to plan going out? First is getting the sleep schedule lined up so that I am up and strongest when we want to go out (as I weaken each hour awake). So to go out at 7:00 pm, I need to make sure I nap at 5:00, and since I sleep every 6 hours, I have to move it from when I am sleeping on Monday so that on Wednesday I nap at 4:30. That way I can get up and be ready to leave around 7:00. That Monday, I was recovering from Sunday's postcards, so I overslept three hours to help me move the time. Then, there is the shower on Tuesday, since that takes two hours and exhausts me, not best to take it before going out.

Going out itself just involves getting my hair braided (by Linda, who does a fab job, and likes to do it), make sure the pain patches are changed, get assisted for dressed in my clothes.I am wearing my new top from Hot Topic of a rib cage with roses and thorns intertwined. I figure it will help the EMT’s find my heart if needed, and looks cool. Also wearing my leather jacket from the UK, which Linda said I wouldn’t wear after I got ill (HA! Take that Linda!). As you may notice in the picture, there are fans to blow the cold air (63-65 degrees) into the bedroom and then directly over my head and body, to keep my body cool. Or I wake up all red, or I get paralyzed (heat lock up the MS people call it), or can’t sleep. And ice under the pillow and beside my head, changed every 2-4 hours. Thanks to Linda and the pain patches, I can sleep – but that is at a cost of being up 3-4 times for Linda. Also, I have to take pain pills as well every three hours in order to sleep, and heart meds. This is why Linda takes well deserved respites and we have care workers to help me nap, so Linda can catch up on sleep.

Okay, off to the Canoe, which is a brew pub down a VERY steep hill going down to the harbour. I went up the long ramp from the parking lot to get to the door, and asked to go to the balcony section. Last time (when was that?) they told me it was wheelchair accessible. I was told to go back down the LONG ramp and then UP the street to an outside door. The street was so steep (like seattle and San Francisco steep), that I was doing 4 to 6 inches at a time. Ready, push! Ready push! When I got to the door, it was locked and could only be opened from the inside.15 minutes of wheeling and locked out. Beth is NOT amused.

Linda came (the pub has a parking lot but not a single blue badge spot there or on the street) having parked the car and we got inside to the balcony. I love the pubs that use all the local yellow and red cedar and fir. I went exploring and found that we were directly above the bar downstairs. Whee! This is the advantage of being in a wheelchair - people will let you go just about anywhere, so couples moved aside so I could see down on the bar. I was curious george on a trip outside in a wheelchair. I don't get to see new stuff often so I want to see it ALL.

We had a ‘groupon’ which is an coupon that is offered each day, for your city, and we get things like mexican or Thai food coupons for restaurants that offer take out (so we can have a 'going out' night when I need to stay in bed). One of the unique aspects of the ‘groupon’ coupons is that they include alcohol. So this night out of $30 cost us $12 back in Nov or so. We buy one when we have a bit saved, and it means a night out when we can.

I tried the beer (ack, aftertaste! Where is my carsburg export?) and then had the pint of cider. Oh yum, it was like super good apple juice. We also split a single meal of ribs, potatoes, green beans and the like. Linda liked the food and looked great in her jacket and shawl (which she STOLE from me). She wanted to take a picture of me with her braid in the mirror so you could see her handiwork.She is envious because my hair goes to the middle of my back now, plus showering every 5-6 days makes my hair look great.

That pint of happy apple cider made me the goofy blasted girl who was giggling, leaning over and trying to grab Linda’s boobies. I laughed at just about anything, and on the drive home kept saying ‘WHOOOOOO, look at the lights! Ohhhh, wow!” – all that on one cider (date me, I'm a cheap lush!). I should probably drink more than once a year. Plus about 5 of the 12 meds say, 'don't drink', but then the rest say, 'don't drive or operate mechanical equipment' and they know I am using a power chair (???). Oh well, I guess running over a few people in INDY doesn't count.

After I was amazed by traffic lights, we came back and watched some TV together (on the computer screen). It was our time. I don't remember much, the lush that I am. But it was an adventure and we did it. Worth a couple days of planning.


tommy said...

sounds like ya'll had a great time :) I think that even if it took a whole months worth of planning to make it happen...it would have been worth it :) Never forget to make time for the good stuff ;)

wendryn said...

I'm really glad you got to get out for a bit and enjoy the time together! That's a very good thing. I hope you get time and money to do that again soon!

cheryl g said...

I'm glad your adventure/date was so fun! You both look great and like you were having a good time.

tinarussell said...

Wow, sounds like fun! You and Linda look really pretty in your going-out outfits.

I love having other girls play with my hair and braid it XD It’s good to have long hair!

Baba Yaga said...

Glad you got to have an adventure. You both look good, dressed up for it.

Cider doesn't have precisely that effect on me, but I have a weak enough head for alcohol that thinking "cider is a sort of apple pop" led to my being surprisingly sozzled.

Neil said...

It's nice to see you out and enjoying yourself. You look great!

Linda looks wonderful in your shawl, and if she stole if from you, that just means you have good taste in clothes.

Love and zen hugs,

Dawn Allenbach said...

I'm so glad you two got to have a date night. And I know all about being a cheap lush -- the last time I drank, I had one fruity rum drink with a big meal, and I was still dizzy when we left the restaurant. Talk about a lightweight!

Tipsy girls in power wheelchairs. We should write a book!

rachelcreative said...

I hate it when the accessible option for venues involves an extra trek - usually uphill. But you got in and how cool you got to see the bar from that viewpoint. I love that.

I am a cheap lush too getting all "whoooo" and giggly on thimbles of alcohol. Hey cheap date though!

Seems like the planning really was worth it. Hope the adventure and fun sustained you through some of the recovering from the outing.

Tobi C said...

I am so glad you got to have a bit of fun, and am sorry it was so hard to get to it! I want to thank you (AGAIN!) because somehow I am so lucky as to have gotten two (!!) postcards from you. I don't know why, but I love them and will always treasure them and the stories of the person they came from. I worry about you being too energetically taxed by doing them all, so am sadly relieved to hear you are winding that aspect of your life down to make room for what really needs your attention.I truly hope you are given the gift of a bit more space and time for having good times with Linda.

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you two went out on a date. It's so nice having a night out with one's partner, isn't it?

I have to say (and I hope I don't sound internet creepy stalkerish) that Linda looks HOT in those photos. The outfit she was wearing that night really flatters her. No wonder you were trying to grab her boobies all night.

I mean that sincerely and honestly. I run in a milieu where a woman can openly say that to another woman, and have it taken as a simple compliment. No competition, no catfighting, no comparisons, just an honest "You look great!"

Such a pity our culture discourages us from saying such things to one another. Either we view each other as competition, or the homophobia comes out. So, of course, I take every opportunity I get to compliment any woman I see expressing her own individual beauty. (sorry about the big sociological speech.)

And yes, I covet your braid! Your hair is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. I hope one day my hair will be just like yours when it grows up.