Thursday, December 09, 2010

Disabled Female Equality means orgasms, masturbation and sex

Disabled women and teen girls need orgasms too!
Female equality means masturbation and orgasms, because though 50% of women report feeling guilt over masturbating, while the Surgeon General was fired 15 years ago by suggesting masturbation was okay to do and it is a mere 10 years ago when research even started to quantify the female orgasm (about 140 years after the male studies). That's the bad: BUT, the two words that three out of four women picked in a 2002 study for masturbation were in order: ‘Incredible’ and ‘Powerful’ While the word chosen to describe an orgasm with a partner: ‘euphoric’.(four out of five guys described orgasms as ‘Shooting’ followed by ‘Shuddering’).

So with Xmas coming, snow falling, people driving erratic and competitive, weather making joints ache, relatives and others making the head and shoulders ache, and all the worries of getting everything done, and ready in time doesn’t a bit of ‘Incredible’ and ‘Euphoric’ sound good? Best of all, it’s not just free, it is good for you and what ails you! And women have five different types of orgasms.
An study found that an orgasm can relieve the pain of 47.4% of women having a migraine (Evans & Couch, 2001). Not only does orgasm relieve the pain faster than any medication but the largest group in the study found it relieved ALL migraine pain.

Plus, the Royal Edinburgh Hospital found that for women 40+ who had one or two orgasms looked on average at least 10 years younger. Seriously.

We know that female masturbation and sex can help with insomnia, by creating a cardio experience followed by relaxation of muscles and endorphins, the same things which can help with PMS pain. In order to help release pain, which is of high interest to those with chronic conditions with pain, using clitoris training of deep rapid breaths during clitoris stimulation, along with mental practice can release pain and tension and tell the body that pain is actually intense pleasure.

But with so few studies on female masturbation benefits, word of mouth often precedes the ‘science’, and studies of masturbation and sex benefits for women with disabilities or illness are few if any. For example in 2009, the National Institute of Health invested only 2/10th of 1%: $65 million for ANY studies on the top six chronic pain conditions: chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders and vulvodynia. And sex research didn't make the list. You can compare that amount to the 1.7 billion spent on research regarding drug abuse. While socially we are taught that women suffer, and should do so in silence. But that’s not equality, or even good science, but lack of research and indifference.

What exactly does this have to do with me? Well, I have been studying using mental stimulation and secondary erogenous zones in regards to masturbation, sex and female neuropathy. You may remember my post Swimming with Dolphins: a disabled girls guide to vibrators. That was for fatigue chronic conditions and masturbation.

But now that I have significant decreased sensation I want to find out if masturbation has relaxation and pain reduction benefits in clitoral/vaginal but also for those with very limited or no sensation. The Christopher Reeve foundation has done some limited research on this, but focusing on traditional sexuality expectations (sex with a partner, a heterosexual ‘vanilla’ experience and vaginal/pelvic sensations). They do have anecdotes about the ‘“phantom orgasm," through reassignment of sexual response to areas of the body unaffected by the injury. This is described as a pleasurable, fantasized orgasm that mentally intensifies an existing sensation.’

The reality is less women with long term chronic conditions/SCI’s and illness are going to have sexual partners. The typical sexual hetero experience, or waiting for one isn’t always or often enough to bring sexual pleasure equality to disabled females. What they describe as ‘phantom orgasm’ is pretty much what I have been and am trying to experiment with: masturbation using mental stimulation for arousal and secondary erogenous sites (ear lobes, breasts, nape of the neck, etc) to achieve full and then multiple orgasms. Hey, it is a hard job but this brave researcher has volunteered to do it!

I have had success (repeated success!) with mental stimulation (books primarily) combined with minimal body motion, as well as Eroge (erogenous computer or station games which combine professional voice acting with erotic images but not what would be seen as ‘dirty’) which is mental with visual and auditory but in the powerchair: no body motion. I am not yet done that research or interviews enough for a full report and write up, plus I want to try different Eroge and also find what is available (there are lesbian Eroge availabe, as well as hetero).

I was approached by a sexual aid company as I have been before to see if I wanted to test and or review their products. I explained that I was only interested in regards to disability related masturbation or couples play, using ‘above the waist’ items. I was offered ball gags and nipple clamps. I explained that ball gags for people with decreased breathing capacity (like me) and as masturbation aid, I couldn’t see it as an easy choice. There was the same with the problems of neuropathy and nipple clamps (my skin tears easier, but I can’t feel it tearing, see the problem!), although the feather stimulation clamps were something to consider later (that would be Linda's eyes bugging out reading this).
We found common ground with a warming, stimulation breast massage gel. They have sent the product and I will try and report on how using primary mental stimulation to arouse the breasts, then application with the gel, if this make this a good product for disabled women to masturbate: particularly those with neuropathy, fatigue, SCI and limited mobility. Full report in two weeks.

But beyond recommending masturbating (it’s good for you!), if anyone has already found techniques that work particularly with fatigue, limited mobility or neuropathy or with your female pain or disability condition be it chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, EDS (are dislocations a problem when masturbating?), MS and others.

Okay, that was supposed to be short and funny but ended with factual and focused. That works too.


Dawn Allenbach said...

Oh, we need to discuss this further, especially (for me) the solo masturbation since I have no partner. As my mobility becomes more and more limited, I think it will benefit me greatly to learn about using my mental faculties to bring about an orgasm.

JaneB said...

Nice pictures! I like the...mmm.. satisfied-looking cat girl with her tail curled up...

Vanessa said...

Ever the researcher!

I have experimented with mental stimulation as I'm unable to achieve vaginal orgasm without it and clitoral stimulation.

Let us know your results. :D

Raccoon said...

I like the first Catgirl. Granted, it looks like she's only about one third the size of the guy holding her, but she's got a really cute outfit on...

Uhm... never mind...

I didn't realize that the neck and ear lobes were considered "secondary" erogenous zones.

cheryl g said...

I was in a bookstore once and found a book titled "Sex and Back Problems". I was thrilled until I looked through it and realized it was written for men with lower back pain and from a heterosexual view. It was pretty much useless for those with more severe back injuries or women.

Thank you for being such a diligent researcher and for putting such lovely pictures up.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cheryl: Yes, that would annoy, as back problems are common, why couldn't they do it for guys and gals? Thanks, I try to find good pictures. I like the one of me going, "Yeah, so I'll probably try those feather stimulation nipple clamps" and the picture of Linda head snapped up from her book with a "Wha?!!!" look.

Dawn: So far, I have had best success with books to romantic fantasies (which means identifying your particular fantasy and finding good author/s) and Eroge game, which was much more 'clean' than I thought it would be, and yet very erotic, the ones for women are timed for women - the Japanese have everything timed down - it goes over that in Love Recipie, about how stories need to build and build and 'the scenes' need to be at least 20 minutes apart because that is how long it takes women to reach peak arousal (stories for males are 8 minutes apart based on average reading time). Plus, you don't need anything but a good headset and a mouse, as it is like a visual choose your own adventure. There are Otome (female oriented), hetero female oriented (like Yo-jin-bo) all with english subtitles.

Jane B: yes, the cat girl does have a very satisfied look. I did include a hetero couple too you notice, the whole, 'ravishing' in progress theme since that is a popular one.

Vanessa: I try to bring those years of education to bear! Clitorial stimulation is the most common, which is why a good vibrator and a good stock o fantasies is a good way to unwind. Ironically, male scientists have concluded that 'evolutionarily' the clit has 'no function' - haha.

Raccoon: Yes, she does, I like the outfit. But then I also knew a women who was 4'11 married to a 6'8" guy and they had 4 kids.

Anything that has enough nerve clusters to 'give a shiver' can count as a secondary sex area - most people think lips, or nipples, but a lot of areas are more sensative because they are untouched, nape of the neck has traditionally been quite sensual - for me, it is elbows, which are arousing, fingernails slowly sliding across or expanding out from the nerve center of the outer elbow - different places for different people (I won't say where Linda's is, that's for her to tell).

wendryn said...

Definitely an interesting post. I'll look forward to hearing about the research!

Can't help much on the questions, unfortunately.

Good luck! :)

Neil said...

The lengths you go to for research, my dear lady! I'm impressed, again.

My Beloved Wyfe tells me that orgasms, while a total body experience, aren't necessarily recommended during certain periods of healing with a broken, then pinned and screwed, ankle that's still in a cast. She says it made the bones grind together "a bit painfully."

Orgasms are good for migraines for us guys, too. As long as I can catch the pain early enough. They also relax the shoulders and spine, and are definitely a sleep aid.

Wonderful images, dear. I never realized teddy bears could be good masseurs/masseuses. And the girl with the plaid mini and the book would be my Beloved, but a couple of dec- years ago. Same impression exactly, at times.
Love and zen hugs,

Shea said...

Good luck with all that lol.

Dawn Allenbach said...

By the way -- the image of the cat-girl covered by the red cloth and holding the skull? My first thought was, "Alas, poor Yorrick. I knew him, Horatio."

tinarussell said...

Agreeeed! Trans women go through similar stuff where doctors expect us to care more about “authenticity” or somesuch than getting naked and having orgasms. Also, I take an SSRI for my depression, and though it really helps I wish somebody had told me it suppresses my sex drive. It seems like as soon as you are considered “disabled” talk of sex goes out the window and people assume you’re willfully sexless. Rrrrrrghhhhh.


Speaking of nipple stimulation, I know that my girlfriend likes to use a bullet vibrator on my nipples... and it feels really nice... ooooh...