Friday, October 08, 2010

Beth plays ‘Whack a Mole’ & the Thanksgiving surprise

I went up to Boxing yesterday a bit blue. But nothing like doing heavy bag for 20 minutes or more to get the endorphins going. I developed a six punch combo for both hands, a sixteen punch combo and a 52 punch combo (this will be my secret weapon, like in the films when the coach goes, “She's turning it around, look, look: she’s doing the 52 punch combo!” And then my opponent falls unconscious to the floor – except I am a pacifist, just not a very convincing one).

I did bouts with a) a male kickboxer, b) a girl scared to hit me, so I had her practice hitting my head. Linda is watching me type this and just shouted: “She was a QUICK learner!” and c) R., a woman with the hardest, leanest arm muscles of anyone I have boxed who gave me a very good hook, and while trying to help her in practice of a single block and jab move, she misunderstood and stepped in to give me a full roundhouse to the head. Oh did I hear bells. I seriously think she would have broken my nose if she hit lower.
Good news is that I have better memory today. I just keep tipping over and slurring my words. But I laugh a lot, which is good. Coach Ian kept yelling at me to breathe (by which he means, ‘take a five second break’), and at one point jumped in front of me yelling ‘BREATH’. My muddled mind thought, “Do I try to hit Ian while he ducks?" And kept working on my combinations, until he grabbed my hands. “Breathe”

Ian: “You aren’t doing 12 rounds you know.”

Me: “No. So Ian, can you prepare me for a 20 round bout?”

Ian: “Some guys only do ONE bout.”

Me: “How about 45 rounds, like the Canadian that beat Jack Johnson in Cuba?!”

Ian: “Hey, where is your oxygen?”

So that was boxing. It hurt last night. I had funny dreams and moaned a lot.

Today I went to the library and wheeled home, so that I do not get slothful. Because that’s me, right, slothful.

Then came the Thanksgiving Surprise: Someone came over and dropped off this a few minutes ago, which wasn’t from them, we don’t know who it is from. But thank you.
This holds: Turkey Breast, buns, Coleslaw, wine, apple sparkling drink, instant mashed potatoes, gravy mix, can beans, can peas, can corn, cranberry sauce, taffy, chocolate, MINT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, hot chocolate and apple pie.

That’s a whole Thanksgiving feast.
I started crying writing that list, because the idea that someone I never met could care so much about us, so that we could have a thanksgiving dinner. It is everything I wanted to believe in people: amazing, kind and generous.

There is a friend, a guy in the building who can’t get around because he is waiting on the same health system to see if they will give him a heart operation or just let him die, him and his two bachelor boys. So we are going to invite them up to have thanksgiving dinner with us. Because caring should beget caring, I think. So somehow, for those who have no thanksgiving plans, and we know all the people with disabilities here, we will try to have a real family dinner.

I did not think I asked for help, because stuff is what it is, and I know that a lot of people are going through sucky times right now. We paid for our computer repairs with snacks (rice crispy squares) and small gifts, and he said, “Next time it will have to be money.” Yeah, but right now, I have a computer and as much as I love the soup I’ve been having the last couple days, having something other than soup sounds pretty good.

Thanks to everyone who gave a thanksgiving surprise, we will try to pass it on. I wish I could have you all over. But we got excited at this tangible food in front of us because – someone came to our door…and there was food. So we were like, 'let's take a picture!' That’s cool. I was so happy, I lost balance and fell against the wall. Next time, less ‘whack a Beth’ at boxing I think.


Laura said...

I told you that you would have Thanksgiving. No it wasn't me but to whoever did, what a way to pay it forward. Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving Beth, Linda and your adoptive family.

Anonymous said...

Yay you! :D Now go check your PayPal account. It's not much, but it might help with food or meds or bills or whatever. Happy Thanksgiving!

rachelcreative said...

That's a wonderful surprise. Enjoy your dinner!

SharonMV said...

Happy thanksgiving! thank you to the loving & thoughtful person who sent that amazing dinner. I'm so glad you'll have a meal & people to share it with.

I was just thinking about you earlier today - wondering if you'd been boxing this week. sounds like a very good workout!

I had IVIG on Wed & saw my primary care doc (internist)today. Got stuck with a number of pointy medicine delivery tools which shall remain nameless. antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, & several other meds should help.


cheryl g said...

How wonderful that someone was so kind and provided Thanksgiving dinner for you!

I am thankful for that benefactor. I am thankful that you can go to boxing. I am thhankful that you are a part of my life.

Olivia said...

Yay! So glad to see you have a thanksgiving feast, and of course you will share it, it will taste better that way I am sure. And laughing is great - even at the expense of some tipping/slurring.

Aviatrix said...

Thank you person who helped Beth & Linda out. You not only helped them, and their Thanksgiving guest, but made all her readers happy that she will have a Thanksgiving dinner.

Baba Yaga said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

& the same to the perpetrator of the parcel.

Raccoon said...

food is good. So is oxygen -- where was yours?

Thank you anonymous person who left food.

Repairing your computer with food. I'll have to try that sometime.

wendryn said...

Thank you to whoever left the package - that was wonderfully kind.

Beth, I'm glad you went boxing and wheeling. Let me just add, though that "slothful" has never been something that applies to you! :)


Elizabeth McClung said...

Laura: I am glad, the man who had a stroke will be joining us.

Anon: I think it did help Linda as she went and got me the medicinal M which we had run out of ($10 a bottle) and one of my medications. The pain medications, we still are going from sample to sample, but thank you so much for the money for the muscle relaxant spray.

RachelCreative: Only another 2 days and then we can eat - Thanksgiving is on monday. So we can eat then.

SharonMV: Monday afternoon will be great. I am glad that Linda was able to approach people to invite them, as so few do that these days. And also for the person who dealt so tangibly with the issue.

I am so glad that you are fortunate enough to have an internist as a GP, please send any extra doctors north. Also that you are able to have your IVIG without a nuerologist present. That must really simplify things. And I expect you are thankful for insurance, as I now so aware of it, and how it isn't just the job Linda might get but the insurance which is so critical (sadly insurance here pays for no medications, but still).

Cheryl: I'm glad we have something on Monday, and people to host instead of sitting around in a city where other people have family and meals.

I went boxing because it was prepaid. I can't go to the dementia clinic because it costs. Oh well. I can't remember what my parents look like, not even in dreams, the only image I have of my father is the last one, of his legs as they kicked me before stepping over me.

I am glad you are in my life too.

Olivia: Today, not so much in laughing, high in the pain instead. But it was unusual to laugh. And yes, to share the meal is better, to have generosity and share it is how to make community - people can care (I guess it is just most of the doctors who specialize and then come to this island lose that capacity somehow - maybe drinking bad water).

Aviatrix: It was a third party to a third party to us, so we have no way to even send a card or thank them, which is why I thanked them publically - I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Baba Yaga: Ditto, I am not alone. And neither are you - which it turns out, counts for a lot.

Raccoon: When we eat in two days (the evening the day after tomorrow) it will be really good, I am sure! I guess that is the difference of Canadian Thanksgiving, we do it after instead of the Thursday lead-up.

I didn't have my oxygen because Linda needed to get the computer and I could only wheel with so much weight, which including my rain jacket (becuase it was raining), water, gatorade, hand wraps, cold packs and some other things, wasn't enough for the concentrator. And honestly, whether I ended up in hospital didn't really matter to me at that point, I had tried everything and things still seemed less and less stable. To box for the third week in a row was the only stable hour of the 168 so far that week.

Most computer guys can't cook, this guy was nice and liked cooked food and this virus wasn't coming out with programs, it needed to be removed line by line and then replaced from windows in the DOS and other file folders, and I couldn't do that. I am thankful that he did so much, and that the virus (or 5 in total) are gone now. I asked what to do better, he said, considering this was the first time I came in since moving to Canada, so like 5 years, it was actually better than most users including experienced users.

Wendryn: Right back at you - we both are working hard against enthropy, might as well turn back the tide of the universe - I am glad I went wheeling, first time I had been in the library for a long time, got many books.

tinarussell said...

Yay for foooood!! That‘s so wonderful!

Kate J said...

I was just hearing about Thanksgiving plans from some of my Canadian relatives (and one had even asked for MY pumpkin and goats cheese recipe) so I was feeling part of the Canadian feast already... then logged on to your blog, just hoping that something good might happen for you today. Wow, what a wonderful thing to happen! What a kind person! And great that you're able to pay it forward and invite your neighbour too.
Have a really good day,and a real feast!
Love & peace

JaneB said...

(((Beth and Linda))) and happy thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed your meal AND have yummy leftovers.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks, we are all going to eat now, I spent yesterday working on a post which has taken a week or two to do, I am done part I and working on editing it again and making part II now that I have the one quote I was missing. Off to food.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Hope you had a good day & enjoyed the thanksgiving dinner.

Casdok said...

Very heart warning to read :)
Happy Thanksgiving.

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

So glad you were able to have a Thanksgiving... so thankful to know you and Linda.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Casdok: thanks - I am glad to see you, It was a nice thanksgiving dinner.

Lorna, Bob, Liam: Thanks, great to know you, I hope you had a great thanksgiving.