Monday, September 20, 2010

'Talk like a Mountie Day', Pirate booty, and my morning scream

Shiver me timbers!I be missing ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ already: so SO many uses of the word ‘booty’. Onward to ‘Speak like a Canadian Mountie Day’ where you have to say, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘May I assist you?’, approach anyone who appears to be emotionally of physically troubled to assist. Plus you get to say, ‘Do you realize the speed you were going? Try to remember that there are deer out here as well.” And “Cannabis? Personal Use? Please wait until you get home to have that, miss. Thank you. Please take care while driving and avoid littering.”

Linda is out cycling to return books to the library, pick up pocky and get flowers both gay and glamorous. Her mission solves my distress upon realization that we had not enough ‘bloom’ around the house (or pocky), so I pitched in for flowers. Wet stuff now falling from the sky (Linda calls it 'bane' or 'rain', whichever), an indication the seasons are changing. However, the construction and noise continues. A care worker from many, many months ago, E., returned today with, ‘Wha? They are STILL working?”

I woke this day with a scream, as my calf went into full locked spasm. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

The spasm was severe enough to rip the muscle and the bleeding under the skin could be seen a minute or two after Linda massaged it down. As E., the care work who had returned looked down in concern I sheepishly smiled and said, “Hi, I guess that was sort of ‘welcome back’”.

A short post to let you know I am trying to blog as regularly as I can (even daily as possible), so please drop on by. Sarcasm, wit and odd word usage to be expected. Don’t miss the blog post below on Hatley castle (plus Victoria, BC 1900’s brand opium and me molesting the wildfowl), with 24+ pictures and three weeks of work.

Now I MUST bid adieu as I return to my research on ‘The disabled female: masturbation and orgasms’ Disability rights, indeed!


Linda McClung said...

Cute pirate girl! As for Mounties, ‘Thank you, kindly’ is another one. Paul Grossman’s character in Due South used it a lot, but I’ve heard my fair share of Canadians say it, too. The littering comment made me chuckle.

Glad I was able to find the flowers you were looking for – and the pocky and the library books.

I was so glad to have E. back as well. She’s great!

Enjoy our research! The girl is looking REALLY happy!

Elizabeth McClung said...

'Enjoy our research' - OUR? Does this mean I am getting some? I can do more research on masturbation later if you want to move straight to 'partner assisted orgasms' - Thank YOU, kindly!

Bonnie said...

Thank you kindly??! Is THAT what we have to say now? I'd much rather declarrrrre it 'Talk Like A Pirate' WEEK and continue onwarrrrrd.

Btw, did you know there is a snack food called Pirate Booty? Can you imagine sending someone to the store to 'get me some Booty'? Or asking the clerk "do you have any Booty?" (amuses meself greatly, that does)

kinnnnnndly...just doesn't cut it.

cheryl g said...

Talking like a pirate is way more fun than talking like a mountie. I don’t think a mountie would ever shout, “Prepare to be boarded!”

I hope you are again supplied with pocky and have flowers to gaze at.

Raccoon said...

I thought you had done research on this topic before?

Nevermind; research can be a lot of fun.

Neil said...

Raccoon: results might change with time, and technology (including, but not limited to, tools and research techniques) can improve with time, so more research is ALWAYS indicated. Arrr!!

Linda: yer mention of Paul Grossman reminds me that we have a couple of sound-track albums from Due South. That show had some of the BEST music! Including Paul Grossman's song about the fictional ship "Robert McKenzie."

Beth: dear, wonderful, intelligent, witty Beth. I understand that your memory is betraying something awful, but I hope that somewhere inside or deep down in the middle, you are able to remember that you are loved. Your wonderful wife Linda loves you greatly; your friends love and respect you; and many, Many, MANY people online love and respect you.

You have made a positive difference in this world, dear. And hen you die, Beth, I will will not be very surprised at all if you discover a way o keep blogging.

And I Still believe that this blog, in its entirety, should be required reading for every medical student as a prerequisite for graduation.

Keep up that research!

Love and zen hugs,

Kate J said...

Ahoy there, fellow-pirate! Glad to hear you're on form. Remember, according to the Muppets anyway, that "when you're a professional pirate, you don't need to wear a suit."I'll vote for that!

But talking like a Mountie... Hmmm, not knowing any Mounties, I guess I'd have to base it on the guy in "Due South" (one of my son's favourite shows - he has them all on DVD...)
Love & peace

tinarussell said...

Yay for disability rights!

And, you could always combine the two days for “Talk Like a Saskatchewan Pirate Day”...

Aviatrix said...

There are always new conclusions to be reached.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: I have 'touched' upon the subject, for example in the 'I am not 80!' post earlier this year:

However, as my condition changes, function is lost, it alters the requirements of mental stimulation, but also some of the ways in which to engage in situations. Sometimes I get high and horny when I have suffered a trauma of pain, as the endorphins flood my brain.

Plus, I am still unaware of any real research, or even open anecdotal research on ways people have specifically reached orgasm without lower body function (I know some of the ways to create a penile erection, but that is not the same as success rates of female orgasms, erotic dreams and multiple orgasms as relating to controlled desire: ergo masturbation, disability style)

Bonnie: Thank you kindly for your comments.

Cheryl G: In Due South, the Mountie training ship is used and they DO shout 'prepare to be boarded' several times in different episodes.

Neil: I do worry when you make orgasms sound like I am using a blender or some new 'technology' - eep!

Also, I always know that I forget, this I can never forget, as even when Linda or others are kind enough to do things like put pictures on their emails, that act reminds me of why that is so thoughtful and kind. Love is a verb, and for a person as Pooh with say, 'of small brain', without some sort of reinforcement every few days, isolated as I am, I do not know that I am loved. I do have the three people who send me letters next to me, and any other letters are immediately replied to.

Besides, the one thing I do know, most of all, is that for my blood immediate family, they would prefer that I never be born. They have no interest in knowing me, nor care what happens. If my father AND all the sons and daughters of his mother put her funeral, announcement, and other issues aside for months so as not to disturb their summer vacation plans - their own mother didn't rate a one week postponement of vacations in order to be cremated, remembered and buried - so how well do I rate. I think, my parents are exceptionally happy that they see themselves no longer as parents. So I do know things deep down, and that the 'feeling' or 'knowing' could be changed at any point, but that would involve change and effort on the parts of others, including immediate family - and that has not, nor, do I think, will it happen.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Kate J: I can think of no better model than Paul Grossman, who is a really nice person whether playing a mountie or not. 'To keep the peace'

Tina: Yes, It would be a bit of commute to seize those grain barges though, eh?

Go disability research!

Aviatrix: Agreed, much like saying, "Didn't you fly already" - each flight produces different expereiences in difference environments - I am merely trying to do the same and pass that information on.

JaneB said...

Research sounds like such an organised, structured activity... are pictures of cat girls involved?? At least rain should help cool things down a little...

Kate J said...

That's amazing... a fellow-fan of Paul Gross and Due South. I love that show! When there was nothing of note on our TV channels last Christmas, I have to confess we watched the two DS Christmas specials! My son also has the album of all the music and is 'into' a number of Canadian bands and singers as a result. Glad to hear that Paul G is a decent guy, too. (We did rent Men with Brooms on DVD and enjoyed that, too!)

However, sadly, my radical younger cousins tell me that the Mounties are generally not at all like Constable Benton Frazer. Another cherished illusion bites the dust!

However, we also never miss a chance to talk like a pirate... Aaaarrr, Jim lad! Good to know you do likewise.

Love & peace... and thank you kindly...