Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Intimate and the …..well, the Uke?

I had another post but some things take days to say, though I am working on it.

A song for you Linda, and that vulnerability you have kept, which trusts me to love you enough to hold you emotionally without pain. I am sorry when I fail in that. I am thankful that you commit to this, to ‘us’ and let that vulnerability show again, even when it is hard. And for all that you do to remember me, above and beyond the disease, and come for me to bring me safe home. I have no home; I only have it with you, when safe. Thank you.

Linda, I have held on, and I hold on. I will never give up on ‘us’, never stop loving you, never. We didn’t have a ‘good marriage’, we ARE married. Our Riches, Our Poverty, Our Sickness, Our Joy – my body might be knocked about, but my soul is full.

Well, I can’t sit around being moody and ‘significant’ ALL the time (well, I guess I could be moody less, since I have that pegged). So this one is a song I was going to have about me, and had a video for it, but I found this one, which you should see now, before it is removed. It is for all the Uke’s out there (and yeah, those girls are guys, just a little cross dressing) – for Yaoi love and Uke’s: the one who is a bit more, um, well, er, the Seme is on TOP, does that help? The guys being clueless – Uke’s, well kinda.

Characters from Loveless, Sukiso (anytime a boys school has the new student fighting off his roommate by midnight and voted to be the ‘school prize’ for being kissed while crossdressed, accept that yaoi is nearby!), Ouran Club – yeah, ‘host clubs’ are about yaoi fantasy, SURPRISE!, Junjou Romantica. Watch it twice and then try to get the song (and some images) out of your head.


Neil said...

Love WINS!

Love and zen hugs,

Raccoon said...


I like the first one...

Elizabeth McClung said...

Oh, but I hoped the second one would really get everyone grooving - I showed it to Linda once and she couldn't get it out of her head the whole night. That pinked haired anime guy who takes off the robe for the bath, has a really beautiful back. And cross dresses well too.

And who can't love catboys?

I like Anna too, her songs are very soulful - she has another one which is called something like 'leaving' and she says in a concert, "This is actually one of my more cheerful songs." haha. I like the reality of her songs. Plus she sings with a group that plays the saw, and you can see exactly how the guy does it.