Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blood, blood, blood.....and drugs.

I gave blood, so now I am stoned. I took all these drugs Linda gave me so they could get the needle in me. I do not like needles. I have a phobia. I think the drugs were supposed to relax me. They didn’t relax me for the first eight screams, but maybe the four after that were a tad less full of gusty terror. Before I was very chatty, and kept asking the new interns what size they were, "OMG! You are total a zero or a two, aren't you?" Now that I think about it, just saying to a girl suddenly, "You are a total zero" might make them think you aren't asking the size of tops they wear.

Once I was in the room and lying down, I started a video, and was supposed to be relaxing. But instead I showed the nurse who was waiting for me to chill a video on the PSP of an anime guy who was rubbing his nipples and naked, but wearing elephant trunk underwear. "Look, ELEPHANT!"

Linda had her head hanging down and was muttering, "Oh God, every time, new ways to humiliate me."

The nurse, who had taken my blood before, just said, 'Yeah, THAT might distract you, so why don't YOU look at it instead of showing it to me.' I think she was starting to regret having that student intern in with her in order to watch how to deal with 'special' clients.

Here is the video I was showing her, well, between 15 seconds in and 30 seconds in - it does get BETTER after that, or at least less full of anime guys licking each other (really good song, and video).

Naked men, elephant trunk underwear, and 'boom boom boom, together in my room', along with a lot of screaming and it was done!

Once the needle came out, I did get VERY sleepy. Those drugs kicking in. And I kept mumbling, “I want the shiny band-aide, shiny!” Because there are ones they keep for children that are cool, with holographic sparkle stars. I could claim that the drugs lowered my inhibition to being childish but we all know that would be a lie, I just like cool shiny band-aids, or Hello Kitty ones.

So I am off to sleep now, back up again later.
I leave you with a pretty/creepy picture of the flowers Linda and I bought together. I am not sure what kind they are, but they look BLUE, right? I sometimes get colours mixed up, which could make driving difficult if they ever let me have a license again.

Wow, giving blood really takes it out of you. (Drum roll... badum*bum!)


cheryl g said...

I think the adrenalin flood really counteracts the drugs for you which is why you get stoned after it is all over…

You are incorrigible but the nurse sure took it in stride. I hope you did get the shiny band-aid.

Good for you for getting the blood tests done.

Those are very blue daisys.

tinarussell said...

Needles still give me the jibblies. It’s disconcerting to see blood from my veins going _out_ of me.

And, I think every adult woman whom I’m friends with would like a Hello Kitty holographic bandage after having blood drawn. I think that says more about the friends I keep, but hey :D (I’d certainly get one!)

Aviatrix said...

I wondered if you still had the needle phobia or if it had been subsumed to all the other things that any sane person would fear but which have become life as normal for you.

I like shiny, too, but I usually take off my bandaids as soon as I can so as not to be asked awkward questions about why I had blood taken.

You have your colours straight. The blue flowers are possibly white daisies that have had their stems put in blue-coloured water. You can try it yourself sometime.

Raccoon said...

That first minute or so of the video was REALLY disturbing.


They obviously didn't give the drugs enough time to work before trying to draw blood from you.

Did you get the shiny Band-Aid?

SharonMV said...

Glad you survived the blood-letting. Who wouldn't want the fun band-aid? Hope you get some rest now.


JaneB said...

well, you certainly taught that student intern some new things!

And did you get the shiny band aid? You deserved it!

e said...

Hi Beth,

I hate needles but can avoid screaming. You certainly deserve that shiny band aid. Those daisies are a wonderful shade of blue, my favourite colour.

Thanks for the card and for visiting my blog. I hope you got my note.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am back from boxing, so on another adrenaline high! Thanks for the comments.

I thought for SURE that a totally pink guy shooting beams of light out of his nipples would get comments, not to mention the woman rubbing herself up and down on that poor guy in bed. Alas.

Cheryl: Yes, though it does make me verbose, like I needed help in that department.

no, they were out of band-aids, I just got a piece of cotton - BOO! I have to find the Hello Kitty ones I keep here.

Yes, finally those tests done, now I find out if I need new meds.

are daisies normally blue?

Tinarussell: Oddly, I find the sight of blood kind of funny and soothing coming out of me, I guess I see it as me invading new territories (go my blood and conquor!). If it just the needle which is the issue, and that it goes into my body - yikes.

I have some hello kitty holograms, and some hello kitty bandaids, but no hello kitty hologram bandaids..yet - but if you find some, please let me know.

Aviatrix: Yes, it is actually a lot better as it only took some diazapam and I didn't have 3 days of no sleep before the needle. It is possible to plan and go in and get it done (7:40 minutes, almost a new record).

Ah, I guess after seeing the film Constantine, the actress with all the hospital braclets who was the wacked out angel made me fall in love with her all over again AND what I call 'medical punk' which is having lots of ports, medical braclets and other medical stuff - so I keep it on - I have had 2 or 3 hospital braclets on, plus electrodes attached to me, AND a blinking node on my arm for 02 (in red and green colour) and no one has said boo! It might be the 'oh so polite Victoria'.

Can I make lots of blue and purple flowers that way?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: I actually checked and from appearance of naked man to pile-up of naked wrestling guys is only 15 seconds, but yes, it does seem MUCH longer. Then it moves to girl throwing guy around and then girl being VERY sexual to guy.

No, it is always like this, no matter how much they give me, that's why even for operations, they have to double or quadruple the initial knock out dose.

No shiney band-aid, and I am peeved (as is Linda as she is a band-aid sadist and likes to rip it off!).

SharonMV: Thanks. I will rest now. I did the blood on wednesday so I could go boxing today, in case the blood totally wiped me out, as I knew the boxing would. So tomorrow is bed day.

Jane: Yes, I think I taught her to take another patient if she sees me roll into the clinic!

Sadly, no hoo.

e. : Actually the screaming is a control technique to allow my arm to stay limp, as I used to flex ALL my muscles and my arm would have giant bruises from bleeding. So now, when I am ready to go I shout, "Yes" which means "Get the butterfly needle (smallest) in and get the blood now) and shout yes and focus on that while keeping THAT arm limp. The other arm is fully clenched and my neck and shoulders are arced. Then after a few seconds it goes to, "No! No! No!" and "Out! Out! Out!" - this was maybe a 10-15 second one, so I didn't have a brain melt and just start screaming like someone being tortured (like the time the car right outside had an accident after I did it).

Aviatrix said...

Daisies normally have white petals and yellow centres, but there are lots of varieties of daisy.

And yes, most light-coloured flowers can be dyed by putting food colouring in the water in their vases. I think the blue ones in your picture were done that way.

Lene Andersen said...

that guy at the beginning had a very, very long tongue. I very much liked the elephant underpants, but if faced with something like that in real life, I think I'd be to busy laughing hysterically for any sexytime to occur.

I'm glad your blood tests are over. Although I've gotten used to needles after a lifetime of being stuck, to approximate how you feel, I imagine a medical test that requires numerous tarantulas being placed on me (I have some degree of the heebie-jeebies with spiders) and shudder. I'm so proud of you that you managed to get through it.