Friday, August 06, 2010

Coming Home, going jogging/wheeling, running out of WATER? And some light reviews.

The BEST part about coming home is knowing where stuff is. Also all the things we looked for in our luggage for two weeks suddenly appear now that it is far too late to use them. Also I get to spread the giant piles of postcards in front of me (I should take pictures – postcards bought in national parks, postcards from small towns and museums, etc).

I hope this weekend to start sending out packages and postcards which I will continue for the long future. Well, as long as I can get funds on Amazon, selling off some of my books and CD's from 'pre-disability' life. I also might raise some funds with ebay: then I can send out more packages. If you are interested in Tea, you might want to let me know! And the type of tea. This is BIG hint to all the overseas readers as an ounce or two of tea is NOT EXPENSIVE to post (or not AS expensive as say, BOOKS), so if you are in OZ, or South America, or other places and you know someone (ME!) who just came from a speciality tea room where they spend WAY too much, you might want to let them know what kind of teas you drink....HINT! HINT!

I came back exhausted from our road trip but also, in my muscles in great shape (heart, lungs, blood pressure not so great, but arm muscles great - I even lost weight). The up side is that because of the wheeling around Comi-con, Redwoods, Yosemite, and several other locations, I am FIT, or able to wheel myself around. The bad(ish) news is that I still pass out, stop breathing every day. I have had a nose bleed for over a week and yesterday I passed out and fell down on the floor twice, once in the bathroom. Oh, and our Air conditioner is going. Plus the water filter we use for water needs filters which Linda put on the wishlist. Without those filters, the water makes me spend WAY too long in the bathroom (explosive!), and I have to drink 2-3 liters of it a day. It is the mundane like running out of ‘fish pills’ (I now have to take cod liver oil pills with every meal), and the amount of stuff I have to eat with my food rivals my grandparents who took just about every supplement imaginable – one plate for the food, one for the supplement pills.)

I highly recommend the mangaTwin Spica for 15 and up, which will be releasing volume 3 in a few weeks. The next six volumes are already printed of this tale of a tiny girl who is determined to go into space, but whose family is closely connected to the tragedy of ‘The Lion’, Japan’s last manned rocket which crashed into a populated area. She must keep her spirits up and her love of going into space in this tale told of her future as well as the story of the past which is both uplifting and heartbreaking. I was gifted the first two books thankfully. So now I and Linda and Cheryl have read and recommend them as well. We talked to the Editor of Vertical and they are determined to print the entire run in advance. This is one series they are releasing the next book every 8 weeks because they have them advance translated and printed. Also they have a very cute manga about a kitten call Chi, which is from the kitten's point of view. It sold out in hours both times they got more copies in at Comi-con. As did Black Jack, I have up to book 6, very good.

I am looking forward (no pun) to Fast Forward, a DVD set on the wishlist which has over 80 ratings, all five stars. I haven’t seen it but it is about everyone seeing six months into the future, and after that, I am a bit fuzzy on the plot. I kind of don't want to know because I want to get that buzz of watching something really good, without having read the entire plot first. The DVD sets will start being sent out in just over 2 weeks. Also Criminal Minds coming out soon, that will be cool. That is three weeks, finally after a long wait, the DVD’s have returned to nest!

Today, I was feeling better and not passing out so I decided my ‘cunning plan’. The idea is: I was in agony on the trip from all the wheeling, so I built up some muscles and am fit, likely. Also I turn red a lot when 'power wheeling', which indicates higher blood flow to my arms and chest. So I decided to go for a 90 minute wheel, where I ‘jogged’ wheeling, with Linda jogging to keep me company. We went out to the waterfront and did the 5K trail there, plus the add on, which goes down the BIG hill and back up again (you can see me doing my, ‘push 1, 2, 3, 4…” count up the hill to never stop the arms going). This MIGHT produce some agony later, which is where the watching riviting DVD's come in, along with the recovery days.

There is a section atop the bluffs with the water beside and often along blackberry bushes. The trail is seen as flat but as a wheelie knows, what SEEMS flat is often slanted and this was no exception, so one arm got a BIG workout. Then there is a section that dips and the trees close in all around,a trail which leads to ‘Mile 0’ the start of the Trans Canada Highway (I know, we are on an island so how can the Trans Canada Highway start HERE? Well, welcome to Canada, where paradox exists without irony). There is a statue of Terry Fox there, often with Japanese Tourists taking a picture of it. Then we double back, and then down the long mile to back home (after I go up the big hill to the apartment).

I sweated! – not entirely atop the head or the feet, which is a bummer as I will keep losing hair but the rest of my body got some sweating going on. This is a good thing. I am also still bleeding out of my nose, probably due to the high, high heart rates for long periods of time going up hills and such. The cunning plan realizes that I am in not as good a shape as I was in Hawaii. BUT, I can lose weight, and improve circulation….on the days when I am not taking a bed day. So like 2 bed days, then out and doing 5K. I need to rest, I also need to be as fit as I can be. If the seizures increase a lot, then I will cut back, and if I start bleeding out of more than four places I will cut back (of out of my eyes, because that would freak out the other runners).

Home is late nights where I look around the room I am likely to die in. That sucks. Linda is unemployed and still searching. That sucks. But home is also where I am going to keep writing, keep doing, keep reaching out to people, keep trying to make the best life for me, Linda, and all of my friends that I can. I will keep doing manga reviews, pictures of us getting out and reports from the front line of kicking life. I am still alive, or most of me is (EFM: Now 1/3 Zombie!) Sure, I went blind yesterday for a while, but the trick of living on the edge is doing the stuff and not always waiting to fall off.


Linda McClung said...

We have a lot of cool postcards from our trip that I'm looking forward to stamping and sending out.

I'm looking forward to trying out the two flavours of tea we bought just for us. You're right we, have a lot more than we can drink, especially as we're not big tea drinkers.

It's good to be back home where everything is familiar, but what's not so good is coming back to an air conditioner which is definitely flagging. The air compressor doesn't kick in like it used to so the temperature is steadily climbing. Not good for sleeping.

Chi's Sweet Home was a very sweet manga. I don't read a whole lot of manga, but this one was great. As an added bonus it was all in colour. If you like cats of any kind you'd like this one. It's for all ages.

Watching TV and resting for a couple of days sounds really good. I'm concerned about the number of nose bleeds you have.

Ugg! I can tell I'm getting older... I'm already sore and it has only been an hour or so since I stopped jogging. Doing 8km the first time in over a year was not a wise idea. I think we'll be paying for it for a while.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, if I had TOLD you we were doing 8K you never would have left the house. You said you wanted to get back into jogging, it's all down hill from here.....once the pain ends. hee hee.

Yeah, the air con is a big worry. It has been on steady for three years, half of the year we have it on 24/7, they should use us as a commercial. Hello manufacturer, we will take our payment in another of the same portable air con ($329 plus tax), so come and do a commerical any time.

wendryn said...

That's a long way to go to start to get back into something!

I'm glad you've got blood flowing and I hope that the payment isn't too steep for either of you. :)

Have a good (and hopefully cool!) weekend!

Lisa Harney said...

Glad you made it back home, and that you have so much to look forward to. Terrible to hear about the air conditioner. I hope it holds out.

I hate losing things in my own luggage so much. So annoying.

deadrose said...

Glad to hear you're home! It sounds as if it's been a fantastic trip!

Our AC unit has been on steadily since school let out at the end of June. Even when it's not warm enough to do more than run the fan, it helps block the sounds of the neighbour kids during the day.

At night I tend to kick it up after Dave leaves for work and cool the room down to my comfort zone :)

rachelcreative said...

It's always good to be back amongst the familiar and the knowns of home - but for me I can also feel a bit low getting bumping back to the daily reality and routine. I'm glad you got a lot out of the trip including physical ups (even if there are also downs).

I've sent you a letter. I wrote on the envelope to open it on a day where vision is ok as I put lots of pictures in it for you to see.

JaneB said...

Glad to hear you've got some bloodflow and are able to take the chair out more - hopefully that at least makes balancing on the edge a bit less tedious!

Baba Yaga said...

Welcome home.

Neil said...

Did someone say tea? Sounds like a lovely idea; I'll go put the kettle on.

So Mile 0 of the TransCanada highway being on an island isn't ironic? How about Hawaii having Interstate highways? That's either ironic, or the most severe case of denial I've seen in a month. :)

Youngest Son has a t-shirt that reads "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space."

Welcome home, and a boo, hiss for the failing air conditioner. There should start to be some sales on new ones, if that helps any. (Not without money, it doesn't, I know.)

Hurray for linda jogging 8km. Boo for Beth not cutting it short for your poor out-of-shape wife. And boo for getting older. It sucks, doesn't it?

Love and zen hugs,

Dagny said...

" the trick of living on the edge is doing the stuff and not always waiting to fall off."

Love that.


SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm so glad you made it home! I've been thinking about you two doing the drive through OR & WA. so happy to read that you didn't lose ground on the difficult trip (besides all the passing out) and gained some muscle strength. And out "jogging"! Hooray for the sweating. But maybe you could try underestimating your strength & cutting the distance a little next time (ha! - not likely).

We had to get out air conditioner repaired twice during our recent heatwave. I couldn't lie in bed as it was too hot in that room. Had to have my infusion downstairs on a really hot day - no air conditioning, just fans. Was having a really bad day too - adrenal function way too low, sick with infection (which makes my body require more adrenal hormones), lupus flare - you get the drift. But now the AC is fixed, working well and my body is working a little better too.

By the way I love Tea! Will send you an e-mail with my faves.

Love to you both. Hope the AC keeps working & that you watch DVDs & rest for a couple of days.


cheryl g said...

OK the nose bleeds are not good. You are already too anemic without bleeding a lot and the high blood pressure isn't good either. So, of course you went and wheeled an 8K.

It is good being home although that sucks about the air conditioner.

Please give yourself recovery days between workouts.

Lene Andersen said...

You live in a gorgeous place.

Good news on the increased fitness, not so good on the nose bleeds and passing out. That run - just a wee one, huh? - is damn impressive.

And "the trick of living on the edge is doing the stuff and not always waiting to fall off"? My favourite quote of this week.

Welcome home, my friend.

Stephanie in Victoria said...

I am also looking forward to the Flash Forward tv series. They have had the first half of the season at the public library for a few months now and I am on the reserve list.

I tremendously enjoyed the original novel by Canadian writer Robert J. Sawyer. In the book the vision was 20 years into the future and the main characters were scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland whereas the tv show is 6 months and the characters are in LA, so it should be a whole new story on the same concept.

Robert J. Sawyer in my number 1 favourite contemporary science fiction author and I particularly like that a lot of his themes explore the intersection of science and spirituality. I also enjoy that most of his stories contain many unbashedly Canadian references and settings instead of the "standard" US-centric ones found in most Earthbound SF stories.

Raccoon said...

I tried watching "Fast Forward" but I wasn't able to get into it. I'm starting to enjoy "Haven;" apparently, one of the fun things is looking for Stephen King Easter eggs.

Exercise is a good thing. Where I go they are trying to figure out what I will be able to do post surgery. This is a good thing.

I'm still a little annoyed that you didn't use Indy more during the Con.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: I hope the surgery goes well, very well and the post operation therapy exceeds projected expectation. I also am annoyed at not using Indy more, short term thinking - I could have used Indy on the last day as I was totally wiped, I save 10 minutes at the start of the day to end up exhausted later - I did use Indy the day after however, and the day I went to all the panels I used Indy (or perhaps I was able to go to all those panels all over the place because I had indy - I found out that it was the TOR booth where they were selling Seven Seas books - I wish I had known that, but since I had no money left, perhaps best I didn't - as they were selling out of print sets and books there.) Indy gets used, like now, when one lung is not working correctly due to the falls and maybe the brochal tube is inflammed, I thought it was collapsed as Linda could not hear anything in that lung for breathing, and the pain is...unique. Will look up Haven now.

Neil said...

Sending good vibes and healing thoughts for the lung and now bleeds.

Also, regarding your recent post about "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," all I can say is "Thank you!"

I have now finished the second book in the series, "The Girl Who Played With Fire," and am waiting impatiently to get the third one from the library.

I don't know whether to curse and threaten the author for dying after delivering only three of ten intended books, or be grateful that I have only one more book to read so I can get this literary monkey off my back. Ohhh, those books are addictive!

Stephanie: I loved Robert J. Sawyer's "Hominids" and "Calculating God." I've just been given a copy of "Rollback" and am looking forward to reading it. However, I couldn't get interested in the sequel to "Hominids;" he seemed to have covered the subject thoroughly enough for my taste.

Linda: I hope you've recovered from your little run!

Love and zen hugs,

kettlebells said...

Fast Forward rocks! I love it too!

Stephanie in Victoria said...

Neil: Coincidentally, I am currently reading "The Girl Who Played With Fire" and the sequel to "Hominids" is the next one in my queue.

"Rollback" is the only Sawyer book I've read so far that I felt he fell short of his potential. I thought there was much more he could have done with the premise.

Also, I was quite bugged by a huge whole in his legal logic: a company is set up in a place where no court has jurisdiction and one of the main characters is forbidden to leave because of a contract he signed. So what court is there to enforce the contract? And this flaw is even overlooked by his adviser who is a retired lawyer.

Not to mention I thought the ending was a cop out.

Oh well, I guess even the best writers can't be perfect.