Sunday, July 25, 2010

Road Trip to Comi-Con 2010: San Diego, day 5?

Hi, I did an interview with the publishing director an d Managing Editor of Yen Press as well as an interview of Editor of Vertical I want to publish as well as meeting the woman who started Shojo manga (and yaoi), and got some free books from Simon and Shuster (sic) and tips on how they would never publish my work as it talks about sex, violence, pedophiles, sexual abuse, drug use, and urban gritty life, since while their teen books don't even have kissing due to the need to 'reach a broad audience' (aka: no bans or problems by religious groups). Peguin books would have no problem dealing with those issues.

I mention this because Moto Hagia, published a series for teens on a pedophile, then a story where a boy's mother is taken in by an uncle who sexually rapes the boy for years. In order to escape the boy tampers with the car of his uncle but his mother is riding that day, so he kills her as well and deals with that guilt. His 'brother', the son of the uncle who had no idea of the sexual abuse blames the protagonist. This is real and gritty and printed in the 1970's in Japan.

I got several signings, including the authors of Beautiful Darkness, but also a manga artist from Vertical on a manga about the sexual exploitation of young women from the US in Tokyo's 'Entertainment' industry (promised jobs as waitress and end up as escorts). The story was not published here so the artist moved to Japan where it was serialized in a magazine then put out in manga format (3 volumes) which NOW has been picked up by the states. I talked to him quite a while.

We have not had internet as the gaming at Comi-con has downed almost every server in the downtown area. Which is um, difficult. I am sitting outside a closed Starbucks in my wheelchair typing this now.

No camera and no $175 to get the same model used on ebay - Canon Powershot A640/A630 - the reason I need this is not just the swivel LCD screen but it is the only camera I know how to operate. I have tried to learn new things but I forget them every two days so my computer remembers all passwords. I know how to use this camera, which I load into the compter and label my memories - it is part of 'The Five': my wheelchair, my wedding ring, my camera, my computer, my watch (the other thing I know how to work). Just part of the frustration of brain damage. With unemployment Linda says 2011 or so for replacing it with a used one. BLAH!

I will post pictures and interviews once I can get somewhere that has internet, honest. I am exhausted, 150,000 visitors over the days, and TERRIBLE wheelchair experiences, but lots and lots of people with RA, other illnesses, ventilators and kids in wheelchairs out in force, more every day - this is the place for those who live life at home on the computer to see the whole industry in one place - from films to publishers, to TV actors, Film Actors and Artists. I talked to Nene Thomas today and she was really cool, talked about the two models she uses in this years calendar that are from Victoria.

Gotta go, the street people are looking at me oddly.


Rose said...

Do you have a paypal account? I don't have much money but I'd be happy to throw what I can spare your way to help with a replacement camera?

My camera is hugely important to me, and I get the impression yours is to you, too. I love your posts with photos in where I get to see more of your life, too.

If you put the details up I'm sure other people would be interested in helping out, too? Maybe between us we can raise enough for you to get a replacement this year.

*hugs* Hope the rest of comic-con goes well :)

Rose x

FridaWrites said...

Good to hear from you. I imagine that it would be pretty difficult to navigate a wheelchair through the crowds, or to see exhibits/tables around other people once you're where you want to go. Hope you get a camera that works for you soon--sorry yours went AWOL!

Neil said...

I'm still praying that your camera finds its way back to you, dear ladies. Meanwhile, it sounds like you're having a marvellous time. I hope you are able to teach to publishers something of real life.

How are the knees? Are they managing to repair themselves?

Love and zen hugs,

Alex M. said...

Are you by any chance coming back up via SF?

wendryn said...

Glad you're still about & enjoying things!

Aviatrix said...

That's kind of funny about the Comic-Con nerdery taking down servers all over town. Not at all funny about the camera. I really hope it turns up. (Yes, I'm a silly optimist, but it might).

I'm thrilled that your spill on the way down hasn't put you out of commission for the con, and that you are meeting such interesting people.

Lene Andersen said...

it's come so far now that the publishing company will not even consider something remotely real? Not just limiting the publication of this, but won't even consider it? Good Lord.

I've lately taken up playing the lottery as a revenue-generating endeavor. If it works, you'll get a camera.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I hope you & Linda are having fun. I hope you are OK and not over-doing too much. I look forward to reading your interviews and more about your trip when you have time and access.

just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.


Neil said...

Sweetie, Oldest Son is an ebay fanatic; I'll have him look around for a camera for you.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks rose, I am glad you like the pictures as they are important to me. I appreciate your sentiment and caring, it is really encouraging, I am SO glad we found the camera and chip inside. Horaay I have my memory back.