Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Trip to Comi-con 2010: Eugene to San Fran Part 3 - a touch of the redwoods

While we were off-road, there was a trail to some of the big trees, and I was feeling like “Darn if I am going to be stuck in this car for 3 days and do nothing!” so I ended up wheeling around (down a BIG, BIG Hill) some very big trees (since about 1/2 of the tree is in the picture, and goes up, and up). It was dusty dry, but also dark from the canopy 300 feet overhead.
I took most of the film and it was really hard to get pictures that showed how huge these original redwoods were. I tried but found that without perspective, often they just looked like regular trees instead of this ‘medium sized’ tree that fell down (medium large trees are 400 years old or more, there were trees 1,500 years old in that area). As you can see, sometimes I had to wheel under the trees, but no problem.

Linda borrowed my camera as light shows up better in the film section as she decided to take some films of me around the trees. Of course, this is when wonderful films appear (honest) and sometimes other things can happen.
Yeah, well,


My first thought, and Linda’s was: “How many bends to the legs now?”

What happens basically is this, chair stopped dead as rocks grabbed the chair while

I leaned forward. I shoot out chair.

I touch down at lowest point (which are knees as I am leaning forward to get under tree), body continues forward dragging legs over rocks while using up energy.

Did I bleed? Oh hell.

Honest truth. We had only 3 hours of light left to see the Redwoods and I hoped the cotton would act as a bandage as the blood soaked through. I never looked after one shot until 10 hours later. That is when it was bandaged.

I have left bits of the redwood and floor of the forest in two states and several towns as they keep appearing. I remember begging Linda to find a bathroom so I could get the amount of BARK from a redwood tree out of my ASS (you know, four hours later, once photo ops were gone.)

Then it turned black, and I had missed some bark so in LA, I had to dig and peel most of my skin the size of a fist or two off of my knee, which isn’t all of the hurt on that leg, just some of it.

10 minutes later I laughed like a maniac! I looked like one too, with blood soaking through and running down my leg and I am going up to groups of families laughing and laughing, and asking if they want to see something funny.

I think I might have been high on adrenaline.

Later, not so funny.


SharonMV said...

Oh Beth!, but great film of your tumble. Hope your knees are better. Can we get you a stunt double for some of these shots?

There are several really good Redwood parks up past Eureka & Crescent City. I'd love to see them again. The fern banks & streams too. The light is different, the clearings ringed by trees magical.

So where are you now? Have you made it to San Diego?

Don't forget to keep putting antibiotic ointment on your poor knees. And try to schedule in some more sleep!



FridaWrites said...

Ow, that's a hard spill! Hope the physical stress didn't worsen your dysautonomia. Wondering if you guys were at Comi-con yesterday--there's a lot in the news about it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Currently the camera with all the photos of San Fran, LA, and San Diego including the preview night is gone - hope to find it in lost and found, please hope with me as we can't afford another and it has all my memories as my actual memories only last 2-3 days at best. This includes our eating at a Mexican surf resturant on the way down which sold artist carved surfboards, my favorite was a skeleton surfing through flames.

I was very ill and slept and dealt with getting better yesterday, I had an interview with head of Vertical manga, as well as one with Del Rey (which he actually packed up his ball and went home - he didn't like what I was saying, felt publishing once a year was good enough and I didn't know anything - I did not submit meek and mild so he walked off in front of me, then came back and took his assistants. I took a photo of the display table empty of anyone as I was shocked and gutted. Cheryl said yesterday all the manga had been taken down and the table was now empty - okay, taking the 'I'll have it my way' to a new level for Del Rey - which is why they lost moeny on Manga - short term thinking and quiting series just before finishing them. Vertical for example already has the next SIX manga for Twin Spica printed which is 1/2 of the series and is releasing one every other month, the Black Series has been ordered by English speakers in Japan and around Asian as well as here and will stay in print probably forever. A very different outlook in market and attitude in publishers - one wanted people to see the new manga Neko (sold out in 30 minutes) so much he was going to go to local book stores and order them and sell at a loss (Vertical) while Del Rey decided they didn't want to hear from customers since we were just 'profit margin' and 'not profitable enough' - so packed up and went home (or only display vampire fiction books).

rachelcreative said...

Ouch for your tumble! Looks funny but sound awful!

Baba Yaga said...

Ow, ow, ow. (Splendid racing approach, though.)

& hoping for the finding of the camera.

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Tumble out of chair: bad.

Redwoods, San Fran, great restaurants: good.

Lost camera: way bad. Hope you find it.

Made it to the Con: good.

Del Rey jerk: WTF? Well, bad.

You and Linda having a good time so far: very, very good.

Hang in there, have fun, keep us posted as you feel so inclined!

yanub said...

So you've actually made it to Comic Con! In nearly one piece!

The spill in the redwood forest looked very bad. I hope you've recovered and gotten all the splinters out at last.

wendryn said...

Wow - glad you are mostly ok after that! I hope you are healing.

I hope you don't have to deal with any more idiots.

We're looking forward to seeing you next week!

Olivia said...

ok, firstly, ouch! Then the loss of camera, and the interview too, not pleasant. I really really hope you have found the camera or someone turns it in soon.

Bonnie said...

Damn, what a spill! I hope it didn't dampen your enjoyment of the redwoods too much.
God, those trees are awesome...I have never even seen anything like them. I must go. Must must must.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I hope you found the camera - those pictures are precious to you.

Are you at Comicon again today? And the guy from Del Ray - what childish behavior. He could at least be civil to a paying customer, even if he didn't like what you were saying.

Hope you both are having fun and getting some rest.


Lene Andersen said...


Are you OK? Well, relatively speaking, considering you lost skin and other vital parts of yourself.

Gotta say, though. It did give some scale about the redwoods. Still, would've preferred you giving scale upright.

Neil said...

That tumble looks like it wasn't a lot of fun. I hope your knees heal; do as Sharon says!

I'm praying in my atheist way that your camera finds a homing instinct for you. Losing the photos, and thus your memory, of part of the trip would REALLY suck.

As for Del Rey walking out, I suppose it's their right to publish when and how they wish. But they shouldn't be upset if someone voices an opinion; doesn't matter what the opinion, it should still not drive them away.

Or, maybe yours was the 472nd talk with the guy, and Everyone said the same thing. Maybe you were the straw that broke the camel's back.

I hope you're feeling better.

Love and zen hugs,

Rick Crocker said...

Too bad about the fall .... you were starting to build up some good speed on that decline .... LOL

Seriously, you might like to get some knee and wrist/hand protectors like the skateboarders and skaters wear (broken wrists are no fun) when you take your wheelchair out of the flat surfaces of "civilization" into nature (which I love) ....

Did the airline lose your camera ?

Don't know anything about Manga but know American businessmen are difficult to deal with because they are so greedy ..... to hell with a reasonable profit .....