Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip to Comi-con 2010: Eugene to San Fran Part 2

We went through the Redwoods, and decided to take the scenic routes. Which turns out to be dirt roads but it got us to the really interesting trails. Here we are in the Redwoods where a ‘branch’ blew down. I think I would not want to be here during a storm.

We were here at 5 pm until sunset, though with the trees 300 feet above you it feels a lot more like dusk all the time. However, it can produce some interesting light effects in combination with nature. Light and trees, two of my favorite things.
Linda was astounded at how our van just seemed to suck up the dirt. But made the best of it.
We then took an old WWII radar station road which overlooked the bluffs and rocks of the Redwoods beaches.
We made it into Eureka for the night, which has a significant ‘old town’ from 1890’s. We didn’t know that but decided to detour before doing a marathon driving session down to San Fran. The Arts building styles itself in the older style. The back is a arts based mural.
There are about 4 blocks of 1890’s original historic buildings, made from some Gold boom, which are now used as shops. This is the Oyster Bar.
Rarely some of the original signs are still present, like this boarding house entrance.
Here is what I am guessing was a dry goods store which is now an antiquarian book store, with me in front, sent back in time, honest (I just concentrated on a penny from the turn of the century).
We are off to Japan town and then half way to San Diego today. Just a few pictures before I do a full post tomorrow of the Redwoods.


Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

The redwoods are just awesome. The town is just cool. You two are just travel goddesses. What else is there to say? :-)

Kate J said...

What a great trip! I'm following your progress on the map... so if you get lost, I'll probably know where you are!
I loved the photo of the trees with the light shining through. Awesome. Hope you make it to Com-icon in good health and good spirits, all of you, and keep enjoying those picnics - my favourite kind of meal, especially if eaten in good company and in beautiful surroundings.

I've got a couple of my relatives from Vancouver Island over with me at the moment and I'm trying to take them on some scenic trips around Wales, but sadly the rain is getting the better of us, so picnics are not really on the agenda. It's supposed to dry up at the weekend... just when they're leaving for London!

Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I hope the weather is kind to you...
Love & peace

wendryn said...

Gorgeous pictures - I'm glad the trip is going well so far!

deadrose said...

Haha! I'm not the only one who loved "Bid Time Return" or the movie version of it ("Somewhere in Time")!

One of my favourite soppy love movies.

We just got back from taking Bethia to the airport - the house feels very empty and I feel very sad. Will write soon!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lorna, Bob and Liam: It was amazing, pictures to come - thanks for the other comment, I was very happy to get it, we drive and arrive at midnight, get up and drive again. So not a lot of internet time. But saw San Fran and Japan Town.

Kate J: I love those pictures too, the light one was lucky as linda stopped I shot it and we didn't get hit - hurrah. We don't really picnic as much as the onward march toward the mexican border! Everything seems to take longer for some reason. So we just go and go and then see and see and then go and go and eating, I don't ever feel the need to due to autonomic failure but I don't know how Linda is doing it - we did the whole redwoods and drove into the night on 5 crackers.

Wendryn: Thanks, San-Diego here we come!

Deadrose: I was wondering if anyone would get that rather obscure reference (it is used in the book time and again as well), huzzah!

Baba Yaga said...

You seem to be making the most of the trip. And glad to see you're not going completely overboard on posting pictures - wonderful as they are, and good as your joint eye for spotting curiosities is, you are more wonderful.

I've a fresh postcard from you, this very morning (when I thought all I was getting was the Amnesty magazine and a circular): a charmingly old-fashioned Ludo ad. It's been *years* since I played ludo. I wonder if I'd remember how? Perhaps I should find out. (I was a dab hand at tiddlywinks.)

Also some splendid Gothic music on the back (along with a chap apparently using an ensorcelled suitcase for transport: clearly my trip to the early music festival was in your mind). You never cease to astonish me by the variety and interest of what you send.

FridaWrites said...

So glad you got to spend a good length of time with the redwoods--never long enough, I know, but they are beautiful.

If you have a chance, you may want to see Scripps Aquarium in the San Diego area.

Neil said...

Stunning photos. That was a small branch that blew down?

Goddesses, Lorna; they're goddesses, and don't need any other adjectives. :)

Zen hugs!

SharonMV said...

Beautiful photos. I long for the time when I'll see the redwoods again. the picture of Linda in her blue denim in front of the blue door is great. And I love the picture of time-traveler Beth.

Hope you both are doing OK & have had decent rooms for rest & sleep.


Jejune said...

Wow, those redwoods are just breathtaking! I'm so glad the trip is going so well for you both - what great photos, and that mural!! 0_o Amazing!!

Christianne said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I always heard Portland was a great town but I've never gone. Glad you were feeling up to the trek southward and have, by your own volition or through the good-intentioned force of others, retained enough spoons to enjoy it.
Also, regarding that picture of Linda at the boarding house: is it just me, or was that lodging for the vertically-challenged? Linda's nearly the same height as the door!

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I hope you & Linda are OK and the delay in blog posts is just because you are so busy AND getting some rest & relaxation in too.

PS: Are you there yet?


Aviatrix said...

I guess you've never heard of pacing yourself. This must be why Linda made that prediction.