Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip to Comi-con 2010: Eugene to San Fran Part 1

This is just to say we have arrived - travel times were longer than expected, and I ended up with us going north on a dirt road at one point (hint: don't let the person with brain damage be the navigator). We are to hit downtown Japan town tomorrow but will put on realizing that there is NO WAY we can make San Diego in time if we take a day off and try the San Fran-San Diego in one day. So pictures (and cool movies) tomorrow. Honest. Oh, and I bought a very naughty magazine from 1949 which had well, all the sorts of things I am going to comi-con to see. ha. Also wanted to start a business in a bank in Eureka as a retro toy store with die cast toys and lawn darts (the game that makes shelling and blood a family bonding experience!).


SharonMV said...

So glad you made it to SF. Yes, all the way to San Diego in one day would be difficult & exhausting. And you'd have to go the very hot central valley route to shorten the trip. Taking 2 days & sticking close to the coast would be much nicer. Good places to stop too. Hope you get a good rest tonight & some shopping tomorrow morning. Looking forward to the pictures if you have time to post them.


FridaWrites said...

Thanks for the update. Hope Highway 1 is gorgeous!

Aviatrix said...

Go you! See wonderful things and enjoy yourself to the limit!