Monday, June 14, 2010

Victoria BC naked cyclists' day 2010: can you say sunburn?

Despite overheating while and having two people putting ice all over my body (not really as fun as you might hope), I determined a few hours later I NEEDED, I must go to the James Bay Market to see the pottery. I know, Pottery? But this fabulous pottery maker who lives nearby uses geodes and other wonderful and sparkling natural things in her pottery, but wouldn’t do any while she was pregnant, particularly not any blue. Now the baby was here and I wanted to see the new line.

As you can see with this example, there is a dark, dark blue as almost black with a blue sparkle as you turn in the sun, the top is green and white with embedded geodes in there. She has a nice right up on all the different geological elements she uses. Here is an example of her table, but the fun stuff starts at $25 and goes up from there. Alas, good pottery is not cheap. Why, why can’t the best of the best slave over hot kilns so I can have really cool stuff for a tenner? Hmmm, odd that.

I stopped to talk to a gentleman who paints airplanes and birds pictures, things that fly, mostly British planes. We talked about the history of some of the different ones he painted. He was surprised I would know by name the different planes and history of them. I am an uber-geek, and oddly knowledgeable about all sorts of things. Even camera's and the tripods and camera he used to make his cards.

It was one of those days which makes your city look nice. Too nice. For example, here in old town, we parked so I could pick up some gifts and maple candy and this is where the ‘rich’ stores used to be, those who could not afford stone, like government buildings but could afford the bricks imported and brought from afar (Bricks were SO expensive and a sign of wealth, since we are an island where you have to travel either from Australia or up from San Francisco to get to us that the ‘Great Cathedral’ on the hill has the ceiling lined not with gold, or murals, but with bricks, to show how wealthy they are). Without the cars it could be 150 years ago. Looks too nice!

As this was going to be my 40 minutes outside (20 at the market and 20 here), I was taking pictures of everything I saw. And I saw some drummers across the street, on different rose Xylophone and drums so I wheeled over. As I took the picture, naked cyclists, with the dangly bits or the full monty or bare breasts and all started to ride by. Well, now I wasn't sure if the drummers or the full monty was the story so I kept taking pictures until one of the drummers was reduced to hysterical laughter (I guess this isn’t what is ‘supposed’ to happen across from Munroe’s Books, Murchie’s Tea House and Rodger’s Chocolates).

Linda went and got a picture as the group gathered at the parliament (BUTT CRACK ATTACK WARNING!). The naked cyclist day is an annual event. But usually it occurs earlier in the year, I am guessing the rain delayed it until now. I am not sure WHY there is a naked cyclist event but it happens every year, as I don’t think it encourages people to cycle to work (though some have signs saying, ‘Full lane use!’) but it is just a Victoria thing. Sadly after Luminaria being rained out last time, it is unlikely that night lights festival will run again, so we take the festivals we get.

This is but a fraction of the hundreds of cyclists, who included kubuki cabs (cyclists hauling two passengers) and lots of mothers with baby carriers attached or even kids on the back of the bicycle. I had never been so close when they started the parade (about 2 feet away) and had the, um, experience of seeing many, many, many male sexual organs, a whole gigantic locker room full (doesn’t that hurt to bike that way?). A few teens going commando looked at me with a panic expression of 'Oh God!, why are all the women taking pictures?' (why to put your 'package' up where it can be seen internationally of course!) With the blazing sun and these pasty white naked people (notice not a lot of ethnic diversity), the word that comes to mind first: SUNBURN! The second is a whole: “Why?” to the hetero thing. I mean, I can get the ‘nice guy’, and the kissing, and then the shirt comes off and ‘oh my hairy…, I mean is that genetic in your family?” And finally, getting intimate and, well, there it is (and I had to spend SO, SO much time with willies filling my computer screen as I pixelated them so I REALLY have seen a lot). I don’t get it, but apparently 9 out of 10 women think that is a-okay and do not hold their eyes and go, “The burning, the burning, get the images OUT” as Linda found me.

I did not naked cycle with a hand cycle (though that would have been awesome, admit it!), as I don’t have one right now. But I just wanted to show this woman (pixelated naked breasts) to ask so many questions like 'what is the thinking?': “Okay, hey, lets go starkers, totally naked with breasts waving back and forth and meet up with a few hundred naked men and women. Oh, you know what would be great, I could bring my child with me so they could meet many of the other children there with their naked parents.”(notice the 6 or 7 year old in an earlier pic) Do you think this could be like a huge dating event, where people who like to get naked meet up and get to know each other annually, sort of speed dating on a 15 speed? I dunno but the annual Naked Bicycling Day Victoria 2010 is over (the sign on the back of the woman at the parliament read: 'more bikes, less offshore oil' – because riding naked is going to get everyone to stare long and hard at no, not your breasts, but at your SIGN…….right) for this year.

I am so glad that if I only get to go out less than an hour a week, the really odd and interesting things happen to me while I am out!


SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
so glad you got out and had such an eventful 40 minutes!


Baba Yaga said...

I am boggled. That must be uncomfortable! I'm glad you had interesting things happen while you were out. Although faintly disturbing, too...

The pottery is rather lovely.

Now I hope you're getting the sort of rest which is recuperative, rather than just flat out.

Neil said...

Riding naked? No. Bare skin on leather seat = Bad. Sunburn in awkward places, and we will NOT discuss in public (there IS an L in there? Good!) places how uncomfortable Other Bits would be... At least your boobs would "only" be swinging. No, not going there at ALL.

On the other hand, so to speak, naked pottery shining in its glory is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for showing it to us.

And while I know it's not necessarily a sign of good health, I'm glad you were able to get outside a little bit. Indoors for too long makes a person do silly things. Like run out and bicycle naked...

Love and zen hugs,

Lene Andersen said...

You do make every minute worth an hour...

The pottery's gorgeous and the cycling is... erm... is... there are no words.

Vanessa said...

Okay the drummer chick cracking up cracked me up. LOL I'm glad you got out for awhile and sorry for the overabundance of penis. That would be burnt in my head too and I'm fairly straight. XP LOL

JaneB said...

I hope you are now RESTING (and have lots of boobies to feed your imagination... or maybe not, we want that blood pressure down right?). You are very very good at finding the eventful!

Thanks for sharing - I think - I also have the 'oww oww' reaction to naked cycling, there's just so much potential for sunburn, insect bites and awkward pinching of parts that it looks very uncomfortable. Naked masochistic cyclist dating event maybe??

wendryn said...

Pottery is gorgeous. I'm glad you got out a bit.

All I can think of is wouldn't it be uncomfortable to bike in the nude? I mean, I like the padding in bike shorts, and I sunburn in no time flat. Bad combination.

Hope you are doing ok today.

Tom P. said...

There is not a chance in hell that I would ride my bicycle naked unless I had a VERY padded seat. I would bet that the rubbing would leave your crotch very sore after a few miles.

But I'm glad you got out even if it was to look at what appears to be a bunch of rather unattractive naked people. ;)

Kate J said...

Loved the tasteful pots...
...but as for those cyclists! I live in Llanwrtyd Wells, home of zany sporting events such as 'Man v Horse' (22-mile cross country race between runners and riders) 'Bog Snorkelling Triathlon' (says it all, doesn't it) and Roman-style Chariot racing - with bikes, in the snow... but naked cycling?! I'm passing the info on to our local events organiser, so it may well appear on the Llanwrtyd Wells events calendar next year.
Glad you managed to have a change of scene, anyway. I'm sure it raised your spirits somewhat...
Love & peace

Dagny said...

that pottery is beautiful. I would want it all!!!

and that naked cyclists day is hilarious. :)

glad you are feeling better.


Raccoon said...

There are naked bike rides in a lot of cities in the US, as regular events. Philadelphia I think I've seen pictures from.

Hrm. I thought you liked going naked? I guess just not in front of other people?

And there are whole communities based around this sort of thing. Naturists or naturalists I think they're called now. They used to be called nudists.

Possibly the reason that they were all so pale skinned is because you live in Canada, and it's just now getting warm enough? Another reason might be the ethnic makeup of your city...

Yeah, naked people. Riding bicycles. Not something you see every day.

I'm glad you got better from the last post, and got a chance for some sunlight.

On another note, I just saw a manual wheelchair from Hello Kitty...

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Oh. Ummm. Erm. An... educational? post. 'Cause it sure isn't inspirational, as in, I do NOT feel inspired to try that out. The naked cycling, that is. The pottery, for sure.

Ummm... I don't mean naked pottery. I mean trying it out, as in buying it. Howzabout buying it NAKED?

Oh. Dear. Note to self: no more reading Beth's blog right after taking evening meds.

Glad you got out for a little while, anyway!

Aviatrix said...

One of my co-workers referred yesterday as the International Naked Cycling Day, so maybe it's not just Victoria. I'm so glad you were well enough today to go and look at pottery, even if it was an exhausting 40 minutes.

cheryl g said...

Every outing with you is an adventure! I just pept thinking, "I hope they have good sunscreen."

The pottery is beautiful. I love my little pot from that artist.

I look forward to our next adventure!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I apologize to those who have male 'tackle' since I am sure after many years it seems quite fine and nice and seeing hundreds of them or having them in pictures full screen is okay. I hear many women are highly interested in them, though they mention them considerably less than the men themselves, who seem quite proud, but then, I talk about breasts and mine more than many around me (god, I hope people at the Y aren't talking endlessly about my breasts).

SharonMV: Drumming, cycling, breasts, pottery and WWI and WWII combat aircraft, that's not bad.

Baba Yaga: I have tried to figure which must be more uncomfortable on the hard leather of the 15 speed cycle, both genders seem to have clothing for a reason when cycling, yes, and sports bras, yes?

Ah, rest, well, I went boxing, to be honest, because I needed to heal some cuts and injuries. We got to spar, so I let people hit my head, which is kinda restful.

Neil: I very much like her pottery, her partner makes some but shares the gallery which is up a flight of stairs so I haven't seen it yet, she said her new glaze and kiln will be done in a week or two, I have high anticipation, I want to get Linda something for her birthday!

As for naked cycling, I used to cycle the number 2 over the san gabriel mountains, and also cycled across BC and while I stopped and skinny dipped (ah, I did skinny dip, I remember now), I never desired to cycle naked, I did however read a book on my triathalon arm rests while cycling a rather boring highway.

Lene: I laughed I think, much like the drummer, while thinking, "I've got to get good pictures (I have about 30) of the naked cyclists." I mean this is a photo dream come true!

Vanessa: I could handle the first 40 or so, but after that, the next 100 or so were, um, well, I honestly said to Cheryl, "Are they supposed to be so SMALL? I thought from all the talk about them they were....well....more" - I dunno if I saw a good representative sample, also thankfully there were no aroused exhibitionist male cyclists.

Jane: Yes, I was merely looking for a nice tattoo and how the artist for my ring had told me he was happy for the praise, Alvin Atkins to Hill's on Government and WHAMMO, naked, naked, naked and sun, sun, sun and I have been burned before so the thought of a burned back, a super burned bum, and well, aloe for the next few days in the panties sort took over my mind. I would have partipated had I a wheelchair cycle this year but slathered with sunscreen and I think some message painted on my back, or "This is NOT my face" written across my breasts - what was sad is the hottest girl had this sign on her back and I don't think anyone knows what it said, because she was classically beautiful...and naked - and what that had to do with less offshore oil, I still no not (and if not for photos I would have no idea she had a sign).

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tom P: Yes, what puzzled me was it was NOT a nudist activity as we have nudist groups and this isn't them, this is a bicycling and sort of 'freedom' group - and how that came to be known as cycling for 4-6 hours naked I am not sure. Apparently it pisses off the store owners and the city council as it "gives the tourist the wrong idea" which might be the very reason they do it. But it has happened for years, usually in April though.

Wendryn: Yes, I got a sunburn on my arms and ears, so yes, SUNBURN. We can tell who did the cycling by how they walk funny now.

Kate J: Yes, I love her pottery. I have always wanted to go and do the (wo)man versus horse race. I like a challenge. But then, there is always morris dancing or down in cardiff the many circle stone rituals, or the spiritualist church next to the university where you get hymns, a christian message, to talk to your dead aunt and ectoplasm out of the nose of the medium - the UK is such a lovely melding of very old and new together, the new parliment had a circle stone and grass field put up right outside it in Cardiff.

Dagny: Being able to digest food gives energy it turns out - so I am better, but not as good as I wish to be (which means I over do things), still glad to be up and about - tomorrow, the Cat named Jake/Kate who is a mechanic and understands scissor brakes which is more than I can say for all care workers and most people who sell wheelchairs - seriously, a cat with a brain for mechanics, you will wake up with your blender mysteriously taken apart!

Raccoon: Well, we also have bike-to work week, which is oddly LESS popular than naked bike day.

Oh, no, I get naked in front of people regularly, I think the problem is it is at Church, while lecturing, in a park, while wheeling down the middle of the street. I am not sure what being naked in the midst of hundreds of naked other people would feel like, probably like those European pools and saunas - no biggie.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send the link for the Hello Kitty wheelchair!

Yes, I getting better, I am on a very restricted diet so I can get calories and boxed today so I could sweat but sleep a great deal. Still, good to have something interesting happen when I got outside!

Lorna, Liam, Bob: I will ask the woman who makes the pottery if people do it naked, I guess when 'throwing' pottery with the mud and all it would make sense some times to avoid the mess on the clothes.

Aviatix: Yes, I get 'International Women's Day', I helped organize various 'International HIV/AID's day' events, but how exactly did we end up with an International naked biking day?

Cheryl: I want the flambe jug but I know Linda won't let me use it to have flambe cereal or milk. I am glad you something - you get good stuff at these markets - we should go to Port Townsend and see what they are like?

Aviatrix said...

I found the World Naked Bike Ride Day website. Their angle is "Stop indecent exposure to cars," i.e. the toxins and hazards associated with said vehicles. Given adequate sunscreen, I can see myself participating in such an event. Carefully. I was going to say "c'mon, wouldn't you go out for a naked wheelchair ride?" but then I realized that in a chair, especially as you're reaching down to get a good grip on the wheel rails, you're really eye to eye with the dangly bits on standing men. And yeah, they're very very weird. It eternally cracks me up that in the 19th century men decided that women shouldn't do sports lest the women damage their "delicate reproductive organs." I can't imagine why the women didn't just knee them in the groin and hoot, "Who's delicate now?"

I have a cycling magazine somewhere with a diagram of where the bits go while they ride a bicycle. If I find it I'll scan it and send it over, and someone can do a blog entry comparing your photographic evidence with the theory.

deadrose said...

Here in Seattle, the Naked Cyclists save it for a week so they can unoffically participate in the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Originally it was a surprise 'attack', but now it's come to be an expected (yet still unofficial) part of the festivities. They have big painting parties beforehand. One of our friends has ridden along the past couple of years, but on inline skates instead of a bike. Just her, the latex body paint, and the skates :D

Now many of them are also showing up for the Pride Parade the week after as well.

We're still trying to decide whether we'd rather watch Pride or join the goth contingent this year again. I've never actually gotten to watch it. I was amused recently to find out that the first Pride march I joined was Seattle's *first* Pride march.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Deadrose: the 1977 Pride week public dance/parade or the 1984 street parade?

deadrose said...

Beth: The 1977 one. Complete with a hurriedly-scrawled anti-Anita Bryant sign. Got a terrible sunburn :-)

FridaWrites said...

First there's pottery, then there's OMG! Lol. Forget waving willies, I have to thing the boobies would not feel good while bouncing on a bike. Alliteration unintentional. I do have to say that when everyone's naked, everyone looks normal. I have to wonder what the kids are thinking both now and when they're older.

I think the drummer was laughing because she could see the whole parade and the guy in front of her couldn't.

Must share Kitty Crack wheelchair link.

Flambe cereal--lmao.

Jordan said...

I bike every day, but I would never do so naked -- aside from the whole weird looks, possible news coverage, and getting arrested part (all of which are problematic), I would not wish to inflict myself upon the world at large. :P

Dating said...

Now I hope you're getting the sort of rest which is recuperative, rather than just flat out.

Kreddible Trout said...

World Naked Bike Ride has been going on for ages. It's purpose is to draw positive attention to cycling (made you look!), how vulnerable cyclists are & encourage it as a fantastic alternative to cars. It is a great platform to draw attention to & condemn our oil addiction while promoting alternate ideas.
oh, and being naked is great.