Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cats of Victoria SPCA: a mechanic named Kate

Bad News: Due to heat, toxicity and some severe seizure/respiratory distress issues, I don’t know how much access to a computer I will have. This blog post isn’t complete but part of a visit to the SPCA of Victoria two weeks ago. Due to overvisiting, the SPCA has closed off visits except for those willing to adopt. We got a ‘pass’ as pseudo-volunteers since we come so often.

There are a great many 8-10 month old cats, some of them gentle, some hiding under things, the personality not yet developed until they bond with their new environment, left off kittens from last fall. We went into a new room which had some very stretchable cats.
One youngster had that ‘stalk’ to the window routine down. But the bird outside had obviously been around this shelter for some time as it was unfazed. Beyond being unfazed the small bird even went so far as to take a mud bath about 8 INCHES away from the cat outside, a bit of a deliberate taunt as it dug and preened.
I met a cat which had no name tag, which I call Kate simply because I know a lot of Kate’s who are very good at riding motorcycles and knowing what parts in engines do what. Kate was attracted to my wheelchair, but not in the way most cats are, where they hide and play with the string. No, I think Kate wanted to BUILD a wheelchair as she kept going up and examining the scissors brakes. Scissors brakes are folded away under the chair to be used to lock the chair in place, leaving only the hands to slow a chair down. However, with no brakes on the WHEEL, it means you can push without fear of having part of your thumb removed. Here is Kate, with her head all around the scissors brakes. I thought she wanted petting but no, she wanted to figure them out.

I was, “Oh, be careful” and showed her how the lever moved (yes, I show the cat the pulley and spring dynamics, okay!), and then she was on to examining the sling. She wasn’t hungry, she wasn’t into petting, she was in THINKING mode and didn’t want to be distracted. As you can see here, while most cats look out from under a wheelchair at other cats, Kate is looking at the spokes (it is an empty room behind me), figuring out SpinEnergy spokes. I think a very good cat to have in a garage, or a barn where you like fixing up stuff.

Inside the other room we found a nice dark black cat Pipi and this cat who was young and BORED. Yes, very bored, let’s play ‘lick my nose’. Okay, now lets play, ‘try and touch YOUR nose’. 'Oh god, this is such a boring place, someone take me where there are children!'
That was about half of our visit, I am sorry I was too ill to do the rest of the photo’s right now.

Good memories matter, every breath sometimes matters. I read a very good manga, I recommend called Jyo-Oh-Sei. Each Volume is 400 pages and took 10 years for the author to write about a murder of parents and the 11 year old twin children exiled to a secret planet. Hecate is the planet for prisoners, but for those who are too dangerous and need a death sentence, there is a secret planet in this newly settled solar system, the BEAST PLANET, where plants are the top of the chain, and can kill you, and each ‘day’ and each ‘night’ lasts 181 days. But it is populated by 5 Rings (or castles), and if you get into one of these, you have a chance of surviving the brutal 180 days of darkness. How though will two 11 year olds fare? And when the only person who can leave the planet is the ‘King’, and one of the children vows to leave and face the murderer of his parents. But how to get from here to there? It is exceptionally good, so good they made a hit anime of the manga. That’s what got me through yesterday, book 1 (If you are interested, I think you can get a good used copy for $2 plus $4 shipping). I ordered book 2 and book 3 finishes the series.

I will use what mind I have, and like Kate, in whatever situation or extremity I find myself. Survival now can be determined by the smallest observation – and my board is full of those. I will have to ask someone to move it to my bed.


Vanessa said...

I know you aren't doing so well lately so I'm sending some love and manga today to help.


And I love the cute kitty pics! :D

Lene Andersen said...

I always enjoy your shelter posts, usually seeing at least one cat I'd love to adopt. This time, it's the bored black and white who's speaking to me. Of course, I already have my hands full with Lucy, but a woman can dream.

Sending hugs. Hope things simmer down.

Baba Yaga said...

Well. Good that there are cats, and passes to see cats, and photos of cats to help the memory stay a little longer.

Bad that you have seizures and respiratory issues, and the exacerbating effects of heat and toxicity - and all the stressors you really Do Not Need.

Good, here, are children playing outside. Less good are their collective negotiating skills, but those will doubtless improve. Still young enough for their strategies not to have ossified.

Good also, washing drying on the line - and that the wind is no longer coming from the sewage farm. I did once accidentally dry 'a washing', as they say in these parts, outside when the wind was in that quarter; the results were not sweet.

FridaWrites said...

Oh no about your health and more heat!

Thank you for the pictures of the sweet kitties--Kate is a perfect name for a cat.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm sorry that you are having to deal with so much illness, punctuated by worse episodes! I've not had a very good couple of weeks, but am hoping for improvement when I get my IVIG next Wed.
thank you for keeping up the blog and for sharing pictures of the cats. Chloe has been a big help to me in keeping my spirits up. Lately, I've been awake at odd hours (due to insomnia) and now she thinks 3am or 6am (when I've been awake most of the night) is the perfect time for me to play with her. She brings her favorite toy,"stick kitten", (a long ribbon of fleece attached to a plastic rod/handle) & drops it in front of me. Or sometimes we play with the crumpled paper tied to a ribbon.

The manga story sounds very complex and interesting. I'm going to have to find a good one & read it. I have been watching anime on Syfy channel sometimes, depending on if it's a good series.

I hope you can keep cool and get some good rest. We haven't had very hot weather here yet for which I am thankful.

Dennis just came in and showed me his first paycheck! There is something to celebrate.


Raccoon said...

I can't go into pounds or animal shelters. They hurt too much.

It looks like you had a good time.

Kate does look very industrious, in an "I must figure out how this works" sort of way.

wendryn said...

Kate sounds like a pretty awesome cat!

I'm sorry the heat and illness are causing so much pain/stress/problems.

That manga does sound interesting.

I hope you have a good day soon. *hugs*

JaneB said...

Thank you for pictures, and for sharing the personality of some of these lovely cats. I'm glad I don't live near you, or I would want to take them ALL home and my current cat would hate me for it...

Yes, I hope they inspire you to rest a lot, take pleasure in small details, and allow other people to tend to all your needs! thinking of you...

Kate J said...

I do like the idea of a cat called Kate... wonder why?! And so glad to hear that the rescue centre are making an exception in your case and still letting you come visit the kitties. I mean, they must know you would adopt if you could...

Sorry to hear about the respiratory and seizure 'issues'... I'm thinking of you and hoping things ease a little.
love & peace

cheryl g said...

Kate seemed like a very smart cat - definitely not to be trusted with an electric can opener. She was sure checking out your ride. We had a cat like that on the ranch. If you were working on a vehicle he would be under the hood or under the car with you. His name was Chester.

Thank you for another great recommendation. Thanks to you I have enjoyed many great reads.

Please be kind to yourself. Rest, keep cool, when you feel stronger don't immediately try to do a 5k or the like. Let the reserves build first.

Neil said...

I'm glad that you're still allowed to visit the cats at the shelter. But how do they know who's willing to adopt a cat, unless they visit? Possibly two or more times to find the right cat??

I understand that you're feeling rotten, and don't mind if you aren't up to posting photos. Even a couple of sentences to say that you're still with us would be enough for me.

I'm sending prayer that your innards do what you need them to, without a lot of pain.

Love and zen hugs,

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Cats are always good for the soul. Liam and I are both candidates for the "Weird Old Person With 99 Cats" destiny. (Liam just said that's not enough cats. Eeeeeep....)

Build up those reserves, those cats need another visit!

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

Oh, and Baba Yaga, loved the story about drying wash in an "ill" wind. I am new to line drying and last year was totally in love with it... until I watched a robin land on my freshly laundered sheets and just sit. And sit. And sit. And... s#it. Oh. Must have been relaxed by the soft fabric. Ewwww.....