Wednesday, June 23, 2010

87 lots on Ebay! A GTO Mustang and Hello Kitty plus Larsson's The Girl who liked Fire & Bajo le Sal

Whew! That’s pretty much all I can say. We finished the six days of listing for the ebay sale to raise money to go to Comi-con, and see the Redwood Tree on our road trip. I made a promise last year and though it looks a bit ‘blah’ with problems with welfare getting the ‘extreme disability’ part, like, “Hey, how about I call you anytime I feel like it and you answer in three seconds.” And Linda is on unemployment and turns my care has gone up in cost by a factor of 8. Ouch. But done. There are 87 lots here!

It is pretty much all of my manga that I have collected for the last several years, pre-disability too, including some athlete-romance series, like Suzuka about a high jumper and a guy on the 100 meter dash team. There are also some younger action complete series, like Psychic Academy. So each complete series counts as ONE lot, and there are 87. Sniff, bye-bye. There are also some Yaoi series, including ones which are out of print, like this new set where just one book sells for $50. One series I am selling, book 2 is out of print and someone is selling it for $1,000. I think I started the 8 volume New set for $49. $1000? Come on, these were meant to be read and enjoyed. They helped me in difficult times, now they can help someone else. Inquires from 4 continents so far. Some limited edition items like this Yaoi deck of cards that has an illustration on each card. Oh, if you liked Elfed Lien, the anime, I recommend the out of print and rare Variente, it has the same intensity and using of females, experimenting on humans but riviting action. Cool. Anyway, if you want some manga try here, until Sunday.

Linda actually said today, "We could keep putting items on!”

I was, “Step AWAY from the computer!”

I haven’t seen outside since before helping Linda do ebay. The last thing I saw was this GTO mustang a week ago with ‘classic’ plates (meaning it is a collectable car with original parts), wheeling back home. And also, I got a picture of my ‘new’ glasses. When Linda’s insurance ran out, I could get contacts or glasses. I told her since finding my eyeball can be a challenge at times, I think glasses were more in my future, so I went shopping. The optometrist said with my other glasses, “I had no idea how strong they were, they look so thin..”

“That’s the point.” I said. I’m beyond legal blind without visual assistance, so getting a small centered, circular glass with compaction can make it seem like just reading glasses (ha, I can’t actually SEE the book or text without the glasses – turns out a car accident with your head IS bad for you).

I also got in some Hello Kitty Loot: First are these very cute sneeze and cough guards from Hello Kitty. I would give some to the Peds unit for the nurses for kids in town if I could find them again (let me know if you see them). On a creepy note, you can get the masks which LOOK normal and white, but on the INSIDE there is an anime girl kissing you (for the otaku geeks), they are on sale on j-box…I just happen to know. I also got this pillow of Hello Kitty and Rabbit the hard core pirates (no nice pirates here, but all black!). I found it from a Hot Topic store, I think when Jack Sparrow was super-hot, the sort of Hello Kitty Jack Sparrow. And I have the pillow. Okay, hang in there, one more. I got these really cool 3-D notebooks from Japan, and they really do look 3-D, I would have gotten more but they are a limited item (what isn’t).
As for my brain, I have been watching foreign films (‘Let the Right one In’ was fantastic, and I think much more about childhood vulnerability of trusting and understanding adult world, and bullying than Vampires”). The one film available here is at Amazon and calledBajo la Sal (Under the Salt). Get it, it costs $5-6 including shipping, has English subtitles and will BLOW your mind. The plot of five missing girls from a small town and area where salt is mined and crushed is only one of many sub-stories, and amazing filmmaking. To give you an idea, here is three minutes of the start of the film (there is a trailer on the DVD with subtitles but not on youtube or the internet, believe me, I looked. The English for the dialogue is below (all four lines) – the lonely son watches horror films and makes them himself using barbie and ken dolls (oh, no, he can’t be a suspect!)

“Who is it?”

“The teacher, Chistina.”


“You sure?”

If that didn’t blow you away, well, I guess this isn’t the movie for you. I can recommend Cyborg She, which is available on – it is the other film by the maker of My Sassy Girl. He needed a bigger budget and better sets and moved the film to Japan, where a clueless Japanese guy gets led around by a girl who it seems is a cyborg from the future. It is engaging and touching, and a hit in Japan for the last year.

I was looking for various foreign films and came across a film talking about a reporter going after someone who does violence against women. As the creepy psychologist/psychiatrist in the film says, “You never understood Lisabeth, that sometimes touch…is therapeutic.” Oh did I want to put him into a wall. I knew what he was saying, and he knew what he was saying as we see her in restraints in the ward as he prowls around her bed.

Girl who kicked the hornets nest

Yeah, it is from THAT bestseller by Larsson – in Norway they did ALL three films, which now it seems the US is going to redo (of course, of course, take out the abuse in a film about exploitation of women!)

Okay, I don’t get out MUCH! It turns out this is the now dead journalist Larsson, who planned 10 books, wrote the first two, then was working on the third before he approached a publisher (who turned him down twice). He went to another and now the world is riveted by his books, particularly The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. I had heard others talk about it in passing but never checked it out – well it seems to be JUST MY THING (girl who plays with fire!?). I put a hold online at our provincial library system and am, oh wait for it, #372 and #286 on the wait list for two of the three books, so I put them on the wish list instead ($7.50 to read it while I am still alive seems a trade off). I can’t tell if the long ‘hold’ lines mean that Canadians are avid readers or the cheapest people of the western world (or both). If you have a copy of his books for sale please let me know?

While looking into the films I ran across a trailer that literally made my jaw drop.

On Modern Servitude

The thought was ‘when are they going to be arrested?’ – you can go to the website and watch the entire film, which is free (of course, it is Anarchist!). But here I can summarize it and save you an hour and a bit.

On Modern Servitude not only has some old marxist thought, with not exactly George Woodcock Archarcy but a more hardline anarchy in which all is absolute. So ALL is bad: the radio is bad, the TV is bad, all possessions are bad (it is sort of like selling fatigued Consumers on Stalinism), in a section called ‘medicine’ they state all illness’ arise from this disenfranchised state…and only by having a violent revolt can we be cured. Seriously. Cancer is just consumer slave mentality fatigue. Errr….yupper!

So throw a hefty dose of Chomsky (with the whole ‘unnamed elite’ who must live in secret elite lairs), it goes on to say that as ‘slaves’ we are trapped except ignoring the one avenue we have always had: revolution (and specifically ‘revolutionary violence’ – with the reasoning that the ‘Hegemony uses violence for control’ egro it is okay – it sound at times like it was written by Orson Scott Card as part of the Ender Cycle)

And here it goes off the range in a way of why it will NEVER be shown in the US: ‘that all resistance to this ideological slavery is labeled as terrorism.’, and ‘all women are doubly enslaved, and within it, reduced to a mere object of consumption’ (mere? MERE??? Come closer dude!) ‘since power is everywhere, it must everywhere be attacked’ ‘Power is not to be conquered, it is to be destroyed’ – it is like a first year philosophy and cultural crit major got together, got drunk and managed to vomit in visual form.

The ‘documentary’ offers no solutions (like where we live or move about once we have blown up the towers, apartment buildings and bridges that we are shown as examples of ‘revolution against slavery) Or in the climax when setting fire to everything from cars to the city is ‘good’, who does the clean up (maybe the ‘elite’)? – I do not expect the chant of ‘Sparticus’ (odd….my Microsoft tried to change that to ‘spastics’). I doubt this person, like many who advocate violence as an expression of individuality, will either actively participate (and be imprisoned, rightfully) or more importantly, bear responsibility of their advice. Because if you tell isolated individuals they are unhappy because they are a slave and can only cure their depression by freeing themselves and blowing something up – oh, GREAT idea (NOT!), and one which WOULD in the days of Bush get you in a secret prison somewhere. And showing how you can be happy by setting police on fire with molitov cocktails (seriously, it is in the film) is a really good way to well, be a sociopath, the very uncaring desensitization that they advocate against.

I sigh inside with the late George Woodcock, the Anarchists of today, tsk tsk. (the credits list what they stole and where ‘This film was made without regard to intellectual property or writers rights.’, ‘The struggle against private property, intellectual or of other sort is the best weapon against domination’) – it reminds me of Woodcock talking about how in London, passing out pamphlets in Trafalgar’s Square his small Anarchists’ group had their hand-press stolen by ANOTHER Anarchist group. They knew who had it but couldn’t tell the police because it was against their ethics. I wonder, if this group would feel so glorious in victory if I stole their computer (for mixing and editing) and cameras, footage, and identity (start a neo-nazi website in their name?). Huzzah for the freed slave? OR “What the FUCK! Where’s my computer!?”

So, watch ‘Under the Salt’ which is a strong film and more about the real exploitation of females in a small rural town than the so-called documentary. I am also eager to read and hear more about this journalist who has written against female abuse and exploitation and then wrote this detective trilogy. Read it?


Janne said...

I should really look into Variante, cos i love elfen lied, its so fucked up but so great<3

JaneB said...

Well I can see why you've been quiet! And of course, now I have ahd to go and bid on some manga, even though I did not plan to buy any this month... but what a good excuse, to go shopping in a good cause like this...

If there are any you think I would particularly enjoy, maybe you could email me and let me know if you are up to it?

Linda McClung said...

It was a lot of work to list the ebay items. Thanks for being willing to part with them for a good cause. I am really looking forward to our trip to San Diego and will work on booking accommodation along the way. Anyone know of some great, affordable places to stay between Portland and San Francisco? I am thinking two nights.

It never ceases to amaze me what all you can get with a Hello Kitty label. But better HK masks than ones with girls in the inside for guys to kiss/lick/etc. I find that creepy!

Those trailers for Bajo and the Girl movies are also a bit creepy and I think you're going to have to watch those on your own. Cyborg She sounds more like my style.

I never did understand anarchists very well. You make an excellent point - they have their ideals but can they follow through on the consequences of their actions. If everything is blown up who will clean up and how will they function. Sounds like they want a post-apocalyptic world. But why - it always seems to bleak.

I'm off to check our ebay auction...

I'm really glad you got new glasses. They look great on you - and I think your new ones are even thinner than the last.

Christianne said...

"Bajo la sal" looks fan-bloody-tastic, judging from the clip (and killer music editing, too, if you can pardon the pun)--I can't wait to check it out!
Glad that you've found the time and strength to relax a bit (yes, it takes strength for accomplishment-minded people to stop doing stuff and just relax)!
Oh, and your review of the Marxist-whatever film...priceless!

Lene Andersen said...

Your new glasses look great and that picture of you in front of all the massively wonderfully green stuff makes me happy. It's just so… so… verdant.

Bajo la Sal looks like my kind of movie, although I suspect I might need a puff from your oxygen to watch it - I just don't have the nerves of steel I used have anymore. That trailer creeped me out while completely sucking me in (pardon the pun) and I very much want to see it. Of course, Rogers Video Direct (Toronto's version of Netflix) doesn't have the title. I'm putting it on my Amazon wish list for later this year when I have money because that looks like one incredible movie.

And speaking of movies. Or rather the books that inspire them. I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and was blown away. I have the other two books, but I'm taking a break because it's a very, very intense book. Also very Scandinavian. I have a little rant about how the original title - Men Who Hate Women - was changed in North America. You have the diminutization (if that's a word) of the central figure, because in North America, women that scary must be made into girls and therefore be less scary and it completely ignores the fact that the book/story is about men who hate women. And there are a lot of those. I could go on… would you be interested in reading the audio version? I could send my copy your way.

rachelcreative said...

Hope you sell lots at a good price. At least now you have photos and listings it will be easy to relist them if they don't sell first time.

Fingers crossed for you.

Neil said...

I won't be watching Bajo la Sal, I suspect. I just don't do horror at all. I will be checking your e-bay listing, and while the Mustang doesn't do anything for me, you do look good in greenery, Beth. Nice to see you in an "outside" photo.

love and zen hugs,

Kate J said...

Hope you're not disappointed by the Stieg Larsson... I found it totally unreadable. Maybe it's just that I don't like books - or films - about violence against women. I imagine that for every woman who reads it, a load of guys are getting turned on by it...

Hope your e-Baying is a success. I just had a really good result on e-bay myself, so may even have funds to buy prezzies for my nearest and dearest - which could even include you! I'll have to go look at your wishlist..
love & peace

Raccoon said...

some interesting musical choices in today's clips.

I'll be paying attention to your sales, too. There's some there that look very interesting.

Below the Salt and the "The Girl Who..." movies look real interesting. And yes, I don't mind reading subtitles, so I would be getting them in Region 2.

I'm looking forward to your trip. And San Diego Comic-Con looks like it'll be a lot of fun. They don't even have the program up yet!

Olivia said...

I read the first of the Millennium trilogy recently and I thought it was very interesting, very culturally different (very scandinavian as Lene said). I was also much darker and nastier than I expected, considering its popularity. I am keen to read the other two. I'd be very happy to send you my copy of 'the girl with the dragon tattoo', though I see Lene has offered you the audio version. Which would you prefer?

Neil said...

My father-in-law used to read a lot. As his sight grew worse, he tried audio books, but he said they were a bit awkward. When he fell asleep in the middle of a book, he'd have a page to start at; but a tape would just keep going, and he wouldn't be able to remember where he left off.

I finally managed to watch the trailer for The Girl Who Loved Fire. I'm sure that touch CAN be therapeutic: IF the woman isn't restrained against her will, if she trusts the person touching her, and if the touching is done with the woman's interests in mind. That movie shows the psychologist touching her for HIS gratification. Where's the key to her restraints? I wanna help her kill him.

I think I'll be reading the book, Beth. Or trying to. Thanks for the trailer, since I would NEER have stumbled across it on my own.

Love nd zen hugs,

FridaWrites said...

That's a lot of auctions--congratulations on all your work. More than 87--well, that's a lot of mailing to do quickly in the days after the auction ends. Hoping you guys do great!

The Larsson looks--well, I'm looking for the book and the film in another open tab.

tinarussell said...

On violence & mayhem as a political philosophy: I remember seeing Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk at a reading many years ago, and someone asked him to talk about Fight Club’s antihero, Tyler Durden. The book is fairly ambiguous about Durden’s radicalism, but Palahniuk did say at the reading that Durden, looking back on his life, would have to realize that he spent his whole life tearing people down and never building anything.